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My Fifty Years with Uri Avnery

Adam Keller - SUMMER OF '69. Avnery’s party challenged old, rotten Israeli establishment parties, opposed religious coercion and advocated for separation of religion and state.

Uri Avnery is gone: 1923-2018, but his legacy remains

Jim W. Dean - Uri can fight on after his death, something we writers are blessed to have the opportunity to do. His body of work is huge, and cannot be erased.

Uri Avnery in critical condition

Jim W. Dean - We all knew this could happen any moment, but Uri has always been the Israeli opposition energizer bunny. He just kept chugging along.

Uri Avnery – Should the Holocaust be Private Property?

Netanyahu has signed a joint statement with the Polish government that clears the Polish people from all responsibility for the Holocaust. It condemns anti-Semitism and anti-Polishism in the same breath.

Uri Avnery – Ehud Barak: A very intelligent person

Jim W. Dean - Uri does today what we like to see him do, to give us a tour of the political wasteland that is Israel.

Is Jewish ‘Choseness’ a supremacist construct?

When somebody dares to suggest that anti-Semitism in the West is dying, the Jewish reaction is furious. We need anti-Semitism for our mental equilibrium. Nobody is going to steal it from us.

Are YOU Brainwashed? …Uri Avnery, Gush Shalom

On the one critical subject of our life – war and peace – all the media are "connected" to one singular line of brainwashing.

Uri Avnery’s Jerusalem March – Gush Shalom

The US is still far from war with Iran, but Israel is not.

Uri Avnery – When Ben-Gurion declared him an Enemy of the...

Uri Avnery gives us his insider's view of the 70th anniversary of Israel establishing itself.

Gush Shalom nails the IDF killings in Gaza – Outside pressure...

We rarely publish a press release, but this is a special one, and VT is nothing if not willing to make exceptions when needed.

Uri Avnery – The Fake Enemy

Uri Avnery - What would life be like without enemies?

Uri Avnery – The Great Conspiracy

When immigrants were brought to the empty Lakhish region and refused to get off the trucks, the driver operated the mechanism and literally poured the people onto the ground. That's one way to build a country.

Uri Avnery – The Jumping Parliament

Jim W. Dean - Uri Avnery takes us deep inside the Israeli Parliament for a look at how it really works, definitely a top ten contender for the world corruption title.

Uri Avnery – Netanyahu son caught whore hopping with billionaire sons

Jim W. Dean - Uri fills us on Israel's "Hooker-Gate" scandal involving bibi's dead beat son and his billionaire son pals where an audio tape has emerged with him wanting his buddies to pay for his girl for the favors that Bibi had done for their dads.

Uri Avnery – Why I am Angry

Uri Avnery gives us another wonderful tour of some social complexity in Israeli society. He got exposed to Israel's great racial divide during the 1948 war when he was a squad leader. The Mizrahi were considered blacks by the Europeans and Russians.

Uri Avnery – Jerusalem is ours…meaning it is everybody’s

Jim W. Dean - This story of Ehud Barak, the smart guy making a big splash over his peace plan without any effort laying the groundwork with the other party, is a classic example of Israeli failure.

Uri Avnery – King and Emperor

Jim W. Dean - Uri has the best new quote on the Supremacist Jews in Israel: Netanyahu would like to be, like Queen Victoria, "king and emperor" – King of Israel and Emperor of the Jews. Well, he ain't.

Uri Avnery – Who is a Fake Jew in Israel?

Uri brings us another wonderful internal Israeli politics exposé, and no one knows where all the political skeletons are buried in Israel better than he. But he exhibits his perennial blindside by ignoring how Zionism itself may be to blame for the political exploitation the Israelis have always endured.

Uri Avnery takes on an Uber-Jewish fascist

Uri Avnery - A Zionist poet once wrote that we will not become a normal nation until we have Jewish criminals and Jewish whores. Thank God we now have plenty of both. And now we also have at least one bonafide Jewish fascist.

Uri Avnery – A Confession

Jim W. Dean - Uri brings us a reflective piece today, on the eve of his 94th year. Below is a concise overview of his journey and its historical benchmarks, with his usual bluntness.

Uri Avnery – Crusaders and Zionists

Jim W. Dean - Uri has a great piece for us today, as he shines when he goes digging into the history of his current home country, that has belonged to so many others for its many years of human habitation.

Uri Avnery – The Bizarre Case of Bashar Assad

Jim W. Dean - Today we have Uri, the investigative journalist, agreeing with us that the alleged Khan Shykun sarin gas bombing by Assad has never been supported by the evidence.

Uri Avnery – Soros’ Sorrows

While in Budapest, Netanyahu took part in a closed meeting with the leaders of Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Some fool forgot to cut the line to the journalists outside, and they could listen to 20 minutes of Netanyahu's secret speech. To his East European soul mates, our Bibi poured out his heart, "The liberal West European governments are 'crazy' when they impose conditions regarding human rights on their aid to Israel. They are committing suicide by letting in masses of Muslims."

Uri Avnery – Abraham, Izzy and Bibi

Jim W. Dean - Uri shows that "Fake News" is present in the bible, via its different versions, with the Jewish property claim to the Cave of the Machpelah an "edited" version. But when it comes to his pet peeve of Jewish victim supremacy, he also conveniently omits any mention of the several thousand years of mass slaughters that rolled over Europe countless times.

Avnery: The Four Letter Word

Jim W. Dean - Bibi will enjoy burning down the next four to eight years in a "search for peace" with Trump fronting the US taxpayer money, all of it borrowed, flowing into Zionist coffers. Bibi does love Trump for that, but that is all.

Uri Avnery – Is a Political New Wave emerging with the...

Jim W. Dean - Uri obviously does not read VT or he would know our position that the international criminal network prefers to work with right wing governments as their profits are higher. But the gangsters can deal with liberals, if they have to.

Uri Avnery – The Visitation, or The Donald Cometh unto the...

Jim W. Dean - I knew we would be hearing from Uri about the Donald 'Moses' Trump visit to the Holy Land with Uri's usual wit and satire, and it is all here for you to enjoy

Israeli holidays used as intense mind control program for kids –...

Jim W. Dean - Uri has a wonderful piece for us today, a big peek behind the curtain into how the Zionist regime has used its huge number of holidays to forge a common Jewish supremacy and victimology mindset in an attempt to bind its disparate factions together.

Uri Avnery – The Israeli Macron

Jim W. Dean - Uri gives us an analysis of how the young, unknown Emmanuel Macron, with a new party, came out of the blue to win the first round in the French elections.

Uri Avnery – Marwan Barghouti, the Palestine Nelson Mandela

Jim W. Dean - This is Uri at his best today, going to bat for an abused underdog with whom he is politically aligned, Marwan Barghouti, who has been spending much of his life in prison for resisting the Zionist occupation, as the Zionists did with the British mandatory government before them.

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