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FBI Worried about New ‘Black Identity’ Movement

The FBI warned of what described as a looming violent threat against police in the US, calling it “black identity extremism,” according to a leaked report.

Joe Sobran: A Tribute to an American Patriot

Joe made it clear that his case transcended his person. What he endured was indicative of a dangerous social malady — stifling all debate in favor of political shibboleths.

FBI employee survey contradicts Trump’s claim that the agency had lost...

The FBI released employee survey data earlier this week after employees were questioned about how they felt about former FBI director James Comey's leadership when he was at the bureau.

F.B.I. Once Warned G.O.P. Congressman That Russian Spies Were Recruiting Him

Representative Dana Rohrabacher, Republican of California, has been known for years as one of Moscow’s biggest defenders in Washington.  * Editor's note: VT has been following...

Comey’s letter to the FBI – Short and sweet

Jim W. Dean - During a Mother's Day weekend, many might have missed the news that Comey passed on a closed Congressional hearing on some of his controversial work. But then he agreed to a public hearing.

Comey had to go!

Given the close relationship between the FBI and the CIA, it is almost inconceivable that Comey did not know that the CIA had asked GCHQ to tap Donald Trump’s phones after a federal judge threw out the FBI’s wiretap request. If the President has indeed recorded his conversations with ex-Director Comey that would be a neat turning of the tables!

PressTV: Did Comey Call “Holster Boy” a Lunatic?

Ousted FBI Director James Comey reportedly told associates in March that US President Donald Trump was “outside the realm of normal,” even “crazy."

FBI Director Fired: Is the US a Mafia Controlled Dictatorship?

Even the Russian Ambassador, Sergei Lavrov was surprised by the firing of FBI Director James Comey. Perhaps we are finally to the point of...

Trump America: Muhammad Ali Jr Threatened by DHS for meeting Congress,...

Editor's note:  Ali was dragged out of line, where he was accompanied by Rep. Debbie Wasserman Shultz  mind you, to be "leaned on" because...

Exclusive: White House Uses Illegal Wiretaps, Intimidation to Block FBI Probe...

Gordon Duff - Sources say the FBI had put software into informants phones that allowed them to text "real time" logs of illegal meetings, used to backup potential testimony.

UPDATED: FBI interviewed ex-US national security advisor Flynn

The Federal Bureau of Investigation interviewed ex-senior White House aide Michael Flynn on his phone calls with the Russian ambassador days into his job, The New York Times reported Tuesday.

Take the FBI Terror Questionnaire, See if you are heading for...

https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/3460923-Imv-Score-Final.html#document/p1 By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor Only a few short days ago, FBI Director Comey, cited by high level NATO intelligence sources as the asset of...

Busted: Trump Sends Secret FBI Task Force to Stage False Flag,...

The FBI is investigating political activists campaigning against the Dakota Access pipeline, diverting agents charged with preventing terrorist attacks to instead focus their attention on indigenous activists and environmentalists.

BREAKING/EXCLUSIVE: FBI Finding on Election rigging may prove fatal

The following story comes from sources in the Trump transition team.  There is only limited confirmation but as the story includes physical threats against...

FBI ‘secret rules’ revealed: Massive trove of documents unmask agency’s shady...

  Screenshot of The Intercept's investigation, 'The FBI's Secret Rules' A new report published by the Intercept reveals the FBI’s wide-ranging powers from the surveillance of...

“Rat F#%King” in DC, as FBI Agent Provocateurs Turn Demonstrations Violent

Gordon Duff - Russia has laws about where their money goes and those laws prohibit Russian oil profits from being invested in Manhattan luxury penthouses. Russian profits are legally required to be reinvested in Russia, to build their economy.

Time to stop the deconstruction of America

It's time for We The People to take back our Republic and boot the Globalists out of power.

Lying FBI arrests wife of Orlando patsy Omar Mateen

Almost immediately after the shooting, the FBI apparently fed complicit media a long string of lies about Noor Salman.

A Storm Is Coming

Veterans Today even played its part. When confronted by evidence of electoral interference at every level, just like the CIA does to other countries, this time "payback" for the US, we knew that the truth would never get out.

FBI backs CIA claim that Russian hackers meddled in US election

The FBI said Friday it supported the CIA’s conclusion that Russia interfered in the presidential election with the goal of supporting Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Guardian: FBI covered up Russian influence on Trump’s election win, Harry...

The FBI covered up information about Russia seeking to tip the 2016 presidential election in Donald Trump’s favour, a senior Democrat claimed on Saturday, after reports emerged about spy agencies’ investigations into hacks of US political parties.

Judge orders CIA, FBI & NSA to disclose whether they spied...

The FBI, CIA and NSA must release any potential evidence that they spied on Occupy Philadelphia protesters back in 2011, a federal judge has...

COINTELPRO II: The FBI Informant Army and Donald Trump VI (updated)

Gordon Duff - In May 2016, the FBI let out that Webb was an informant when they were accusing me of secretly running both ISIS and the CIA under the name "Bob Foote."

The FBI, the DHS’s Customs and Border Protection, the Secret Service,...

"The N.S.A. was routinely passing along the private communications of Americans to a large and very secretive Israeli military organization known as Unit 8200."

American Nightmare: Tyranny Under the FBI, an American Reality (Part III)

When Supreme Court Justice John Scalia died, under mysterious circumstances, FBI officials were there. It was the FBI that blocked the autopsy of a Supreme Court Justice, required by law to be supervised by the Surgeon General of the United States.

FBI “Insurrection” to Scuttle Director, Rig Election: part 2

Sources within the FBI have informed VT that a cabal tied to right wing extremists, in particular General Paul Vallely's Stand Up America and the Federalist Society along with groups like St. Hubertus and Bilderberg, now run the rank and file of the FBI. The FBI is now a key component of the secret societies that John F. Kennedy warned about.

FBI “Insurrection” to Scuttle Director, Rig Election

The FBI is out to get Hillary Clinton, it's not Director Comey, Obama put him in there to clean up the mess, they've been after Obama for 8 years.

The Battleship Debate

Some Battleship myths busted.

Breaking/Exclusive: Comey Lied: FBI “Synced” Weiner Laptop Under Misused Terror Warrant...

In a surprise announcement, the Department of Justice just admitted that there was no legal authorization in place to access email accounts of Hillary Clinton aide, Huma Abedin, estranged wife of accused sex offender former Congressman Anthony Weiner.