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Insider revealed NWO agenda in KGB Interrogation

The Bolshevik Revolution was an essentially Satanic enterprise, one which was totally congruent with the New World Order ideology which is still with us today.

NEO – Nord Stream 2 signals American decline in Europe

Jim W. Dean - Germany is soon to be closing down its last nuclear plants, and it is winding down its domestic coal industry.

Did the Khazarian Cult Murder General George Patton?

“When asked if his father may have thought the collision was an assassination attempt, Woodring’s son said, ‘Well, you know, he always had his thoughts possibly that it could have been.’"

German Shoe Stealing Fox Prefers Crocs

The crafty urban dweller built a colorful collection of footwear dominated by Crocs

Second Wave of COVID-19 Coming for Europe?

After being on a near-total lockdown in the spring, Europe has increasingly opened itself to travel this summer.

If the German economy goes down, so goes the EU’s

Jim W. Dean - The great irony in all this is that those living in countries that have been sanctionistas, will get to experience what living under "Covid sanctions" is like.

VT’s Hatespeech and Controversy Corner: Defense of Hitler

VT believes 100% of the information below is false To this day, nothing strikes fear into the black hearts of Jewish Mafia Globalists like the...

VT Germany: Collapse of Germany’s Press – Censorship and Lying

Germany's press is far more outlandish than Goebbel's most productive period during the last century.  Weather and sports scores are pretty reliable, much of the time, the rest of it, well...we catch them lying about weather and sports as well.

Hellstorm and Holocaust in Dresden, February 1945

“Dresden's old timber-framed houses were, one by one, succumbing to the fire, and most of the wreckage was landing on top of the cellars that people were using as shelters. Trapped in what were effectively ovens, they slowly roasted to death."

Joe Sobran on the Khazarian Mafia

"Why on earth is it ‘anti-Jewish’ to conclude from the evidence that the standard numbers of Jews murdered are inaccurate, or that the Hitler regime, bad as it was in many ways, was not, in fact, intent on racial extermination?"

Israeli Apartheid: Never Again, and that doesn’t just apply to...

If on January 27 the heads of state of the world will travel to Jerusalem to commemorate the victims of National Socialism and to liberate the Auschwitz extermination camp, then one thing is certain: they will become part of a staging of the Jewish-Zionist occupation regime that is second to none examined.

The Russians or Germans killed Jeffrey Epstein!

“The moment Epstein and his lawyer mentioned they had information on not just Prince Andrew but one or more foreign heads of state and enough major financial figures to crash American markets, Epstein touched on a dozen ongoing investigations involving national security.”

Einstein wanted to annihilate Germany

The simple fact is that Germany had no intention of attacking England or the United States. The idea that Germany was building an atomic bomb was a concoction by the Zionists.

Blood in Southern Stuttgart, Germany

"A 28-year-old Syrian man living in Germany has stabbed his 36-year-old German-Kazakh roommate to death in broad daylight at the centre of a street in southern Stuttgart..."

Blood in Southern Stuttgart, Germany

"A 28-year-old Syrian man living in Germany has stabbed his 36-year-old German-Kazakh roommate to death in broad daylight at the centre of a street in southern Stuttgart..."

Graduate School Lecture 1 – Esoteric Evolution in Review

As Preston Nichols notes in the Montauk Project - Experiments in Time back in 1983, it became possible for Man to create his “own artificial reality”.

US mulls new sanctions to kill Iran-EU trade vehicle

Jim W. Dean - We may have the first diplomatic case of parties to a four year negotiation saying "don't expect any miracles", while claiming they "support" it.

Another Holocaust Fabrication on the Block

...by Jonas E. Alexis The Holocaust Industry will never cease to attract people who want to make a name for themselves. It is quite obvious...

World War II and the Beginning of the “New World Order”

Who won World War II? The quick answer is that it wasn’t the average person in England or America or Germany or Poland or France or Italy or Japan.

The Rape of Japan After World War II

“And now we take our revenge on the Germans for all their despicable acts committed against us. We’re being allowed to do what we please with the German scoundrels. German mothers shall rue the day they gave birth to a son. May German mothers now feel the horrors of war firsthand."

Negotiating: How to deal with amoral predator Trump

Learn what to do and get what you want when dealing with people who do NOT share your principles and moral values.

The Crucifixion of Monika and Alfred Schaefer Continues

The time will come when the Holocaust lie—a “secular religion,” to use the words of the late Christopher Hitchens himself—will at last be viewed for what it really is: an ideology that seeks to subvert the pillars of Western Civilization.

