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Is Trump trying to use the IAEA to kill the Iran...

The US has been 'encouraging' the International Atomic Energy Agency to conduct additional investigations into Iranian facilities

IAEA: Iran in compliance with nuclear deal

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) released a report on Thursday reconfirming that Iran remains committed to the 2015 nuclear deal with the world powers.

IAEA again confirms Iran commitment to JCPOA

Jim W. Dean - Iran needs to up its game by forming a "coalition of the unwilling" that refuses to go along with Trump's new Iran threat hype. It should have natural allies in the other P5+1 members with the exception of Britain.

IAEA Source: Trump Fires Accused Israeli Nuclear Spy, Tom Countryman

When Secretary of State Tillerson fired Tom Countryman, we have no idea why but here at VT, Countryman is well known.

Israeli nukes threaten region stability, NPT credibility: Iran nuclear chief

Jim W. Dean - VT was in the thick of the hoax Iran nuclear weapons program for which the world public is owed financial compensation for all of the time wasted. Israel comes at the top of the list for its endless charade.

Iran, US FMs Exchange Views before Release of IAEA Report

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and US Secretary of State John Kerry met on Saturday prior to the release of IAEA report which is to be published in matter of hours.

JCPOA implementation expected at weekend: Iran

Jim W. Dean - We have been on pins and needles waiting for some kind of a false flag event to be pinned on Iran to hold up implementation of the P5+1 agreement with Iran.

Syria urges IAEA monitoring of Israel’s nuclear activities

Jim W. Dean - Finally we see more movement to call Israel and its protectors to account for their long history of nuclear proliferation which has made a mockery of that entire security threat.

The Debate: US Nuke Scars with Jim W. Dean

Jim W. Dean: Japan's pity parade for the WWII nuclear bombings was a bit too much this year, so it was time to expose its nuclear weapons story, particularly now that they are re-militarizing.

NEO: A Look at Current Strategic Analysis for Middle East

Gordon Duff - You can kiss global nuclear non-proliferation goodbye because of the nuclear attack on Yemen. The IAEA will go the way of the League of Nations

Princes Fleeing Saudi Arabia after Yemen Scud Missile Attacks

After being pummeled by airstrikes for weeks, including nuclear weapons being used on them, the Yemenis are showing they can counterattack with missile strikes.

NEO – So Much More Than Nukes

Gordon Duff - Is evil for evil’s sake alone so farfetched?

The Color of David Cameron’s Underwear (updated)

As an ally, we simply don't trust David Cameron.

NEO – Nuclear Threats Enter the Mainstream

- Able Danger began in 1996, a year after the nuclear destruction of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City using nuclear weapons. The target of their investigation was an organization made up of CIA, Mossad & Saudi Intelligence operating as espionage/terror cells inside the US.

NEO – Nuclear Terror Alert in US: Hoax or Blackmail?

- Vital material indicating involvement of Israeli groups in 9-11 was apparently suppressed by the Bush Administration.

IAEA investigators: Audit reveals US, not Iran the problem

- "Hiding what really happened on 9-11has put the US and the rest of the world in more danger than the threat all the real terrorist groups put together a 100 fold."

Nuclear 9/11 Revealed: Theories and Disinformation, the Misguided and the...

- "For two months now, we have published the most advanced weapons physics papers ever to be made available to the public."

Keep Iran missile program out of nuclear talks: Russia

- VT was right once again...we predicted that new Iran threats would be 'discovered' to replace those no longer believable.

Iran’s WMD: The Nonexistent Threat

- Veterans Today was right, and finally acknowledgment is coming from mainstream media - although not on purpose

Louie Gohmert plays Gomer Pyle – Bomb Iran

- Americans are now witnessing the cost of having a political system that raises some of the dregs of society up into important positions

IAEA and Iran Make Breakthrough

- "This whole thing has been a long running psyops to focus citizen attention on bogus threats while others were nuking up".

Iran to offer new negotiation approach to IAEA: Araqchi

- I see an encirclement of Israel in play with these constant progress announcements, building a Hadrians Wall to hold off the Zios flank moves to derail the Iran nuclear talks

The Despicable Washington “Pest”

Other than Jeff Stein, a genuinely funny guy, the idea of actually touching a "Washington Post" without gloves and a mask is not recommended, not for humans at least.