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Proof that there is no God

Jim W. Dean - My partial apologies to the forgiving religious folks, but I think he should have have been handed over to the devil at the gates of hell.

Harvey Weinstein will die in prison with 23 year sentence

Jim W. Dean - While Weinstein's victims finally got some justice, there is a legion more, similarly victimized by other Hollywood and entertainment moguls, who have not received justice.

Intel Drop: Victim Weinstein Grew Up in Shadow of Holocaust,...

What has become obvious, some of those suffering from this problem see it as a "mark of Satan" as it were, a license for mayhem and a justification for criminal insanity.

Weinstein found Guilty

Jim W. Dean - The human trafficking internationally for "models" as "girlfriends or wives" is a lucrative industry. Some even feel a major political figure got one that way.

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