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Is Trump reversing course on settlements and Iran?

  WASHINGTON (JTA) – Israeli settlements are no big problem. Wait — maybe they are, after all. The Iran deal is trash. No, the deal is...

Russia Concerned Over Escalation of Tensions Between US, Iran

  Moscow is concerned over the escalation of rhetoric between Washington and Tehran and will do everything in its power to lower the tensions, Russian...

PressTV: US detains former Norway prime minister over 2014 visit to...

  Former Norwegian Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik Following an executive order by the US president banning entry from Iran and six other Muslim states, a...

War between USA and Iran possible again

Iran has tested medium-range missiles in response to recent decisions of the Trump administration. Republican Alcee Hastings introduced a resolution entitled "Authorization of Use...

Will Next Heavily Anticipated Lebanon-Israel War Begin Under Trump?

It is far too early to accurately predict what future holds for Lebanon but it appears we are headed to a 'second Hezbollah-Israel war' led by Trump

General Mattis promises to “restrain” Iran if approved

Jim W. Dean - If we can have arms control reductions and treaties, we can have the same for state sponsored terrorism, regime change and election rigging, if we want to.

Iran deal clinched, but no thanks to the United States

Jim W. Dean - If he wants the US to be respected, then Trump has to pony up to the table, stop being President Tweet, and begin acting presidential rather than like a reality TV host. Many might disagree, but I still think there is a big difference.

Bibi-Trump plot against Iran

Now that Bibi Netanyahu has helped install his man Donald Trump in the White House, will the Likkudniks accelerate their plots against the Islamic Republic? Of course they will.

Iran to continue backing Syria

Jim W. Dean - Iran was taking a victory lap on its support for Syria today. Almost never mentioned is that it has had 1000 die there, a Persian twist on an old America war saying, "Better to fight them over there".

Top 37 US scientists ask Trump to abide by Iran nuclear...

Jim W. Dean - Finally we see an important scientific trade group standing up and doing what they are supposed to do, take some leadership in complex controversial issues where the public has been neutralized

Will this Syrian ceasefire die like all before it?

Jim W. Dean - I suspect more big terror attacks as an intimidation tactic of what could continue to happen if certain parties see the Syrian situation go against their desired outcome. They will not take it lying down.

Aleppo Civilians to NWO agents and Satanists: You lost—and Merry Christmas!

Aleppo is now celebrating Christmas! This is a major defeat for NWO agents and Satanists.

Iran, Russia, Turkey start bids to solve Syria crisis diplomatically: Zarif

Jim W. Dean - As VT predicted, the freeing of Aleppo was quickly followed by a call to renew negotiations, as this move would kill the expected smear claims that Damascus was seeking a military solution.

Vladimir Putin to NWO agents and Barack Obama: So, you want...

Obviously New World Order agents do not like the fact that they have received a major defeat in Syria.

PressTV: Iran sanctions bill becomes law without Obama signature

  US President Barack Obama delivers remarks as First Lady Michelle Obama looks on during a Hanukkah reception in the East Room at the White...

US Ambassador Samantha Power: Russia, Iran and Assad ruin our wicked...

Samantha Powers is obviously powerless when it comes to logic and reason. She is a classic representation of a New World Order agent.

As Boeing wrangles with Trump over 2 planes, Iran steps in...

Iranian airlines have been operating on ageing fleets of Boeing and Airbus airliners, together with some Russian-made aircraft. Photo: Iran Air. By Rudaw ERBIL, Kurdistan Region...

Erdogan Claims Iranian-made drone killed Turkish soldiers in Syria: Official

An Iranian-made drone was involved in the killing of four Turkish soldiers in an air attack on November 24, not a Syrian warplane, said a senior Turkish official on Wednesday.

Iran streamlines missile production, makes more weapons for less money –...

Iran has managed to increase production of ballistic missiles despite budget constraints by streamlining the manufacturing process, the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps’ air and missile force said.

Iran MPs mull triple-urgency motion on nuclear activities resumption

Jim W. Dean - It was a surprise to see the huge numbers of Democrats abandon this huge Iran accomplishment by their own president. The Republicans are giddy with glee as the Iranians look like they might crank up nuclear operations.

