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US intel head calls for end to ‘hyperventilation’ over Russia’s alleged...

Jim W. Dean - The bottom line for all the voters is the irrefutable evidence of what a worthless political class has emerged from our political system. To even call it second rate would not be fair, as it is below second rate.

Why I Will Vote for a Third Party Candidate in November...

Though sadly ignored in this nation, there are third party alternatives in the impending battle of the unlikeable and the untrustworthy. If a candidate more accurately addresses my concerns and reflects my point of view why would I vote the lesser evil when I can vote the greater good?

Close Encounter with Bill and Hillary Clinton

Investigative journalism seems to be a dying art, and demand for the truth is no longer generally popular.

Is Donald Trump Right About Illegal Immigration?

No nation on earth, not even Korea, will accept an inflow of illegal immigrants.

Primary Election Advice For Democrats – Trust Your Base Or Lose...

This is fear based political overkill by a Democratic political establishment that is married to corporate power as well as the status quo and obviously afraid of the people's will and vote ~ note super delegate power play.

TRUTH JIHAD: Who’s the real fascist – Trump or Clinton?

"The U.S. government has been fascist or proto-fascist for more than 30 years, and this fascism has been predominantly Jewish."

Gangsters, Thugs, and the Criminal Underground in San Jose

John Adams: “We have no Constitution which functions in the absence of a moral people.”

To Trump or Not To Trump (Part I)

Trump seems to be operating outside of practical reason with respect to the Middle East.

Trump: We’re going to cherish and protect Israel

Trump said, "And we're going to take great care of Israel. We're going to cherish and protect Israel."

Vladimir Putin Implicitly Attacks the Neoconservative Mafia and the Neo-Liberal Ideology...

Vladmir Putin has called a spade a spade in the political realm again!

Hillary nails America to the Israeli cross at AIPAC

Jim W. Dean - So on this Easter Day think of your country nailed to the cross and the words "God forgive them, for they know not what they do." In the situation I have described, they DO know what they have done.

Clinton Fades, Trump Implodes And Bernie Shines

Does any American really want to see the Clintons in the White House again? I think not and Michigan sensed her Achilles heel Credibility.

Intellectual Satanists in Politics

Leon Trotsky directly or indirectly left an indelible mark on the new Satanists on the block.