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1939: On this Day in History, Adolf Hitler survives assassination...

On this day 8th day of November in 1939, on the 16th anniversary of Hitler’s Beer Hall Putsch, a bomb explodes just after Hitler has finished giving a speech

Declassified CIA Docs Say Hitler Was Alive and Well in Argentina...

 Declassified CIA files show that in 1955, an informant boasted about meeting with Adolf Hitler in Colombia, and provided pictures of himself with the Fuhrer - over 10 years after the Fuhrer's suicide.

Israeli Leader Netanyahu Depicted as Hitler Ahead of Upcoming Trip to...

Palestine sympathizers in Argentina have apparently started disseminating posters depicting Benjamin Netanyahu as Hitler ahead of the Israeli PM’s visit to the country.

Ernst Zundel, the man who destroyed the Holocaust industry, died

The gas chamber controversy again became an issue that refused to go away in 1985 when Raul Hilberg was summoned to testify at the trial of Ernst Zundel.

Would Jews Bring Back Hitler to beat Islam?

They speak different languages and live in different countries. Some of them are strictly observant. Others don’t even keep kosher. Some are Sephardi, others are Ashkenazi.

Trump will do to Muslims ‘what Hitler did to Jews,’ letter...

  Protesters comparing Donald Trump to Hitler demonstrate outside the US embassy in London. (File photo) Muslims in the US state of Iowa have called for...

The Destruction of Dresden

Why or how did Dresden, one of the most powerful cities in Germany, become a hellish place? Who really were the perpetrators?

Trump is the new Hitler and the US is a Fascist...

Trump is the new Hitler - a figurehead with a good line in charismatic public speaking, some populist rhetoric and a penchant for mistreating women. The similarities don't end there however and the key one to draw is that both lead their countries into becoming fascist police states.

What really happened to Hitler and the Third Reich Nazi High...

Did Hitler Escape Germany and Is There a New Fourth Reich that is Alive and Well?

America Approaches Spiritual Death – Cornel West

In our present Plutocracy, we made the transition last year from complacency to national apathy ~ but with the passage and implementation of Obamacare, along with an increasingly militarized surveillance state, we have now entered stage eight, Dependence on the state ~ which will soon be followed with militarized Bondage by the state and eventually spiritual death.

Hitler’s Blue Eyes and the End of Truth

Are we living in a world contaminated by multiple quantum time-lines?

Trump more psychopathic than Hitler, Oxford study finds

It really isn't fair to liken Trump to Hitler, after all, one was a massively popular leader, a legitimate war hero who transformed a country in ruins into a superpower in less than 5 years and the other is Donald Trump.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn on Russian-Jewish Relations and Ukraine

To be sure, the US is not a totalitarian society, but it could become one, if the American people allow themselves to be brainwashed by the nearly monopolistic Big Media.

Hitler Was Financed by the Federal Reserve and the Bank of...

It is a truly excellent piece of writing and does a great job of drawing back the curtain to expose the truth behind Hitler's rise to power and the creation of Nazi Germany.

Trump And Hitler – Both Rose From Political Apathy And Oppression

Mr. Trump, who has called for monitoring mosques and even barring Muslims from entering the United States, has been the clear beneficiary of this moment of deep anxiety and oppression among the vast majority of electorate. More than four in 10 Republican primary voters say the most important quality in a candidate is strong leadership, which eclipses honesty, empathy, experience or electability.

Trump Follows William II and Hitler in the Modern Era

By following the policies of Germany’s earlier rulers William II (Kaiser) and Adolf Hitler in the modern era, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump will cause destruction in the entire world, if he becomes the president of the United States.

Would Israel sell drones to Hitler?

... by  Ian Greenhalgh When it comes to matters of genocide, the Israelis have a horrible track record; both of having carried out genocide themselves...

Hot off the Press – Netanyahu is a History Revisionist

In the Hebraic sphere, they like to keep the equation simple – the eternal victim (the Jew) is the constant factor, the anti-Semite is the variable element. The anti Semite keeps changing, it never stops changing.

Aussie Jews Attack Abbot for Saying Israeli Backed ISIS Worse than...

Australia’s prime minister has drawn fire from the Jewish community

Churchill Lied About Hitler

Kevin Myers of the Irish Independent: "Just about everything that people believed about Hitler's intentions towards Britain in 1940 -- and still believe today -- was a myth created by Churchill..."

British Fascism: Why British Nobility Hailed Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany

A 17-second video depicting young Queen Elizabeth II performing a Nazi salute has prompted a fierce debate among experts and the public. What other disturbing facts have the Allies swept under the carpet?

Intellectual Blasphemy and Zionist Puppet Show (Part I)

"An Israeli think tank...kicked off an initiative to make anti-Semitism an international crime by launching a convention it hopes will be adopted by many states across the globe"

Hitler’s Mein Kampf to Return to Germany?

Yulia Tymoshenko: “I’m ready to grab a machine gun and shoot that mother fu$ker [Vladimir Putin] in the head.”

Margo Kaplan: Pedophilia Is Biological and Not a Choice

One rabbi “forced his victims to eat feces, claiming that this cruelty was necessary to ‘purify’ the children he abused.”

World War II myths fuel Western crimes

Our self-serving World War II mythology is leading us into a war far more destructive than anything humanity has yet experienced.

Hollande as Hitler?

photoshopped Hollande sports a Hitleresque moustache and swastika armband

The Incorrigible Sam Harris and Zionist Group-Think

"We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome."

Final Solution? Or Inner-Historian incest? (Part IV)

Lucy Dawidowicz: "Our sense of being Jews and therefore being different from non-Jews were nurtured in me and my sister from infancy. We were raised to know that the world was divided into two irreconcilable groups: We and They."

He’s back again and No Holocaust Denier

A new Hitler Satire Tops Germany’s Best-Seller List. Let’s hope it won’t be long before Germans start, once more, to write great symphonies and the best philosophy ever.

The Real Vampires: An Insider’s View of Banks

According to Quigley, banks have controlled western society by manipulating the money supply since the creation of the Bank of England and the fractional reserve lending system in 1694.