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Iran is not North Korea: Trump’s regional allies prefer civil war...

by Trita Parsi, ... via the Middle East Eye - First published ... June 13, 2018 - As US President Donald Trump returns from a successful photo-op in...

Mossad agent: Israel wanted to create World War III in 2011

We all are in an ideological war against a regime that seeks nothing but the abolition of the rule of law, the destruction of human life in the Middle East, and complete chaos in the United States and Europe. We all must fight against this regime.

Iran’s FM: World must stand up to US bullying

"Illegal withdrawal of the US government from the JCPOA, especially bullying methods used by this government to bring other governments in line, has discredited the rule of law and international law at international level..."

Iran begins working on infrastructure to build advanced centrifuges

A regional war in the Mid East will have World War-sized economic consequence, where all will suffer the ensuing economic collapse after highly leveraged national debt bubbles pop.

Are North Korea and Iran Deceiving the West?

If Israel plays by the same rule, then Israel would have told the world that it does have at least two hundred nuclear warheads down its basement.

EU must defend ‘core’ of Iran nuclear deal: Commission chief

The Zionist extremists have always preferred to deal with countries that could not defend themselves, and the US has followed suit.

EU, China share commitment to save nuclear deal: Mogherini

Trump's JCPOA partners are standing solid to abide by the deal, turning the screws on US diplomatic isolation by not getting picked off one at a time with tariff threats.

Iran decries US 9/11 court verdict

Iran "reserves all its legal rights to battle the verdict and its probable damages." Will it mount a 9/11 truth defense?

U.S. activists offer help to Iran over 9/11 court ruling (Press...

In a letter to the Iranian government, nearly 40 activists said they are ready to give court testimony in support of Iran’s innocence.

Putin to Trump and Netanyahu: Iran deal still stands

Benjamin Netanyahu is a story teller, but he doesn’t tell the kind of story that essentially has some fundamental meaning and purpose. He tells weird things, crazy things, incoherent things, and dumb things.

Iran to EU: “Time to fish or cut bait”

Will the EU stand up to US threats and intimidation on the JCPOA, LNG sales demands, and tariffs, or become a de facto colony of America?

9/11 truth leaders’ letter to Iran

What if Iran chose to defend itself by presenting proof—in court—that the whole Official Conspiracy Theory is false?

Zarif nails US Deep State corruption as the real evil empire

The contrast of the smiling photos of Jared and Ivanka Kushner at the US Embassy opening in Jerusalem while unarmed protesters were being mowed down in Gaza by the IDF will not be forgotten.

President Nicolas Maduro to Trump: “The Empire doesn’t dominate us here”

President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela: “The empire doesn't dominate us here. We've had enough of your conspiring.”

‘Pompeo the Pompous’ Sermon from the Heritage Foundation Mount

Will the term 'Sanctions Terrorism', which I just invented, forever carry the label 'Made in America' on it, as a stain on everything good this county has ever done?

Netanyahu Is Losing His Mojo

Netanyahu: "“If you asked most of the governments and most of the leaders in the Middle East: What is the principle barrier to peace? What is the greatest threat to our security? They would say three things: Iran, Iran, and Iran.”

Moses Pompeo delivers the 12 Commandments to Iran

Was Pompeo trying to bait Iran into a Pearl Harbor style attach with his impossible demands?

Zarif takes Trump to the Woodshed and Jim W. Dean returns...

Zarif's address has a nice, tight delivery and is worth listening to.

“Jerusalem al-Quds: Eternal Capital of Palestine” conference in Mashhad, Iran

Jim Dean and a bunch of other ex-military, intel, and State Dept. folks made it to Iran – to stand in support of Palestine.

Ghost of Brzezinski Shapes Washington Eurasia Geopolitics

Trump's foreign and defense policy is nothing less than application of the Brzezinski geopolitical challenge and the preventive war notion of the Bush-Wolfowitz doctrine in context of today’s emerging resistance to an American superpower domination.

Ten Big Lies Israel and Trump Fabricate about Iran

Get this: Some Neoconservatives even blamed the 2008 economic crash on terrorists and parties outside the United States!

Uri Avnery’s Jerusalem March – Gush Shalom

The US is still far from war with Iran, but Israel is not.

US Political Prostitutes for Israel

"I personally believe the United States is being primed for another disastrous military conflict in the Middle East at the behest of Mr. Netanyahu and the Neo Conservatives in our media and government..."

Netanyahu to Putin: Iran seeks to destroy 6 million Jews

You can’t make this stuff up: Netanyahu, the problem child in the Middle East, has told Vladimir Putin that Iran has vowed to annihilate six million Jews!

France vows to trade with Iran in defiance of US

Europe: Are we America’s vassals?’

Why Ups and Downs in Pak-Iranian Relations?

Since the beginning of diplomatic relations, there have been many ups and downs in Pak-Iranian relations.

Smackdown: Iran Spanks IDF in Occupied Golan with Rocket Attack

Netanyahu is in Moscow with Putin watching the 2018 Victory Day parade and issuing threats against Syria.

Trump Vindicates Iranian Hardliners and Victimizes Ordinary Citizens

When the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action was announced in 2015, the Iranian people poured into the streets to celebrate what they thought was the beginning of a new era.

Iran wakes up – ‘Hey, we have a lot of chemical...

I have been wondering for years now, when was Iran going to really start fighting back from constantly getting roasted for claims of being the main sponsor of terrorism in the Mid East.

Netanyahu’s “American” traitors pushing US war on Iran

"Americans" who want war on Iran for Israel are traitors.

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