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Exclusive: Mueller Investigation Focuses on VT “Legacy”

Gordon Duff - What VT did was identify interference in the election early on and that the US was being targeted for take down. 

Gossip: 9/11/01 Investigation Continued. . . 

Working on getting to the bottom of the "master plan." https://twitter.com/a_diener/status/940441658415386624 https://twitter.com/a_diener/status/941093432939835392 You can use your own Intelligence abilities to identify who these individuals are and prosecute...

Support the Mueller Investigation

At this point so much work has been done to out the election thieves and robert mercer just came to mind. Wonder what that...

VA hires providers with malpractice claims & criminal histories – media...

The US Department of Veterans Affairs has a history of hiring doctors with dodgy pasts and malpractice claims – even when those appointments are...

Russia Probe: Rigged Election? Who’s afraid of a Red Herring?

The election was rigged. And the side claiming the rigging, as would happen, rigged it.

ICC prosecutor seeks investigation into Afghanistan war crimes

Jim W. Dean - The soft under-belly of this case is the US co-torturing partners who are members of the ICC and under its jurisdiction, Poland, Romania and Lithuania

Russia Investigation: Demand Full Disclosure

Looking at the violence occurring with the white supremacists in the US and elsewhere, it is hard to believe how programmed these individuals are relating to the hate for other individuals.

Intellectual property: Trump orders investigation into China’s policies and practices

The annual cost to the US economy from counterfeit goods, pirated software and theft of trade secrets has been estimated at up to US$600bn.

Russian Kosher Nostra Oligarchs Target Putin and America

Special Note: Readers please ignore the light blue links in this article, they are advertising that may have been potentially maliciously placed on VT's website. We are currently investigating the matter.

Paris: Hebdo Attack Investigation Cites Police in False Flag

Editor's note: With at least one book published here and our own investigation, it took 24 hours to figure this one out. Whether they will name the Israeli agents involved or not is the question. We suggest "no."

Exclusive: Investigation, Trump, Acosta – Epstein Pedophile Plea Deal

Ann Diener - Acosta's confirmation hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, March 22. Why wait until summer to get some answers?

Breaking: Investigation by Agencies and Law Enforcement Confirms Trump Dossier Real,...

 Multiple current law enforcement agencies confirm conversations detailed in dossier are real. Agencies actively investigate and are confident report is real. Washington (CNN)For the first...

Trump’s Voter Fraud Investigation Order Quietly Trashed

Reports said US President Donald Trump's heated rush to launch what he said would be a "major investigation" into voter fraud has cooled, leaving White House staff uncertain when it will come to pass or what shape it will take.

Syria Demands Investigation of Aleppo Convoy

For objective probe in incident with attack on UN humanitarian convoy in Syria it is necessary to find and examine ammunition used to hit the convoy, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

Leaked Report Blows Lid Off Bellingcat’s Systematic Lying in MH17 Investigation

Later this month, Dutch prosecutors will publish the second part of their probe investigating the July 2014 destruction of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 in east Ukraine. Meanwhile, Russian media have gotten ahold of a separate report breaking down the lies and half-truths used by the Bellingcat group to blame Russia for the catastrophe.

The FBI promotes child pornography

If child pornography is wrong, then people like Wilhelm Reich would be condemned as well.

Prince of Blackwater, GOP Private Merc’s Under Investigation by DOJ

Erik Prince, the notorious former chief of the mercenary company Blackwater, is facing possible charges in the US for selling military services to Libya and money laundering, according to an exclusive story in The Intercept.

What Could Italy’s Investigation Against Erdogan Find?

As Italy continues its criminal investigation against the son of Turkey's President, the chances of it finding money laundering pathways may depend on politics...

Investigation of British elite child abuse scandal continues to be sidetracked

The ongoing saga of the British Elite paedophile ring - the powerful child abusers who constitute the ruling elite, took it's latest turn towards farce this week with the complaint of the 92 year old Lord Bramall, Field Marshall and former head of the British Army.

Iran Cleared, Investigation into Nuclear Program Officially Ended

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) closed the case with probe into Iran's past nuclear activities, known as the PMD (possible military dimensions), after a consensus vote by its Board of Governors on Tuesday.

UAE imprisoning rape victims under extramarital sex laws – investigation

It is often domestic female migrant workers that are left most vulnerable by the laws banning consensual sex outside marriage.

International Criminal Court weighing investigation into 2008 South Ossetia war

Jim W. Dean - The ICC needs to wrap up what it is doing and be replaced with a far more expanded effort. But the question is, who would really want to do it?

UN urges thorough investigation into recent murders in Kiev

establishing a terrorist police state inside NATO

Crazed Cop Shoots Dog in Front of Child

Steve Gilkerson is still carrying a gun and has not received a very needed psychiatric examination. Who or what will he shoot next?

Let’s force NYC to investigate WTC-7

What I like about this plan is that it doesn’t demand a new investigation, it seeks to legally force one.