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Trump’s “Black Nazi Stormtrooper” Goes Police State on Airline Passenger -Hero

I can give you the quick of it, save us all a lot of time. David Clarke is even crazier than Trump, and scared of his shadow, a totally out of control utterly corrupt sheriff in Milwaukee with, according to our sources, strong ties to the drug cartels.

Make Pakistan Free Afghan/Pashtun National Hero, Shabat Gula

I am writing on behalf of the Afghan villagers like Sharbat Gula because the U. S. installed Afghan administration only works on behalf of...

Russia Defense Report: The Hero of Palmyra

The Battle for Palmyra has no doubt had many heroes within all the fighting formations that have returned the UNESCO World Heritage Site back to Syrian sovereignty after nearly a year of ISIS depredations and vandalism.

Russian soldier who called airstrike on himself while surrounded by ISIS...

Refusing to be captured by ISIL, who had spotted his observation position, 25yr old expectant father Aleksandr Prochorenko called in and artillery strike on his position to kill himself and the Jihadis.

Remembering the Real Hero of 7/7

Britain's Largest Terror Attack Likely "Mossad/MI-5" Operation

Hero or Killer? ‘American Sniper’ movie raises controversy over Iraq war

Six Oscar nominations, US box-office records, and Global Condemnation frame debate over US War in Iraq

Oliver North: Hero or Buffoon?

Retired Army Colonel David H. Hackworth didn't like Oliver North. Many Americans see former Marine Lt.Col. Oliver North a hero; others do not.

Lee Wanta, American Hero

Here is the True Story of Lee Wanta* and how he served our Great Nation America as President Reagan's Secret Agent under the Totten...