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Egypt censored newspaper on Israel offers to ‘buy Sinai’

Cairo has prevented a newspaper editor from running a story of Egypt's alleged plans to 'sell' the Sinai peninsular to Israel.

Was Egypt’s Coptic bus attack a smoke screen?

Targeting the Coptic Christians in Egypt is not something new, as a matter of fact it has lately morphed into some kind of a systematic pattern

Aftermath of Church attacks in Egypt

The twin church attacks in Egypt were among the deadliest onslaughts against Coptic Christians in the country in decades.

Uri Avnery – Zionist Atheists versus The Messiah

Jim W. Dean - We admire Uri because he has always been in the minority in wanting to do whatever is necessary, in terms of tradeoffs to get a final peace in Palestine, and he has never quit.

Colossus Likely Depicting Ramses II Found in Egypt

This story has been carried all over the media, but one thing that is glaringly obvious to me has been ignored - the guy depicted in the statue has got a huge conical shaped head! He's not wearing a fancy hat or crown, that's his head and it is clearly very different to standard human.

Egypt’s last NGO Report about Police torture

The 2016 NGO report about Egypt’s Police brutality and torture.

Israel quietly withdraws Ambassador from Egypt – no real reason given

Is Israel quietly withdrawing ambassadors in preparation for its next war of aggression?

Trump tells Egypt’s Sisi that Assad is a brave man fighting...

Jim W. Dean - Although this report is unconfirmed, it has Trump's fingerprints all over it, having fun getting around the ban on direct contact with Assad by channeling an Assad message through Sisi.

BBC: Egypt arrests ‘organ trafficking ring’

Egyptian authorities have arrested doctors, nurses and professors suspected of being involved in an international organ trafficking ring.

Egyptian military brass and pilots join Syrian Coalition anti-terrorism efforts

Jim W. Dean - Has General Sisi taken the gamble to strengthen his anti-terrorism efforts with some live fire training for his own troops in Syria, after watching how Iran and Russia gained that experience?

Should the military overthrow Trump?

American democracy is already on life support. A coup against Trump would put it out of its misery.

The Geopolitics of Russia-Egypt Relations

The rapidly developing relations between Russia and Egypt have been overshadowed by the more prominent relationships between Russia and Syria, as well as Russia and Iran.

Egypt in Talks to Allow Russia Use Military Bases across Country

This new development in Egypt comes on the heels of Russia's announcement that it is to expand and make permanent it's naval base in Tartus, Syria. Taken together, these two developments represent a major strategic shift by Russia where they are gaining a foothold in the eastern Mediterranean and a permanent presence in the Middle East.

Is Egypt next? – Muslim Brotherhood hails Turkish defense of democracy

The Muslim Brotherhood is a front for Western intelligence, always has been; furthermore, Erdogan, totalitarian dictator of Turkey is closely tied to the Brotherhood which in effect, places Turkey firmly under the influence of Western intelligence, and by extension, the Zionist cabal that long ago infiltrated all Western intelligence agencies.

So Saudi Arabia is planning to recruit “Al-Azhar” against Iran

Over the past week, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi met Prince Turki bin Abdullah, the son of Saudi Arabia's deceased king Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, in a closed-door meeting in the Egyptian presidency, no statement has been issued in this regard, press briefing as is the case in most presidential meetings.

The Fourth Turning

Brexit and other stories...

Middle Earth

The Place once known as Atlantis


Western civilization is not founded on Greece or even Rome - The building blocks of western civilization are to be found in Egypt.

Salafi extremists attack the attitude of Egyptian Culture Minister calling for...

Egyptian Minister of Culture has showed his disagreement with people who consider Shiites books as books that induce to extremism by a phone call with Salt Al-tahrir program shown on Sada Elbalad channel.

Another plane down – Here we go again

Jim W. Dean - Donald Trump car jacks the Egyptian plane loss story claiming he knows what happened, tells us more will be going down, and that will trigger a world wide recession. We must ask whose interests is he representing here.

Egypt: Situation in North Sinai

The security situation is still tense in the Sinai peninsula despite the anti-terror efforts of Egypt’s authorities. On April 19, militants launched a rocket at vehicles of the anti-terror units in the area of Sheikh Zuweid.

Egyptian fury on social media: Egypt is not for sale!

The news on Saudi Arabia’s and Israel’s joint training in Tiran Island [considered the headquarters of the cooperation between Tel Aviv and Riyadh in the Red Sea] sparked the fury of Egyptians who spread the news like fire via social media.

Egyptian Foreign Ministry: The Golan Heights is an Arabic and Syrian...

Egyptian Foreign Ministry had condemned Netanyahu’s recent remarks on the occupied Golden Heights.

Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb: Sunni and Shia are the two wings of...

In an Egyptian and Indonesian scholars' joint meeting in Jakarta, Malaysia, the president of Al-Azhar, Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb said: Sunni and Shia are the two wings of Islam and their proximity essential.

Egyptian Religious and academic figures criticize Qardawi

Some Egyptian religious scholars like Mukarram Mohamed and Suleiman Judeh criticized Qardawi stating: Qardawi's Wahhabi views, practices and policies led to sharp differences between different sects in Egypt and Africa which will only lead to fights, manslaughter and weakness of Islam.

Egypt Strengthens National Security

Egypt is struggling to strengthen its special and security services in order to counter destructive actions of the foreign backed militant groups, especially in Sinai Peninsula, and the underground resistance of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Egyptian elite defends Egyptian religious authenticity and civilization and criticizes Wahhabi...

Some Egyptian poets, experts and authors have criticized Al-Azhar and believe criticizing Al-Azhar educational system is not attacking Islam and that this university shouldn’t consider itself to be celestial and pure Islam

Former Egyptian minister of culture concerned about the high position of...

In an interview with the Al-Watan newspaper, criticizing Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb, Jaber As fourthe former Egyptian minister of culture criticized the state of Egyptian culture as a result of al-Azhar actions and said the Egyptian cultural scene is in a critical and dangerous condition.

Osiris, Submerged Mysteries of Egypt at Insititut du Monde Arabe

Osiris, Submerged Mysteries of Egypt at Instiut du Monde Arabe in Paris is an interesting and enjoyable exhibit.