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State Department Letter to Afghan Freedom Fighter Villagers NOT Diplomacy but...

U.S. Congress Washington D.C.   Dear Honorable Congresspersons: As history has shown, Afghan people cherish their freedom more than their lives. During the recent peace conference on...

NEO – Greece can lead the way to Europe’s freedom

Phil Butler - Stability Policing (SP), as NATO calls interventionism, is the deterrent and the method of promulgating undesirable change anywhere in Europe.

Trumped Up: How Alan Dershowitz Endangers Democracy

Dershowitz continues long history of criminalizing political differences which endanger his worldview.

Freedom of Expression: Just How Much Is Too Much?

Article 19, of the Indian Constitution guarantees to all its citizens, the freedom of speech and expression. Oops! Am I defining limits? Then I...

Freedom’s Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose – Kris...

  “Violence is the last refuse of the incompetent.” Isaac Asimov   Their game is relentless agitation, of the sort that disrupts society for most everyone. There are...

Did Hitler Foresee the New World Order?

If the general impression of politicians in a so-called Democracy as ‘traitors to the people’ is a reversion to totalitarianism, how did the leader of the National Socialist Movement rate Democracy?

5 Flags of Freedom: Find Relative Freedom in our un-free...

Sick of being a wage slave for the rich while you work 2 jobs to break even? Looking for a way out?

Aleppo civilians report torture, executions by US backed “freedom fighters”

"There is confirmation of the facts of abuse, torture, public executions, as well as wanton killings of the population," said the head of operations for Russia’s General Staff

The City of London’s ReColonization of America

After America's Revolutionary War, City of London Banksters deployed a diabolical, covert RKM Bankster Plan to retake their lost colonies by capturing America's money creation and finance system.

War, Terrorism, Subjugation and Colonialism vs. Peace, Security, Freedom and Sovereignty

... by Ann Diener for Veterans Today Colonialism - the policy or practice of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it...

War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery – NATO Information Operations

The beginning of interest in post-Cold War information operations can be traced to the UN intervention in Somalia and the Rwanda Genocide.

The Battle Between Freedom and Religion

In the US most Christian organizations celebrate American independence on the Fourth of July. They have picnics and other types of church events and gathering and many clergy members give special sermons telling the faithful how beneficial and important the American Revolution was.

On Assassinating Freedom Fighters

To the Honorable Members of the U.S. Congress - I sadly and strongly believe that the U.S. assassination of the Afghan Freedom Fighters' leader Mullah Mansoor and Afghan villagers is terroism and has closed the door to peace talks.

Asymptotic Freedom Proves Gravity Subject to Another Force ~ LOVE

My work is, in essence, the reinterpretation of Teilhard de Chardin in light of the current coming together of mankind ~ as it slowly surrenders to its innate urge to unite and makes a painful shift from ego consciousness to soul consciousness

Talks fail but war a triumph for freedom, big loss for...

Geneva-III Talks Suspended by Pro-Saudi Syrian Dissidents' Preconditions TEHRAN (FNA)- Secretary-General of the National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change Mahmoud Marei blamed the Syrian dissidents...

Gilad Atzmon’s Expert Witness Testimony at Arthur Topham’s criminal trial –...

Jews are neither a race nor they are a biological entity, but Jewish politics is always racist or at least driven by racial orientation!

Free American: Carl Swenssen and Jim Porter Standing United!

The NWO I have warned you about for 20 years is rapidly approaching. The Free American is back and ready to uncover the lies. Click to listen now!

Analyzing The Alex Jones Debate

Analyzing Alex Jones debating with David Duke on a variety of current topics in national news.

Free American: Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret

The politicians and bankers always lie! Listen to Clay Douglas - The Free American

The Free American Sits Down With John Kountouris

Sit down with the Free American for another 2 hour special with guest John Kountouris.

Free American: Ethnic Cleansing in USA with J.B. Campbell

Host Clayton Douglas discusses origins of modern United States, its ugly past and struggling present

Disappearing freedom of speech in Canada,

My main overriding message is far from new: that freedom of thought, opinion, and expression is the very basis of a fair society.

Petition: Reverse the concert cancellation of the Gilad Atzmon & The...

No to intimidation, No to censorship, No to political pressure, we all must protect the principles of a free society!!!

Islamophobia: Incitement or Freedom of Speech?

The cold-blooded murder of the three Muslim students (Deah Shady Barakat, his wife Yusor Mohammed Abu-Salha and her sister Razan Mohammed Abu-Salha, should not come as a shock.

Terrorisme sans frontieres

In preparing this article I struggled to find a defined definition of “terrorism” whether in international law or in transnational law.

Anne Frank of Gaza Rises From Killing Fields

Meet Farah Baker, our new breed of Change The World 21st Century Alternative Journalists That Delivers Massive Freedom Bombs and Undeniable Truth Serum to the Corridors of Psycho Predator Power

NEO – Has Freedom Become the Preserve of the Far Right?

- Seth Ferris..."Every country, new or old, has to be part of one geopolitical alliance, and only one. That is a practical fact."

Government Clampdown on NET Freedom Hits Mexico

The Mexican government is secretly pushing a new law through to clampdown on net freedom in an effort to control the message, keep the workers in line and stay in power and its' eating away the new youth of Mexico who plan to step up and push back all the way to freedom town.

Johnny Racist and A White Jew With A Fat Arse

Instead of supporting tolerance and brotherhood, PC has matured into a totalitarian force despised by all people rich and poor, white and black, witty and shallow.