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Haaretz: Israel Behind International Election Hacking Machine

Editor's note:  Yesterday, we learned that dozens of  agents  came to the US to rig the presidential election.  What we learned, not reported below,...

Amnesty International Tied to Torture

Technical mistake unveils that Amnesty International is collaborating in the concealment of torture crimes "We are giving you 48 hours to do so, otherwise we...

Statement of the 15th IHR Emergency Committee regarding the international spread...

The fifteenth meeting of the Emergency Committee under the International Health Regulations (2005) (IHR) regarding the international spread of poliovirus was convened by the...

International Criminal Court to investigate CIA black sites in Afghanistan

The chief investigator of the International Criminal Court, Fatou Bensouda, has asked for judicial permission to launch an investigation into war crimes and crimes...

Chemical Weapons Use in Syria and Decline of International Institutions

...from SouthFront When it comes to the two verifiable uses of sarin or sarin-like substances in Syria, namely the 2013 Ghouta attack and the 2017...

Jim W. Dean talks to RT International

Jim W. Dean - VT has been on RT twice now since the Politico article that fizzled out on our being a Russian subversion tool to use against American veterans. We are still getting "tease" emails from old friends and enemies.

Putin’s speech to the Valdai International Discussion Club

Vladimir Putin is a figure that is hard for Western observers to get a good understanding of, not because the man himself is mysterious, but because the Western media does such a terrible job of reporting fairly and without bias on any and all issues related to Russia.

Shamnesty International: Fake Report undermines Trump policy

Gordon Duff - In a country where foreign intelligence agencies - Israel, US, Saudis and others imported 100,000 mercenary terrorists from as far away as Indonesia and the Philippines, who have murdered half a million Syrian citizens, the idea that Syrian has only hanged 13,000 of them simply means they need to get busy and hang the rest

The next stage of international terrorism

Days before New York and New Jersey were targeted by a jihadi bomber, a group of world experts on counter-terrorism sat on a stage in a large conference room in Herzliya and simulated an incident that could, in the future, represent the next stage of international terrorism: a chemical terrorist attack on a European city.

Trump is a national disgrace and an international pariah

In a trove of newly leaked emails, former Secretary of State Colin Powell calls Donald Trump “a national disgrace” and suggests his own Republican Party is “crashing and burning.” “To go on and call him an idiot just emboldens him,” Powell said.

UFO Proof? Flashing Lights Spotted Near International Space Station

UFO enthusiasts are over the moon, after strange lights were caught on camera passing by the International Space Station. The fascinating footage has lead UFO expert Scott Waring to declare that the lights are proof that aliens are monitoring the International Space Station (ISS).

US, NATO members refuse to participate in International Army Games

I think it is both petty, sad and damaging to relations that the NATO countries have refused to take part in this event.

NSA Tied to International Child Pornography Ring

A top National Security Agency official wants to keep tabs on national security personnel off-the-clock, in part by tracking their online habits at home. The aim is to spot behavior that might not be in America's best interests.

International Military Review – Syria, May 2, 2016

The Free Syrian Army militant group has refused to recognize partial ceasefires and stated that if the UN-backed truce is not implemented in full, the militant group can claim a right to withdraw from the Geneva talks and respond to attacks.

SWIFT admits international bank transfer system was hacked

“These hacks specifically target financial institutions because smaller efforts result in much larger thefts,” said Shane Shook, a banking security consultant.

Another International Conspiracy in Progress

Asif Haroon Raja Pakistan was subjected to an international conspiracy in 1971. India supported by former Soviet Union hatched the gory plan of cutting Pakistan...

International Military Review – Syria–Iraq, Mar. 14, 2016

..from SouthFront Last weekend, the Russian Air Force continued to carry out air raids against ISIS concentration centers near the city of Palmyra in the...

International Military Review – Syria, March 3, 2016

If you’re able, and if you like our content and approach, please support the project. Our work wouldn’t be possible without your help: PayPal:...

International Military Review, March 2, 2016

If you’re able, and if you like our content and approach, please support the project. Our work wouldn’t be possible without your help: PayPal:...

Russian (and American) activists propose international boycott of Charlie Hebdo

Veterans Today officially challenges the Charlie Hebdo incident and has submitted forensic proof that one or more of the episodes of "Hebdo" were staged by actors using blank cartridges.

International Military Review – Syria-Iraq battlespace, Dec. 24, 2015

...from SouthFront Over the past six days, Russian warplanes have conducted 302 sorties and hit 1,093 terrorist targets in the provinces of Idlib, Aleppo, Deir...

INTERNATIONAL MILITARY REVIEW – Syria-Iraq Battlespace, Dec. 23, 2015

The Russian warplanes destroyed two long convoys of ISIL’s oil tankers in the Homs province.

First CYBERPOL International Cyber Security Summit 2015 a Great Success

The first CYBERPOL International Cyber Security Summit, held in Bruxelles Belgium last week, turned out a great success. This, despite an early pre-lockdown of...

International Military Review: Syria Battlespace

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Amnesty International: Putin Is Damn Right About So-Called Syrian Rebels

Amnesty International is catching up with Vladimir Putin!

Sputnik: Euro Currency Losing its Appeal Amid Economic Woes

Value for Money? Euro Currency Losing its Appeal Amid Economic Woes

Syria, Iraq turned into ‘international finishing school for extremists’

Jim W. Dean..."Millions of Americans are still clueless to the extent that terrorism has become the “soup de jour” of Western regime change and destabilization tools."

Palestinians join International Criminal Court

Jim W. Dean..."I assume that the PA’s Abbas and his legal team have some initial charges ready to file, or they might just give the court a whole filing cabinet full of them."

BIJORCHA The International Fine Jewelry and Watch Show

Bijorcha was a very interesting and enjoyable jewelry show<;

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