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False Flag Weekly News Friday, June 8th: 51st anniversary of the...

When King Trump says "l'état c'est moi," which état is he talking about? 

Joel Skousen guest hosts False Flag Weekly News

This was the first time I've managed to get into a genuinely heated argument on FFWN since Jim Fetzer left.

Anti-gun protests as WW3 looms: The height of ignorance and hypocrisy

We are obviously on the brink of World War 3. So whose "gun violence" should we be demonstrating against?

KBOO Portland bows to Antifa lynch mob, cancels my radio appearance

"It is horrible that KBOO has censored the show under pressure from the Rose City Antifa. Go on KBOO s Twitter and express your view on this outrages turn toward fascism."

False Flag Weekly News covers Parkland shooting anomalies

Was the Parkland school shooting a Gladio B false flag? Will asking this question get me scrubbed from the internet?

FFWN: Top 20 False Flag Stories of 2017

Click HERE for the complete list of stories covered this week—including the top twenty false flag stories of 2017 By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor Whose...

FFWN: Free Brendon O’Connell, anti-Zionist prisoner of conscience

Link for information about Brendon O'Connell case and how to write to New Zealand politicians Department of Corrections Ara Poutama Aotearoa Mayfair House | 44-52 The...

Prof. Tony Hall wins – U. of Lethbridge backs down, does...

Witch hunt crumbles – academic freedom triumphs – Tony Hall returns to the University of Lethbridge!


The good news: An FBI SWAT team responded almost immediately to the Las Vegas shooting. The bad news: They made no effort to stop it, but instead set about confiscating security videos!

Alex Jones: Patriot or scumbag? A FIERCE debate on False Flag...

Tony Hall and I broke down the Las Vegas suspected false flag, and heatedly argued about Alex Jones, during this week's False Flag Weekly News.

Is our increasingly-automated society becoming SELF-SATIRIZING?!

How are we going to forget about impending nuclear holocaust if we can't watch the NFL and NBA?

False Flag Weekly News breaks down Charlottesville, Barcelona and more

Please share good alternative information - like this show - extra-hard on social media to make up for Google's tweaked anti-alt algorithms!

US Empire Collapsing – With or Without World War III?

Was this the week that the Unipolar World Order ended?

“Converted Jew’s letter to Pope Francis”: Is this Fake News?

Here is a Fake News Intelligence Test. Below is a story I came across on the internet. Is it fake news? Why or why not? Your answers in the comments section will be graded.

Grenfell Tower investigation hires experts who proved that 1,113 9/11 victims...

Why would the Grenfell Tower investigation want the services of "experts" who failed so miserably? Maybe because they can be relied on to toe the official line and keep their mouths shut?

“Dying CIA agent confesses to demolition of WTC-7” FAKE NEWS

The "Dying CIA agent confesses to WTC-7" story is just a rewrite of a previous article by the same hoaxer, Jay Greenberg.

A Muslim and a Jew walk into a TV news show...

To be deemed acceptable by the mainstream, you have to profess belief in the most ludicrous lies.

False flags backfire in Britain – voters repudiate lying establishment

Have false flags been so thoroughly exposed that they no longer work? That is the lesson of yesterday's British elections...

Left Forum censorship defeated – false flags, 9/11 truth WILL BE...

Due to a recognized pattern of harassment by apparent Zionists elements, the location of the banned panels will not be announced until Friday, June 2.

Censors attack False Flag Weekly News, Gilad Atzmon

The more they try to shut us down, the harder we will work to get the message out.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! False Flag Weekly News under attack for...

It's now illegal to even try to earn a living by reporting truthfully.

Exposing InfoWars and Israel

Watson and Jones are experiencing buyers' remorse. But they aren't loudly and forthrightly calling out the obvious "sarin attack" false flag. They aren't exposing Trump's obscene lies.

New Trump executive order: “Bring back Jim Fetzer!”

Donald Trump's latest executive order is an outrage.

Will cyber-false flag, blamed on Russia, kill internet freedom?

Big cyber false flag set for just after Trump's inauguration?

And the biggest false flag story of 2016 is….

False Flag Weekly News sifted through more than 1000 stories to find the biggest one of 2016.

If Trump does these ten things he’ll be the greatest president...

Is Trump a savior or a national disaster?

Yes, the election WAS stolen – so who “sent” Trump?

Why was Trump's mafia background completely blacked out of both the mainstream and pseudo-alternative media?

Helicopter attacks alternative news show

False Flag Weekly News – the best alternative news show on the internet – was just attacked by a mysterious helicopter.

Donald Trump: “Bombs were used on the World Trade Center!”

Was Trump the first 9/11 truther?

BREAKING! Same Israeli photo-propagandist pre-positioned in Nice AND NOW MUNICH

What are the odds that a guy with the background of Richard Gutjahr – married to a leading Israeli black operator – would "just happen to be there" to film the very beginning of the Nice truck attack AND today's shooting at the Olympia Mall in Munich, Germany?

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