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Germany ‘Should Take First Step to Russia’ by Easing Sanctions –...

Wolfgang Kubicki - "Berlin needs to open new channels of dialogue with Moscow. A first step in normalizing relations between Russia and Germany would be to bring Russia back into the G8."

Germany and Italy bail out on bombing Syria with no evidence

Germany, who was quick to jump on board the "bomb Syria" train early on without any proof of Damascus involvement, has now been followed by Italy in backing out.

Germany urges EU’s ‘determined’ response to US tariffs on steel

Jim W. Dean - Well the doo doo has hit the fan. Yesterday's news had not only reports of the Republicans in an uproar over higher steel and aluminum prices.

Twin Peaks and the Return of the White Queen

In the early spring of 1945, much of the German high command vanished like a mirage before the advancing Allied troops, including in all likelihood, Adolph Hitler. Some say they went to Aldebaran, a giant red star in the constellation of Taurus.

Monika Schaefer: Letter from a German Prison

...by Jonas E. Alexis and Monika Schaefer Jonas E. Alexis: Studying Jewish political and ideological movements never ceases to fascinate me for various reasons. On...

Germany calls on NATO to discuss Turkey’s military operation in Syria’s...

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel has asked the NATO Secretary General to raise the issue of Turkey’s military operation against Kurds in Afrin as...

NEO: AFD Germany Gives Birth to New Monster, Wet-nurse of...

Now the dust has settled after an extraordinary week in Germany, we can see that this country is setting a new and disturbing agenda. What other countries had nightmares about, Germany is doing. A bandwagon has begun to roll which could steamroller all Europe, in a disturbing echo of that country’s inglorious and deadly past.

The Romans Gave Wine to Germany

Without the Romans, Germany would not be the wine producer it is today.

Islamophobic attacks in Germany on rise

Hate crimes against Muslims in Germany rose sharply in the second quarter of this year, reflecting a growing Islamophobia fueled by far-right and populist political parties.

To Our Friends around the world – a Personal note from...

In Memory of Ernst Zündel: “There has Passed a Radiance from this Earth.”

Fake News Experiments in Germany: How Social Media Users React to...

Sputnik: German sociologists conducted a social experiment by launching a nationalistically oriented site called Volksbeobachter. They created several fake profiles in Facebook and started...

Germany Urges EU Countermeasures Against US Over Russia Sanctions

Berlin announced that the new sanctions proposed by US lawmakers against Russia are in breach of international law, asking the European Union to take countermeasures against the bans, which could also affect European businesses.

The Rise against globalism and capitalism in Hamburg

The rich and powerful have always tried to come up with sophisticated ways to cheat labor out of the masses, and that always creates mass protests, as in the case of the Occupy Wall Street.

Anti G-20 rally calls for end to corporate globalization

Jim W. Dean - For all of the main Liberal issues that need funding, the only real source for it is in military cutbacks, which can only be accomplish via major political pressure on those countries with big military budgets to work out reductions via negotiations.

Germany Authorizes Massive Deal to Sell Submarines to Israel

Deal for three submarines has faced police scrutiny due to role of Netanyahu lawyer; deal valued at 1.5 billion euro

Germany mulling over sanctions against the US

Jim W. Dean - The EU folks seem to have finally figured it out. If US sanctions can be dished out against Russian interests for any benefit the US wants to secure, then why not use them against others for the same reason?

Russian-German trade sees robust growth despite sanctions

Jim W. Dean - My, my... this came as a big surprise; a multi-billion euro jump in trade, in just the first two months of the year; a bit of a hint that some of the sanctions have a play-acting feature to them.

Germany: Russia, Iran Bear Responsibility for Observance of Syria Safe Zones...

Responsibility for observance of the memorandum on safe zones in Syria lies upon Russia and Iran, while the Syrian regime relies on their support,...

Steve Bannon: Jared Kushner is a “cuck” and a “globalist”

If Trump is able to dump campaign staffers and replace them with people like Kushner and companies like Goldman Sachs, then one can say with almost certainty that Trump’s dream of “America First” is over.

Ivanka plans to “mourn Holocaust victims”–but not Russian or Palestinian victims

Charles Krauthammer: “It has become increasingly common for American Jews to locate their identity in the Holocaust."

Bitter Harvest: Stalin’s genocidal famine on the big screen?

A Stalin movie would ruin Hollywood’s reputation as a propaganda machine.

Will Trump Destroy the Euro?

The Euro is a horrible construct that needs urgent reform, as is the EU.

PressTV: Germany elects anti-Trump former FM as president

Newly-elected German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier (2nd R) is congratulated by German Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel after the presidential election at the...

Germany Reels with Financial Burden from US Buildup

Sputnik: The US army's recent deployment to Eastern Europe via the north German port of Bremerhaven, the largest shipment of military equipment from the US to Europe since the Cold War, is a financial, legal and political burden on Germany, retired German Army Lieutenant Colonel Jochen Scholz told Sputnik.

UFOs and the Secret German Space Program

Happy New Year everybody! With President Trump in the White House and Brexit finally starting to happen, it should be a good one.

Former German editor Udo Ulfkotte: German journalists are puppets of the...

Udo Ulfkotte: "The masters in the background are pushing for war with Russia and western journalists are putting on their helmets."

NEO – The Euro Is Murdering Europe

The Euro is murdering the nations and economies of the EU quite literally. Since the fixed currency regime came into effect, replacing national currencies in transactions in 2002, the fixed exchange rate regime has devastated industry in the periphery states of the 19 Euro members, while giving disproportionate benefit to Germany.

Too Little Too Late for Merkel: Germany Begins Roundup of Erdogan...

German police have carried out a large-scale operation targeting Islamists across ten German federal states, the country’s Interior Ministry (Bundesministeriums des Innern) reported on...

The Poppy Hypocrisy Worn by Warmongers

Now is that unique time of year when the British media begins the annual remembrance day poppy manhunt.

Press TV: America, a runaway train heading for themonuclear war with...

Germany says the rising tension between the United States and Russia is more dangerous than the Cold War.

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