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NEO – US is Actively Trying to Undermine Iran despite World...

Washington seeks to stimulate Tehran “to solve social problems and replenish the nation’s budget by increasing oil supplies to the world market.

Association for Defending Victims of Terrorism – May 5, 2022

"We must try to save the deceived workers from the clutches of such groups, and we call on the states to fight the terrorist groups and not allow the job-seeking workers to be deceived."

US-Iran nuclear deal being held hostage by proxy deal killers

Despite having a roughly 27-page agreement virtually ready to go, diplomats are still hung up over one final sticking point between the U.S. and Iran.

Veteran Iranian director, Nader Talebzadeh, has passed away at the age...

Jim W. Dean - People like Nader are hard to replace, as they have a full deck of talents that can do things like building bridges that others can't, and the heart to do what others will not.

New World Order Is Linked with Zionism and Banking Cartel

Now that President Putin has committed the Russian military to supporting the legitimate government of Syria, he and his country are now being targeted by the same diabolical forces, and for the identical reasons.

Iran sent Israel photographs, maps of regime’s nuclear weapons sites in...

“You should know that your slightest move is not hidden from the eyes of our Armed Forces and our intelligence and security forces.”

COVID and Beyond, the Biowar America Unleashed on China, Iran, Italy...

The article/post below is taken from Pak Defense, and dated March 13, 2020, long before the new “editions” of COVID were brought home to devastate and radicalize the United States. The assertions made here are totally accurate and identical to those made weeks before on VT.

Six Years: The price Nazanin paid for 110 years of bad...

While this young woman – the mother of a young child – was languishing for 6 years in the filth of an Iranian jail three prime ministers and five foreign secretaries played silly buggers before doing the decent thing and paying up.

Opportunistic Diplomacy: Biden Embraces Rivals to Isolate Russia

Besides deploying 15,000 additional troops in Eastern Europe last month, total number of US troops in Europe is now expected to reach 100,000. “We have 130 jets at high alert. Over 200 ships from the high north to the Mediterranean, and thousands of additional troops in the region,” NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg told CNN.

Rise of Anti-New World Order Establishment

Vladimir Putin, despite his shortcomings, was and is still doing the best he can to restore Russia from the political and financial ruin which New World Order agents have inflicted on her.

Foreign Ministers from Russia and Iran Release Joint Statement After Meeting...

Iranian and Russian FMs discuss Ukraine, Syria and the Iran nuclear talks.

Already fragile JCPOA talks ‘paused’ over Russian demands

Moscow is playing hardball, but the question remains: do they mean to make the others sweat or scuttle the deal completely?

Women: The historical leaders of the fight against arrogance and oppression

Even decades before the Islamic Revolution, women have laid the foundation for Iran’s intellectual, economic, and military resistance against aggression and paved the way for a vision of a sovereign region.

Iran in talks with Taliban to resume ‘Silk Road’ rail project

Press TV: Iran is in talks with the Taliban to extend a rail link from its border city of Khaf to the Afghan city of Herat, an official has said.

West Asia after Ukraine war

The Ukraine crisis can be interpreted from various aspects, but it represents the rivalry between Russia and the US over a strategic depth called Ukraine. Also, there is an opportunity for superpowers to approach Iran, while the American order is declining.

How is Restoring Iran Nuclear Pact Vital for Global Energy Security?

Background on the Iran nuclear agreement in light of Iran's geo-strategic prominence.

“COVID-19 Bio-Attack Smoking Gun” video

As Condi Rice said in another context "WHO could have POSSIBLY imagined?".

US-Israeli Leaders’ Problem: They Believe Their Own Lies

Western powers place a media ban on every word or image that runs counter to their policies, but use the same platforms to unleash destructive offensives against the Islamic Republic.

US Borrowed Iranian Treasures “for 3 Years” in 1930s — Gets...

Another example of how the US is "non-agreement-capable."

