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VT proven right again – Facebook mined user data via 3rd...

Jim W. Dean - "Revenge is always best served cold" is an old saying, and we celebrate it today as no one deserves it better than Facebook.

UK MPs seize documents expected to expose Facebook’s covert data harvesting

Jim W. Dean - The oddest part of this story is why British MPs would be chasing this case so hard when it could expose British Intel operatives as the perpetrators.

NEO – Press and the Militarization of Fakery

Gordon Duff - There is little question that the world press had, for at least a generation, been put under centralized control and fed a false narrative.

NEO – Facebook Caught Profiling American Traitors

Butler picks up on an old VT topic, the behind-the-scenes dirty dancing between intelligence agencies and social media platforms

TRUTH JIHAD: Gordon Duff explains why Facebook BANNED Veterans Today!

Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veterans Today, joins us to discuss Facebook’s outrageous decision to completely ban all links to VT articles.

Facebook blocks Congress candidate’s website—because he supports Palestine!

Such censorship is treason — a capital crime — against the First Amendment of the Constitution.

NEO – Mueller and Trump, Why Russia didn’t do it

Gordon Duff - The Russia investigation is simply a coverup of the real rigging of the American election, the backstory now going public of Facebook, Google, Mark Zuckerberg, Cambridge Analytica and the mobsters they represent.

Breaking: Russia tells their Side in UK Attack while VT “Spills...

Sources have dropped a bombshell on VT. Skripal, the White Helmets and Syrian gas attacks are all MI6 projects. Cambridge Analytica is an MI6 front, managed by political fixer Steve Bannon, working with Google, FB and the mob-controlled DC think tanks.

Not Russia! GOP Caught in Facebook Election Rigging Plot

Editor's note:  With Google turning over their material as well, every email from GMail, every search, even every errand run with a phone in...

News Blackout: Facebook, Twitter Indicted for Aiding Russia

Gordon Duff - Mueller and his staff, all night long, briefed major media outlets showing that Facebook and Twitter (and Google, the real "Jigsaw" controller) were allied with "Russia" against America. 

Naming the Enemy: Google

There are varying mechanisms of control put into place that is turning earth into a slave planet. One organization above all is out of control, malevolent beyond imaginings and totally "in our faces" continually.

MSM “Expose”: Facebook an Israeli Intelligence Service

Editor's note: A consortium led by Cohen and Zuckerberg of Google and Facebook has, for years now, employed military contracting firms in two dozen...

Breaking: White Helmets Terrorist-Hollywood Ties Proven in Facebook Expose

Famous White Helmets' FB-accounts Exposed: Look Into Their Eyes Again (Photos)Inside Syria Media Center in the coordination with Tim Anderson, an academic expert in...

Facebook forced to shut down AI system after they communicated in...

Facebook was forced to shut down one of its artificial intelligence systems after researchers discovered that it had started communicating in a language that they could not understand. The incident evokes images of the rise of Skynet in the iconic Terminator series. Perhaps Tesla CEO Elon Musk is right about AI being the “biggest risk we face.”

US court upholds ‘gag’ rules on surveillance of social media users

The FBI, using gag orders, may continue to issue secret national security letters requesting customer data. The NSL’s act as subpoenas. A gag order is usually imposed as well, which facilitates a search without a warrant, all while the customer is unaware that the service provider is legally silenced. Tens of thousands of NSL’s are sent out annually, and some of the gag orders do not expire.

Russia: Facebook Double Standards Enable Targeting of Palestinians

 Sputnik/Moscow: Instances of individuals being prosecuted and/or jailed for their social media activities are on the increase the world over. Israel is a world...

Planning a US Trip? Get Ready for Quiz on Your Twitter...

The US government is planning to quiz foreign travelers entering the country about their social media status. Anyone entering the US from another country will face questioning about their Twitter and Facebook updates.

Facebook Garbage: WaPo to Decide What is Real, God Save...

Facebook’s News Feed will defer to third parties such as ABC and Washington Post to more closely police for hoaxes and fake news posts,...

Zionists plant “hate speech” on professor – then call the police

Are the Zionists launching PR operations to smear their enemies...and crack down on pro-Palestine social media users?

Mohammed bin Salman bribe Facebook!

Facebook, the giant organization that crossed the boundaries of social networking, making itself a powerful state that brings about regime change in the world, especially in the Arab world.

Facebook echo chamber makes people more narrow-minded – study

Facebook allows users to browse information from across the globe – but instead of making people worldlier, the social media site is actually making them more narrow-minded.

Ted Cruz Using Facebook Surveillance in Election Rigging Try

Guardian.UK StoryTed Cruz’s presidential campaign is using psychological data based on research spanning tens of millions of Facebook users, harvested largely without their permission,...

NEO – Information Sabotage of the White House

- "The taxpayers are paying to have their rights taken away not only by those they elected to represent them, but now by our own military

Israel’s foul-mouthed PR genius

It’s been a bad week for Israel’s famed public relations machine, thanks to… Israel!

Bolshevism and Zionism Are Ideologically Indistinguishable (Part II)

"Even if all is covered by lies, even if all is under their rule, let us resist in the smallest way: Let their rule hold not through me!"

The Zionist Regime and the Israeli-Run NSA Busted (Part III)

The NSA and the Zionist establishment create terrorism and tell the American people that they are fighting terrorism.

All Nuclear Reactors Leak All of the Time

- Treat the Nuke Boys like the Mad Dogs They Are

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