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The World Order – How It Works

A Dutch whistle blower from the banking/financial sector, Ronald Bernard, has recently revealed that the globe is controlled by about 8000-8500 people...

Time to Start Defending Christianity (Part IV)

American Christians need to wake up and start defending their faith from the myriad sophisticated efforts to manipulate it and neutralize it.

The City of London’s ReColonization of America

After America's Revolutionary War, City of London Banksters deployed a diabolical, covert RKM Bankster Plan to retake their lost colonies by capturing America's money creation and finance system.

Angelina Jolie admits to participation in Satanic Illuminati Ritual?

We can’t confirm that the female in the video is actually Angelina Jolie. Although there certainly is a resemblance the video itself is old.

Deepest Darkest Secrets behind the Establishment Hierarchy’s evil Globalist NWO Agenda

It's time to fully disclose the deepest, darkest secrets of the Khazarian Mafia's Establishment Hierarchy and stop their Globalist NWO Agenda cold.

Psychoanalysis, the Illuminati, and Sexual Liberation Are Concentric Circles (Part I)

"Psychoanalysis and Illuminism were, in effect the same project."

Scalia, the Illuminati, the Jesuits and the Vatican

And Mocking Bird Media Rupert Murdoch's Boss

Are Zionists Space Aliens bent on conquering earth?

A leading Israeli strategist says Zionists are mind-controlled by an alien space beam…and bent on conquering Planet Earth.

Israeli investigative journalist: Bibi a suspect in Charlie Hebdo massacre

Did Netanyahu engineer the Charlie Hebdo attack to punish France for recognizing Palestine - and to terrorize French Jews into fleeing to Israel?

The Great Pi Conspiracy

Is this the most closely-guarded secret of the 33rd degree Freemasons?

EMERGENCY ALERT! Terrorists may attack Super Bowl

Circumstantial evidence suggests that the terrorists behind 9/11 and other outrages may nuke Phoenix during the Super Bowl.

Air Asia jet “thrust down by giant hand” …of Zionism?

Malaysia finds Israel guilty of genocide, then loses three airliners in one year.

Alien Agenda VI: The Worm Has Turned

This article is written for retired military and Intel with advanced knowledge of Secret Space War matters.

Unfreedom Tower parachute jump for 9/11 truth – amazing video!

Four daredevils broke out of our post-9/11 Orwellian prison by parachuting off the top of the Unfreedom Tower.

11 examples of Illuminati numerology

It's 1/1 - the anniversary of the day the Euro was introduced in 11 countries. What's with all these Illuminati 11s?!

Sigmund Freud, Psychoanalysis, and the War on the West

Sigmund Freud, on his way to America: “We are bringing them the plague.”

Secret Space War X: The Third Force Begins Its take-down...

Is the Syrian gambit an Astounding convergence of pre-staged baffooneries?

Malala is another Illuminati Psy Op

Malala: poster-girl for genocide.

Kingpins and Cutouts, Aliens and Hybrids

Who is the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain, pulling the strings?

The Real “Pope Crisis”: Sexual Freemasonry and the New World Order

Is the Vatican "gay mafia," a.k.a. the "sexual freemasons," part of a New World Order satanic conspiracy?

The Third Force

Is this THIRD FORCE non-human or alien and are the major world powers being separately controlled by this entity in different dress inside each nation state's highest echelons of government?