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Exclusive interview with Dr. Reuben Egolf Chairman of USGLC

Nahed Al Husaini VT Bureau Chief Damascus                           WE forwarded an invitation To President Bashar Al Assad as his voice has passed through too many...

Exclusive: “Shukerya Trump”

 By Bg. Samson Simon Sharaf for Veterans Today Editor's note:  The article below was submitted by Sharaf through Katherine Frisk of South Africa.  Sharaf is...

EXCLUSIVE: A Statement from Tulsi Gabbard

The news the past few days has been tough. For so many in Manchester, what began as just another day, ended in a horrific tragedy as a terrorist set off a bomb killing innocent civilians at a concert hall.

Exclusive: Time to Revise our Afghan Policy

Gordon Duff - VT staffers have maintained close relations in both Afghanistan and Pakistan for a decade now. American policy there, predicated on the falsehood of 9/11, has been entirely driven by mischief from the first.

Exclusive Interview with Syrian President Assad

teleSUR's Rolando Segura sat down with the Syrian president in Damascus.

Exclusive: Repercussions of chemical attack in Syria

Brig Asif Haroon Raja – Syria's cities and infrastructure are destroyed, there is very little electricity, 80% are living in poverty, and economy has shrunk by 55%. But for the Iranian and Hezbollah ground support and Russian air intervention in September 2015 in support of the beleaguered Bashar al Assad regime, a regime change would have occurred long time back and Assad would have met the fate of Saddam and Qaddafi.

EXCLUSIVE: Nuclear Explosion in Ukraine

As Jim Dean reported earlier this week, there was a spectacular series of explosions at an ammunition dump in the Ukrainian city of Balakleya, in territory held by the Kiev government.

Exclusive: Investigation, Trump, Acosta – Epstein Pedophile Plea Deal

Ann Diener - Acosta's confirmation hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, March 22. Why wait until summer to get some answers?

Exclusive: Russia Issues Ultimatum to Turkey

Gordon Duff - Russia issued a secret ultimatum to Turkey today. It is very possible that President Trump will only learn of this through VT, so we will be as exacting as possible. Our sources are direct and "high" or "highest."

BREAKING/EXCLUSIVE: FBI Finding on Election rigging may prove fatal

The following story comes from sources in the Trump transition team.  There is only limited confirmation but as the story includes physical threats against...

Horrific Details Emerge of the Aleppo Rebel’s Trade in Human Organs

Jim W. Dean - We are seeing a solid response to VT's emergency message sent to the Russians as the liberation of Aleppo began, to focus on turning the atrocity story media campaign around on those who have been doing it a long time now, and their supporters.

EXCLUSIVE: Syrian statement on Deir-Ezzur Massacre

Jim W. Dean - The Syrian Army has taken large casualties. Although the numbers are never published, they are worse that our own WWII casualties as a percentage of our respective populations. And America's fingerprints are on the murder weapon.

Exclusive Press Release by the Syrian Army on the Aleppo Battlefield...

مصادر أهلية مطلعة : معلومات مؤكدة تفيد أن نظام التهدئة أدى إلى ظهور اختلافات حادة بين المجموعات المسلحة ، حيث حدثت ااشتباكات بين جبهة النصرة...

Space-Xplosion: No UFOs, Aliens or other Wierdness involved

Basically we know what happened who did it and why. No UFO's or magic fairy dust, just good old cold war games. The part that people refuse to believe is that 5th generation high tech weapons exist and work.

EXCLUSIVE: Why did the Israeli satellite blow up on the launchpad

This is not the plot of a Bond movie although it very well could be, it has all the hallmarks of a cold war spy thriller. Let me disappoint everyone, this was a strictly terrestrial, explainable event where no aspect requires an esoteric or other worldly theory to explain away.

EXCLUSIVE: Witness Reveals Who’s to Blame for 2013 Ghouta Gas Attack...

// // The chemical attack on Ghouta, Syria, took place in the early hours of August 21, 2013. The town was struck by rockets...

VT Exclusive: Largest Pedophile Ring in History, 70,000 Members, Heads of...

Millions read the news today, the pedophile ring "busted" or the earlier article about how the FBI actually ran it for several weeks, expanding it, drawing in tens of thousands.

Erdogan Exclusive: New page in Russia-Turkey relations

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and TASS First Deputy Director-General Mikhail Gusman © TASS Ahead of the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Turkish President Recep Tayyip...

EXCLUSIVE: Exposed-Orlando Shooting Used to Strengthen Sandy Hook Lawsuit

There are two more plots that go hand-in-hand brewing against the American People when it comes to more suppression and total tyranny on firearm freedoms.

Exclusive: ‘Trump Will Stay 100% True to Israel’

By: Hana Levi Julian A prominent Jewish New York attorney and member of the American Jews for Trump organization says the GOP candidate for president,...

Exclusive: A look behind the curtain

According to Syria's President Assad, 5000 "jihadists" have entered Syria through Turkey over the past 3 weeks and have begun operations in Latakia Province.

EXCLUSIVE: Turkey nuked the Kurds inside Syrian territory

Smith's analysis of this photograph confirms 100% that this was a tactical nuclear weapon; several times in the past we have discussed the diagnosis of nuclear explosions by identifying scintillating pixels that appear when the radiation from the blast hits the digital sensors of cameras filming the explosion.

Exclusive: Hezbollah Captures CIA Officer in Aleppo, Commanding al Qaeda

Gordon Duff - Veterans Today now has two confirmed sources that an American CIA agent was captured this week near Mount Simeon, outside Aleppo, part of a group commanding an operations room with Jabat al Nusra, al Qaeda's franchise in Syria.

Exclusive: US Deploys Patriot Missiles to Protect ISIS Resupply

Ex-Lebanese President Emil Lahoud, European Department for Security and Information (DESI) Secretary General Haissam Bou Said disclosed that Turkish intelligence operatives (MIT) met with ISIS top leaders in “Kellis and Barsous”, located at the Syrian Turkish border.

Exclusive: Israel’s Backlash Against Brussels Whistleblower Confirms Mossad Role

Last week when VT published information gotten during the interrogation of a Turkish intelligence agent, Sawash Yeldiz, captured by Popular Party of Kurdistan (PPK) militia inside Syria, information tying Turkish President Erdogan to the Brussels terror attacks, we saw how real leaks are dealt with.

Exclusive: Identified, Brussels “Mastermind” Captured by Kurds

  Nahed al Husaini VT DAMASCUS BUREAU EXCLUSIVE European Department for security and information (DESI) Secretary General Haissam Bou Said has released a photograph of...

Breaking, Exclusive: Brussels Mastermind Captured by Syrian Kurds, Implicates Erdogan

Damascus VT/ Kurdish Popular Forces serving in Syria today captured a senior Turkish intelligence official who has, under "enhanced interrogation" implicated President Erdogan.

Exclusive: Bilal Erdogan’s Criminal Partnerships Outlined

Source close to the Italian security forces, during the course of investigation in the criminal case against Bilal Erdogan, accused of money laundering obtained by criminal means, it was revealed that transit routes used to smuggle contraband petroleum from the Turkish port Mersin to the Lebanese port of Beirut.

RT Exclusive Interview with Bernie Sanders

 Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are locked in a dead heat at the Iowa Caucus, with both candidates in a virtual...