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Implementing a New World Order: Politics do Not Rule the World,...

Politicians and Politics do Not Rule the World: Corporations, Financial Institutions and Bankers do and They are Implementing a New World Order

Kissinger, Zelensky, Davos, and the New World Order

NATO continues its encirclement and recruitment policies in contravention of the Bush-Baker promises to Gorbachev when the Berlin Wall came down.

Life Force: How the World Economic Forum Plans to Kill It...

These people have monopolized the conversation both in the media and academia since they pushed science fiction writer extraordinaire and visionary Richard Sharp Shaver out of the picture two years after WW II ended. I wrote about it back in 2014 in Return of the Titans.

George Soros: From all his projects, he is “most proud” of...

George Soros has never hidden that “his main enemy is sitting in Moscow”: “I believe that European society does not react to Russia sharply enough. That’s why I’m trying to explain what kind of danger it really poses.”

WTF? Zelensky is the Cousin of George Soros?

In 2020, when Zelensky was reminded by journalists that “some people in your own faction call your government the ‘Soros government'”, he disowned this “philanthropist”.

US/Soros Building Two Biowarfare Labs in Serbia

The operation to destroy the Russian influence among the Serbian people is being carried out through the politicians of the Republic of China, who bring two Soros laboratories that China allegedly gives to Serbia as a gift.