Kabul Was Worse than Saigon—Baghdad Will Be Worse than Kabul

Brig. Gen. Esmail Qaani, commander of the IRGC's Quds Force, pointed out that every US ship in the region is now a sitting duck, as are the military bases built to threaten Iran on behalf of Israel—bases that are now, in essence, hostages.

Iran Just Bought 32 SU-35 Fighters, Better Than Anything Israel Has...

Iran will receive 32 Su-35 fighters followed by the 5th generation Checkmate.

Who Is America’s Greatest Enemy, Israel Or Iran?

If Israel is so determined to use the US military as a mercenary force to go to war against Iran then it should directly invest in such a war by using its own military personnel. If a war does begin, we request that US military leaders have the Israeli soldiers wear blue and white uniforms so that our forces can easily find and target them on the battlefield.

Will world powers put the Iran Deal in a coma?

Unlike years past in which the collapse of the Iran deal almost automatically would bring the US and Iran back to a path toward war, a third option may exist today. The JCPOA would all but die, but the parties would pretend that it is still alive to avoid the crisis that its official death would spur. Let’s call it the coma option.

Westminster Awash with Sleaze

It started when an investigation by Parliamentary Standards Commissioner Kathryn Stone found that former Northern Ireland Sec. Owen Paterson had repeatedly approached officials on behalf of two companies that were paying him more than £100,000. He protested his innocence. Boris Johnson first tried to shield Paterson from the lobbying charge.

Iranian Kids Can’t Get Medical Treatment Due to US Sanctions

Is the US sanctions program one big crime against humanity?

REVEALED: How Biden rejected a reasonable way forward on the Iran...

Jim W. Dean - The Iranians don't trust Biden for an inch now, and don't want to look foolish engaging in meaningless talks.

Iran to UN: Escalating Israeli Threats Unacceptable and Illegal

Threatening to commit the supreme war crime is all in a day's work for the genocidal Zionist entity.

NEO – Tehran vs Riyadh: The Ice Seems to Break

Jim W. Dean - The big pay off for all involved is the removal of sanctions, and eventually an end to the Syrian war so the region can be set free to have a normal trade economy.

NEO – Why is there now a Crisis in relations between...

NEO: Recent weeks have seen a significant military escalation on the border between Azerbaijan and Iran. With belligerent statements made by both sides, Iranian troops are being transferred to the border with their northern neighbor.

NEO – Iran: Is there still Hope for the Future of...

Jim W. Dean - The idea that Iran can make a few nuclear warheads to put on missiles as a deterrent is a fantasy.

Yemen Smacks Saudi Aramco – New Age of Drone/Missile Resistance?

The Empire started the wars of rockets and drones, but the Resistance will finish them.

“Death by a thousand cuts” for Iran—or Israel?

Israel is facing the reality that its post-2001 strategy of trying to orchestrate a US war on Iran will not be successful any time soon, if ever.

What about hellish Israel, Michael C. Bender?

Michael C. Bender and others do not want to attack Trump where it will actually hurt their political or ideological interest. These people cannot be trusted.

General Mark Milley to Trump and Netanyahu: “If you do this,...

Trump had a circle of Iran hawks around him and was close with the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who was also urging the Administration to act against Iran after it was clear that Trump had lost the election.”

Iran’s enriched uranium an economic—not military—threat?

Is there a hidden reason for the animosity toward Iran's nuclear power program?

Iran to produce enriched uranium metal – IAEA already informed

Iran's representative to the international organizations in Vienna says Iran would soon produce enriched uranium metal, which would be used as fuel for a research reactor in the capital, Tehran.

The elites want a world government they control

These elites want a world government they control in its entirety, with global surveillance, military coercion, economic blackmail, control of fiat currency, control of media, and subversion of nation-states and cultures the weapons used to achieve it,

Iran threatens pull back on IAEA access if no sanctions removal

Jim W. Dean - Dear Joe, rein in the rogue nuclear country in the Mideast and sanction them if necessay. The CIA files are full of enough travesties to give you cover.

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