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FFWN: The CHUTZPAH of Ghislaine Maxwell…and Donald Trump

The Department of Homeland Security has raised the chutpah threat advisory level to orange.

Ghislaine Maxwell was Epstein’s Mossad handler: Scholar

"Obviously that family is a high-level Israeli spy family, and Maxwell was Jeffrey Epstein’s Mossad handler."

Mother Jones: Epstein story is as “sketchy as shit”

"A guy who had information that would have destroyed rich and powerful men’s lives ends up dead in his jail cell. How predictably."

Intel Drop: The Truth on Epstein Emerging, Where are His Massive...

Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein's partner, who is accused in nearly every crime, has never been questioned and moves around freely like an Avengers superhero.

Another Epstein Domino: Trump’s National Security Advisor tied to Epstein Maxwell...

Following the bread crumbs from Epstein has led to a fake charity and from there to General McMaster, former National Security Advisor to Donald Trump, who now heads a reputedly fake London-based think tank secretly funded by money laundered through the repressive Bahraini royal family.

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