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France sinks liberty on Lusitania anniversary

"They hate our freedoms, so we must eliminate freedom." Where have we heard this before?

Assad: France supporting ‘terrorists’ in Syria, acts as Washington’s satellite

Syrian President Bashar Assad answering questions from France 2 journalist David Pujadas during an interview in Damascus.

Truce holding – France, Germany, Kiev and rebels agree

Jim W. Dean..."I just watched a militia video showing Ukie breakout attempts that have been chopped up on the roads. You could hear the shelling in the background."

Shrimpton – Je Suis Charlie

The Charlie Hebdo & associated attacks were carried out by murderous Islamic terrorists... for once an official French version of events is actually fairly accurate.

M.I. Bhat – Europe’s 9-11, ISIS and Russia

Jim W. Dean..."The race between the Zionists and now the Hollande government as to who can debase themselves the most, seems to be an even tie."

NEO – MH17 Disappears from Headlines as Anti-Russian Agenda Falters

Jim W. Dean..."While Putin's public rating hoovers above 81% , leaders and parliaments in the West are far in the rear view mirror."

White House to Israel and France: “Screw You!”

Obama, Kerry, Holder, Biden and all congressional leaders sat this one out.....

Fiasco France: Lie to Me Once (updated)

French Terror Scenario Simpley Not to Be Believed, Not a Word of It

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