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TRUTH JIHAD: Tribute to the late René Girard with poet/scholar Tom...

To understand the hidden elements behind the 9/11 human sacrifice, you need to read René Girard.

Charlie Hebdo: Mocking the sacrificial victim

The people who think Charlie Hebdo is funny are not-quite-grown-up versions of those kids who think it is funny to torture small, helpless animals.

TRUTH JIHAD: David Dionisi on the New World Order Brotherhood of...

Does a satanic freemasonic cult rule our world?

The Cruelty of Human Sacrifice in the 21st Century

A video that recently appeared on Facebook outlined the cruelty of Human sacrifice in the 21st century advertising the ISIS - HAMAS actions in clear activity.

9/11 Museum: Shrine of the monstrous lie

Go to the 9/11 Museum...if you want to worship Satan.

Barbecues, Not Holocausts: A Modest Proposal for Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day - the day we Americans ritually sniff the charred flesh of the thousands of young people we have sacrificed to the gods of war - and pronounce it good.

Two new “truther book reviews”: Morocco for morons, Faulkner’s tales of...

My New Year's Resolution: I'm going to become the world's leading author of "truther book reviews."