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Scott Bennett, Patriot Truth Warrior (Part II)

When US Army Psyops expert Scott Bennett was officially tasked with discovering the sources of terror financing, he succeeded and was stopped cold by corrupt higher ups.

Another London false flag? (updated)

"Radical Muslims" strike iconic location in London – to celebrate a satanic holiday for a pagan goddess named Isis! You can't make this stuff up. But somebody can!

Zio-Gladio strikes Europe! Berlin suspect, NATO auditor shot dead

Yet another "radical Islamic ISIS-linked terrorist," identified thanks to yet another "magic ID drop," has once again been shot dead by police and silenced forever.

American Un-exceptionalism Laid Bare

Jim W. Dean - I chose this little girl's photo for its potential to be the symbol for what has happened to Syria, and the base motives behind it all. America is that sniper because it has kept the war going "for its interests", while blaming all the horrors on Assad, whom I watched get overwhelmingly re-elected in 2012 as an election observer.

FFWN: Dallas police shootings a false flag?

Are the same forces that overthrew Ukraine and destabilized Syria trying to destabilize or overthrow the American government?

MK-Ultra Triple Play in Orlando (Updated)

What is the number one goal of the Khazarian Mafia in America right now, as ordered by the Select Few wrinkled-up criminal psychopaths in wheelchairs who are nearing the end of their lives?

Orlando Nightclub Shooting Another False Flag?

It looks like another PR extravaganza by the Usual Suspects.

NEO – The Amount of Influence CIA can exercise over the...

Jim W. Dean - A lot of nasty things were done as the Cold War lasted a long time, but don't see many people concerned anymore about what the Soviets and the East European Communist states were doing during that time.

NEO – When Will the World Be Free of the NATO...

Jim W. Dean - The US had a major contender for the biggest loon of all, JSC General Lyman Lemnitzer, who on July 20th, 1961, at a NSC meeting, presented President Kennedy with an official plan for a surprise nuclear attack on the Soviet Union.

ISIS swarms Europe – but who’s REALLY behind the clash of...

The neoconservatives actually want this kind of terrorism in order to keep the population rushing to the government for protection.

BBC Documentary from 1992 on Gladio remains relevant today

This BBC documentary from 1992 gives a in-depth look at the NATO Operation Gladio with its secret terror cells spread across Europe.

3/22 False Flag! Gladio Strikes Brussels on Satanic Holiday

Brussels is a natural place for the Gladio B freemasonic satanists to stage a big false flag on the satanic holiday of 3/22.

Synthetic Reality Nation

There are some stories the Folks who really run things will not allow published in the Mainstream Media and broadcast on the Network News because this truth would quickly erode the Establishment's lies, propaganda and false-narratives which have produced a synthetic, false reality over the last 50 years.

BUSTED! San Bernadino shooters were three white men dressed in...

Three white paramilitary males - not a brown-skinned couple - murdered 14 people in San Bernadino.

Michel Houellebecq’s “Submission” unveils false flag terror

Houellebecq's "Submission" is both a novel and part of a PR stunt. The novel and the PR stunt are very different.

Operation Gladio – Global Subversion, Part One

The banksters are waging war on the world. Their weapons are usury, mass murder and big lies. Here is the hidden history you're not supposed to know.

NSA disables alternative news show

Big Brother doesn't want you to watch False Flag Weekly News.

All Judaics everywhere must publicly reject World Zionism

It's the new Gutenberg Press of the World, the People's new means for instant communication of Truth Nuggets.

NEO – CIA Torture Report Ties Cheney/Bout to 9/11 Nukes

Cheney and his henchmen were silencing critics, eliminating "loose ends" tied to Able Danger and 9/11

NEO – Kiev Snipers: Mystery Solved

- America's involvement in Georgia was pitiful for a once great nation, who like an aging heavy weight boxer wants to seek out someone weaker to fight...

Panicking US government targets alternative media

Should big money control mass consciousness?

Putin puts fear of God in New World Order

Putin resists NWO aggression, so they call him names.

Gladio – the Gift that Keeps on Giving

- Highly organized armed groups, multiple nationalities, ready for any mission, riot, revolution, subversion, terror attacks or assassinations

Murdering 9/11 truth

Caltech-educated physics professor Crockett Grabbe exposes the murders and attempted murders of 9/11 truth-seekers...including several attempts on his own life.

19 Telltale Signs of Fake Terror (Part IV of: A Bird’s...

Everyone agrees that the Gladio-Europe Conspiracy had been a Syndicate-sponsored terror campaign falsely attributed to left-wing terrorists.

Backdrop of Terror (Part II of: A Bird’s Eye View of...

The contemporary war on terror in America (=the Gladio-USA Conspiracy) is just one element within a larger framework of parasitism, treachery, and indoctrination.

A Bird’s Eye View of Contrived Terror–Part I. A Preview

Hassan al Sabbah, a brilliant Iranian polymath and tactician, was the founder of the Order of the Assassins. This Shia Order flourished for about 200 years, mostly in Iran and Syria, starting in the late 11th century.

Big Flak For Big Sis and Homeland Security

Yep, finally there’s “incoming” over at Homeland Security, the New American Gestapo.