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How is Restoring Iran Nuclear Pact Vital for Global Energy Security?

Background on the Iran nuclear agreement in light of Iran's geo-strategic prominence.

#UNRIG Video (24:08) Joanne Roland Energy Healing, Voice Analysis, Weight Loss,...

Joanne Roland is one of the top energy wellness and voice frequency analysis seers in America. She healed Robert Steele with hands on energy when he had a nerve wrapped around a bone.

#UNRIG Video (18:32) Energy Wellness! Steve Lepkowski of Body Align Endorsed

Robert Steele, feeling his way into energy wellness, interviews a top expert who appears to be showing results.

#UNRIG Video (28:13) VITAL Insights from a Small Farmer on Looming...

The just in time logistics system has been wrecked. A food and energy crisis loom. In 28 minutes a double-engineering graduate and working small farmer defines the crisis and the solution.

FOUR MINUTE VIDEO: China, Wuhan Virus, BioWar, 5G, InfoWar

Robert Steele, former spy and co-founder of the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity, provides a four minute executive summary of the triple whammy on China: bio-war, 5G electromagnetic war, and a massive global information war to enable massive insider trading based on advance knowledge of the three-way attack on China and how it would impact on the global economy.