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Sit back and watch Europe commit suicide

The stunning spectacle of the Eropean Union committing slow motion hara-kiri is something for the ages.

The European Union is predicted to end soon, but what will...

The high probability of an acute food crisis in the countries of Africa and the Middle East will lead to the fact that the European Union will be overwhelmed by millions of refugee flows.

The European Union: Collapsing the Fourth Reich

Declan Hayes - "Even though the smallest of European nations has a soft power imprint, the EU has none."

Sr. NATO officer warns of ‘shocking’ Chinese military clout amid tensions...

A senior NATO officer has raised the alarm about what he claimed to be China's "shocking" military development and growing diplomatic influence, as the US-led military alliance seeks to adopt a tougher stance against Beijing.

Franco-German split scuttles EU budget summit

Jim W. Dean - The EU had a flat 2% growth rate last year, and it isn't in a war with anybody or under sanctions like Iran.