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Mysterious Suicide of a SBU Ukrainian Regional Security Chief

The head of Ukraine’s security service, the SBU, in Kirovograd Region was found dead in his home on Saturday evening

#UNRIG Video (7:32) Autism, Glyphostate, Monsanto, True Costs, Intelligence, Congress Corruption...

Robert Steele connects our corrupt Congress to the persistence of autism from glyphostate (and mercury in vaccines) and outlines how a restructing of US intelligence and the election reform act are essential next steps to restore America the Beautiful.

#UNRIG Video (38:00) Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information Intelligence Careers Primer...

A top recruiter for the US Government specializing in Top Secret jobs, answers questions helpful to entry-level, mid-career, and senior job applicants.

#UNRIG Video (40:09) Former Spy and Architect of FirstGov Discuss Future...

Robert Steele interviews the top mind on US and world information technology and intelligence done wrong.

#UNRIG Video (48:00) Former Spy Interviews Creator of Open Space, Harrison...

Robert David Steele, former spy, interviews the inventor of Open Space Technology, the exact opposite of spying.

#UNRIG VIDEO Former Spy Interviews Top Citizen Wisdom Council Collective Intelligence...

Robert Steele, specialist in covert or clandestine human intelligence, talks to the top mind in America if not the world on overt human intelligence operations.

Professor Robert Dover and Former Spy Robert Steele on Intelligence (Spying)...

Robert Steele, former spy, and Professor Rob Dover, a top scholar on spying, discuss the craft of intelligence and whether it should have ethics.