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Part 3: Engineering Public Perception to the right for The Right…...

Whatever today’s policy makers choose to see as real, they will try to make real. It’s a simple formula for delusional thinking, with a history of terrible consequences.

Part 2: The West is Disintegrating

The rise of Ronald Reagan and the new right had promised an ideological revival and a return to core conservative values. In practice, Reagan’s anti-government policies, his massive and unnecessary defense buildup and reckless trickle-down economics hastened America's decline by decades, and in the end destroyed the fabric of American society.

Fascism is Undeniably American

"Charlottesville is symbolically representative of the troubled state of U.S. society" Raluca Bejan.

The Coming Shift to Cosmic Fascism (Part III)

A new kind of higher order Fascism is now about to emerge in America

Utopia, Nostalgia and the Jew

American working class are nostalgic for a pre-Jerusalem Dominated society; a time when American politics weren’t controlled by the likes of Saban, Soros, Goldman, Sachs and other global capitalists who are isolated from production, manufacturing and farming.

Zionist extremists launch murder coup against IDF

Jim W. Dean - Uri has a home run piece below, a hard-nosed exposé of Jews against Jews in a close range, take-no-prisoners knife fight, with the future control of the army at stake.

Rewriting History about WWII – Alla Pierce

The Russophobic orgy needs to stop.

TRUTH JIHAD: Who’s the real fascist – Trump or Clinton?

"The U.S. government has been fascist or proto-fascist for more than 30 years, and this fascism has been predominantly Jewish."

There is only One Game and You Do Not Know how...

Currency Wars, Trade Wars, World War

Seeds of Fascism are Germinating, Wake up World!

Ann Diener brings us some timely dot connecting as the political middle begins to erode toward the Left and Right. This is a bookend to Uri Avnery's piece we published this morning.

Donbass advertises to the world – Stop Fascism!

Maya Klimova - The most terrible things are happening in the world because of the people’s indifference. That’s why the same fascism, which claimed over 70 million lives 70 years ago, is back now.

British Fascism: Why British Nobility Hailed Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany

A 17-second video depicting young Queen Elizabeth II performing a Nazi salute has prompted a fierce debate among experts and the public. What other disturbing facts have the Allies swept under the carpet?

Uri Avnery – Metro Gaza

- Uri Avnery..."If Mahmoud Abbas succeeds in reaching a peace agreement with Israel, Hamas will accept it – provided it is ratified by a referendum."

US military ghouls butchered JFK’s corpse!

The kidnapping and desecration of the corpse of America's greatest president is one of our biggest national horror stories.

Secret Space War IV: Terra Forming

The Secret of the Iron Mountain Report has remained hidden until recently when astute researchers have spent considerable time examining its true implications in light of what has been recently disclosed by top insiders about the purposeful spraying of numerous toxins and bio-weapons into the skies under Operation Cloverleaf.

The Big Split

Even though the American Group Mind (AGM) has been successfully “Hived”, it’s hard for the Big Lies of the US Government (USG) to last forever thanks to the advent of the alternative news provided by the worldwide Internet.

USA Has Gone Fascist – I’m Living Proof!

Naomi Wolfe says the witch-hunt that drove me out of the University of Wisconsin is evidence that America has gone fascist.