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Jerusalem For All

“Jerusalem for All” would keep the city unified under international agreement, and preserve the unique quality of the city, and its special status as a holy city for Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Haaretz: Israel Tests “Car Bomb” Sized Dirty Nuke

Defensive only dirty bombs from the folks who flattened Gaza...

How Israel’s Dimona nuclear reactor was concealed from the U.S. –...

Jim W. Dean... "We see no acknowledgement of yesterday's German-Israel nuke article in corporate media. In two more days we will conclude a stand down on the story."

Uri Avnery – Meeting in a Tunnel

- "the US is married to this concept of "anyone who can defend themselves is a security threat and we reserve the right to attack them when we choose"...

Syria Counterattacks Israel

Shooting accurately a mortar is not easy. Its steep ballistic trajectory demands expertise and calculations, especially when more often than not, the operator of the weapon cannot see the target. Yet, it is perfect for mountainous areas, where it can vertically bypass stubborn summits.

Sick man of Europe is calling Rothschild

Only yesterday, I quoted a Jewish mayor making a mysterious reference to "acts that are better not told" which is the translation of a Hebrew idiom meaning "crimes."

Haaretz Israel 2010: Algeria Arrests Mossad Agent with Fake Spanish...

Is this real background to the terrorism in Algeria and the war in Mali today?