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Zuckerberg: Facebook’s new prayer app will spy on God, steal His...

"We've hacked God!" Zuckerberg chortled. "The commercial possibilities are unlimited!"

Real Firefighter Debunks Conspiracies, ‘Lie-shames’ Trumpster/Qanon Hoaxters

Police and authorities ask conspiracy theorists to stop clogging the phone lines.

NEO – Has the US first amendment begin hijacked?

This NEO article by Vladimir Platov cites issues only with anti-Trump publications and is, in fact, evidence of the extreme censorship seen in the Russian press which is massively pro-Trump and continually cites Qanon as fact.

Facebook Bans “Jew Runs Facebook” as Hate Speech

“Calling a Jewish person a ‘Jew’ is an age-old anti-Semitic trope,” Zuckerb*rg explained...

Trump protects Corporate tax cheats to keep their stock prices higher

Jim W. Dean - Internet giants like Google and Facebook have avoided taxation by parking their profits in tax havens, where Ireland is the most popular rabbit hole.

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