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Bibi’s Gaza attack stopped before election by Israeli AG

...by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor - First published ... September 16, 2019 - In his panic to play the war hero to get a few...

NEO – Geopolitical tectonic plates are shifting

Jim W. Dean - I got the idea for the title from comments in General Mattis’ new book, No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy. He holds the position as the most respected person in the Trump administration so far.

Andre Vltcheck – IDF and Hezbollah stare each other down, for...

Jim W. Dean - Andre Vltchek gives us a combat journalist view from the front lines in the Golan Heights, as the world waits to see if the IDF is willing to risk a major conflict with Lebanon after its drone assassination attack in Beirut triggered a harsh Hezbollah retaliation.

Breaking: Israel lied, a General died in Hezbollah ambush attack (updated)

We shall hope that the killing will stop here, but Netanyahu wants to play Mr. Tough guy in the run up to the September 17 election that he needs to win to save his butt from his bribery charges.

Breaking – Hezbollah responds to Israeli drone attacks by hitting IDF...

The Israel Defence Forces confirmed Sunday that they were firing at targets inside southern Lebanon after a volley of anti-tank missiles had targeted an Israeli military base and vehicles near the border area.

Israeli Fighter Jets Renew Aggression against Syrian Army positions near Damascus

__________ FARS Israeli Fighter Jets Renews Aggression Against Syrian Army Positions in Homs, Near Damascus Israeli warplanes conducted fresh attacks on the Damascus Army's military positions in...

Israel’s war criminals in their own words

Phil Giraldi uses a bulletproof tactic here, exposing the ugliness inside Israel simply by quoting a respected Israeli general who could have been the son of an SS general.

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