Berlin should ‘recalibrate’ partnership with US in ‘sober and critical’ way...

The German minister cited “a growing protectionism” by its major transatlantic partner as a key reason for this requirement.

The Rape of Nanking: Fact or Fiction? (Part I)

The Rape of Nanking appears to be the work of the war propaganda in the United States and perhaps the Chinese authorities at the time.

Germany ‘Should Take First Step to Russia’ by Easing Sanctions –...

Wolfgang Kubicki - "Berlin needs to open new channels of dialogue with Moscow. A first step in normalizing relations between Russia and Germany would be to bring Russia back into the G8."

Germany and Italy bail out on bombing Syria with no evidence

Germany, who was quick to jump on board the "bomb Syria" train early on without any proof of Damascus involvement, has now been followed by Italy in backing out.

Germany urges EU’s ‘determined’ response to US tariffs on steel

Jim W. Dean - Well the doo doo has hit the fan. Yesterday's news had not only reports of the Republicans in an uproar over higher steel and aluminum prices.

Twin Peaks and the Return of the White Queen

In the early spring of 1945, much of the German high command vanished like a mirage before the advancing Allied troops, including in all likelihood, Adolph Hitler. Some say they went to Aldebaran, a giant red star in the constellation of Taurus.

Monika Schaefer: Letter from a German Prison

...by Jonas E. Alexis and Monika Schaefer Jonas E. Alexis: Studying Jewish political and ideological movements never ceases to fascinate me for various reasons. On...

Germany calls on NATO to discuss Turkey’s military operation in Syria’s...

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel has asked the NATO Secretary General to raise the issue of Turkey’s military operation against Kurds in Afrin as...

NEO: AFD Germany Gives Birth to New Monster, Wet-nurse of...

Now the dust has settled after an extraordinary week in Germany, we can see that this country is setting a new and disturbing agenda. What other countries had nightmares about, Germany is doing. A bandwagon has begun to roll which could steamroller all Europe, in a disturbing echo of that country’s inglorious and deadly past.

The Romans Gave Wine to Germany

Without the Romans, Germany would not be the wine producer it is today.

Islamophobic attacks in Germany on rise

Hate crimes against Muslims in Germany rose sharply in the second quarter of this year, reflecting a growing Islamophobia fueled by far-right and populist political parties.

To Our Friends around the world – a Personal note from...

In Memory of Ernst Zündel: “There has Passed a Radiance from this Earth.”

Fake News Experiments in Germany: How Social Media Users React to...

Sputnik: German sociologists conducted a social experiment by launching a nationalistically oriented site called Volksbeobachter. They created several fake profiles in Facebook and started...

The Rise against globalism and capitalism in Hamburg

The rich and powerful have always tried to come up with sophisticated ways to cheat labor out of the masses, and that always creates mass protests, as in the case of the Occupy Wall Street.

Anti G-20 rally calls for end to corporate globalization

Jim W. Dean - For all of the main Liberal issues that need funding, the only real source for it is in military cutbacks, which can only be accomplish via major political pressure on those countries with big military budgets to work out reductions via negotiations.

Germany mulling over sanctions against the US

Jim W. Dean - The EU folks seem to have finally figured it out. If US sanctions can be dished out against Russian interests for any benefit the US wants to secure, then why not use them against others for the same reason?

Russian-German trade sees robust growth despite sanctions

Jim W. Dean - My, my... this came as a big surprise; a multi-billion euro jump in trade, in just the first two months of the year; a bit of a hint that some of the sanctions have a play-acting feature to them.

Germany: Russia, Iran Bear Responsibility for Observance of Syria Safe Zones...

Responsibility for observance of the memorandum on safe zones in Syria lies upon Russia and Iran, while the Syrian regime relies on their support,...

Steve Bannon: Jared Kushner is a “cuck” and a “globalist”

If Trump is able to dump campaign staffers and replace them with people like Kushner and companies like Goldman Sachs, then one can say with almost certainty that Trump’s dream of “America First” is over.

Ivanka plans to “mourn Holocaust victims”–but not Russian or Palestinian victims

Charles Krauthammer: “It has become increasingly common for American Jews to locate their identity in the Holocaust."

Bitter Harvest: Stalin’s genocidal famine on the big screen?

A Stalin movie would ruin Hollywood’s reputation as a propaganda machine.

Will Trump Destroy the Euro?

The Euro is a horrible construct that needs urgent reform, as is the EU.

PressTV: Germany elects anti-Trump former FM as president

Newly-elected German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier (2nd R) is congratulated by German Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel after the presidential election at the...

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