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Uri Avnery – The Future belongs to the Optimists

Jim W. Dean - Uri has rocked the boat on the Israel domestic scene once again, one of the reasons we do so love to cover his work. He dares to go where no one else there will, pushing for the return of Jews who have left Israel as a failed state, a good reason.

Zionist extremists launch murder coup against IDF

Jim W. Dean - Uri has a home run piece below, a hard-nosed exposé of Jews against Jews in a close range, take-no-prisoners knife fight, with the future control of the army at stake.

Uri Avnery – The Deep Rift

Jim W. Dean - My my, Uri digs down into the bedrock of the Zionist Tower of Babel, a people divided by religion, culture and ethnicity who generally only like their own kind, but are presented as the world's home for Jews.

Riders on the Storm – Avnery on ‘Hatred Unlimited’

Ehud Barak - "We have no partner for Peace." Pragmatically this means, "We will be at war with anyone who sees through our deception." This dogma can only stoke hatred and war.

Uri Avnery – Can Lightning strike America Twice?

Mastermind of triple towers demolition resurrected - Ehud Barak

Uri Avnery – Political Pirates of the Mediterranean Sea

Jim W. Dean - Uri has another grand slam exposé on Israeli domestic politics, this time on good old fashioned corruption, where in the land of "the people" they cut their fellow citizens no slack.

Uri Avnery – Israel’s stock continues to plummet across the world

Jim W. Dean - Uri gives us another one of his internal Israeli political analyses that he is so well known for due to his having been on the scene over his 90+ years, and still going like the Energizer Bunny.

Uri Avnery – The Day of the Rhinos

Jim W. Dean - Uri continues on the warpath against the Likudnicks, Bibi and his nationalist extremist friends, a Zionist version of the Ku Klux Klan's Grand Dragons and Imperial Wizards.

Uri Avnery – Centrist Politicians are Swept Away

Jim W. Dean - Uri brings us another one of his internal Israeli politics updates, focusing on the trend in Israel away from center-based political parties to the left and right flanks, which is actually a worldwide trend.

Uri Avnery – Traces of Nazism in Israel Confirmed?

Jim W. Dean - Here comes this serving Israeli general to walk the career plank at a major event talk, where he compared what happened to bring the Nazis to power to what has happened in Israel, and the firestorm was instantaneous.

Uri Avnery – Israel’s Declaration of Independence, a critique

Jim W. Dean - Uri has a grand slam for us today, doing what no one else can do better, which is to slice and dice Zionist historical propaganda and falsification when he wants to.

Dead Israeli general, serial rapist given hero status

Jim W. Dean - We do like the rebel side of Uri, where he will contest the hero status being laid upon General Ze'evi, one of Israel's serial rapists, murderers, and gangsters. Think of all the nice deserving people who got passed over.

Uri Avnery – Soldier A and his shape-shifting story

Jim W. Dean - But Uri stands by the Minister of Defense and Chief of Staff for prosecuting 19-year-old "Soldier A" who executed a wounded Palestinian, then shook hands with extreme right wing settlers, and told different stories about what happened.

Uri Avnery – Israel’s long dirty dance with the Arab regimes

Jim W. Dean - Uri pulls on the Israeli lion's tail regarding domestic and geopolitical topics that militant Zionists would prefer the world remain dumb and happy.

Uri Avnery – My Terrorist Your Terrorist

Jim W. Dean - Uri Avnery is the perfect barbecuist to go after the spinmeisters of "Hezbollah the alleged terror organization", when Israel and those who have backed ISIL and a myriad of other terrorist orgs are called Western democracies of Gulf State countries.

Uri Avnery – The Great BDS Debate

Jim W. Dean - Uri takes on what he feels are the excesses of the BDS movement, where boycotting the settlers is OK but not all of Israel, despite its history of crimes against humanity.

Uri Avnery – the Lady with a Smile: the one and...

Uri Avnery - For months, Israel has been in the throes of a mini-intifada. Individuals act alone, without any prior signs. The Israeli forces have no information and are unable to prevent these acts.

Uri Avnery – Optimism of the Will

Jim W. Dean - Uri comes to the support of UN's Ban Ki-Moon, who turned the screws a bit tighter on the Likud party extremists in Israel, the current group keeping all peace progress in the icebox.

Uri Avnery – The Pied Piper of Zion

Jim W. Dean - Uri Avnery advises the world about how to deconstruct the LIKUD THUGGERNAUGHT. And, the global tide is turning on Israel, as major figures there are calling for international boycott pressure.

Uri Avnery – US Jewish billionaires fund stealing West Bank Palestinian...

Jim W. Dean - Uri takes us into the belly of the Zionist beast today with a multi-pronged attack. He covers settler aggression in taking over West Bank land, and American Jewish billionaires funding that effort through the support of fascist Israeli groups.

Uri Avnery – Only one year in prison for Former PM...

Jim W. Dean - Watching US politicians fawn over these high-profile Israeli crooked politicians always made me wretch, like ours were envious of how much they could get away with. Damn them all to Hell in a handbasket.

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