NEO – Russia-China-Iran Strategic Triangle

Jim W. Dean - China has done nothing by grab a few cheap headlines in Syria, over some medical supplies "to fight terrorism", and similarly with Iraq. It is saving its resources for the home front.

Turkey, Iran can solve regional issues without other powers: Rouhani

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has said Sunday that conflicts in Syria and Iraq will be solved without the inclusion of other big powers if Turkey and Iran could move together.

Trump’s “isolationism” vs. Deep State

Already Trump is appointing neoconservatives and establishment insiders for key positions.

Iran’s Basij Commander: US to Collapse in 20 Years

Commander of Iran's Basij (Volunteer Force) Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi underlined that the US will collapse in less than 20 years, adding that President-elect Donald Trump will speed up the process.

The Fall of the Saudis, the Battle after ISIS

Iraq is going to invade and destroy Saudi Arabia.

Turkey’s Eagerness to Join Mosul Offensive is ‘All About Iran’

Ongoing tensions between Turkey and Iraq over its participation in the Mosul offensive have recently intensified after Turkey said its troops fired at Daesh...

NEO – Mosul Offensive Reveals Larger Geopolitical Game Plan

Jim W. Dean - We are watching the fruits of regime change and destabilization in Iraq getting ready to be picked -- now that this weak and corrupt government can no longer hold a fractious state together without outside support.

Israeli nukes threaten region stability, NPT credibility: Iran nuclear chief

Jim W. Dean - VT was in the thick of the hoax Iran nuclear weapons program for which the world public is owed financial compensation for all of the time wasted. Israel comes at the top of the list for its endless charade.

Italy’s ‘Euro’ warship docks in southern Iran to boost friendly military...

An Italian Navy frigate has docked at Iran's southern port city of Bandar Abbas in line with the two countries’ plan to boost friendly military relations.

Iran warns off American U2 spy plane: Commander

  The file photo shows an American U2 spy plane in flight. A senior Iranian commander says the country’s air defense forces have warned off an...

NEO- Russia Trumps USA Energy War in Mideast

Jim W. Dean - Mr. Engdahl brings us a top-to-bottom review of the energy wars behind much of the Mideast turmoil. VT has editorialized extensively that we see international crime as the main engine behind the current terror proxy wars and the New Cold War.

The Debate – Israel Nuclear Threat

Jim W. Dean - The Iran sanctions triggered its "Manhattan program" to build up its own domestic weapons program using its skilled talent and industrial base, and Iran is much stronger militarily now than before the sanctions.

Iran deploys S-300 missiles at Fordow nuclear facility

Jim W. Dean - It was a long time coming, but Iran is getting its S-300 defensive missiles finally in place, strangely guarding a facility that is no longer producing enriched uranium.

NEO – Saudi Arabia and Iran: a New Burst of Confrontation

Jim W. Dean - The Saudi Arabia-Iran religious and geopolitical battle has heated up to being red hot. The current fireworks center around not only the negligence in the 2016 Hajji disaster, but the shabby way that Iran was treated over its inquiries.

NEO – Saudi Arabia’s Economic Troubles and Woes

Jim W. Dean - The Saudis are scrambling to sail their ship of state through stormy waters. They have come a long way since their thinking they had Iran on the mats, by keeping its oil off the market to run prices higher and maybe watch Israel or the US bomb its facilities.

Italian military invites Iran Navy to Italy waters

An Italian military delegation has traveled to Iran to discuss the enhancement of bilateral military ties, and has invited Iranian naval groups to visit Italy’s territorial waters.

US/Iran 2017: Negotiation Infiltration

For years many of those Iranian citizens who were not familiar to politics, believed the Republicans are more dangerous than democrats but as recently Dr. Foad Izadi, the professor of American Studies of Tehran university pointed out in a TV interview that because of the verbal aggressively of neo-cons within the US as well as in the eyes of the so-called international community, that is more practical for democrats to convince both Americans and US allies in order to have an international consensus against Iran.

Iranian military officials to US drone operators: Back off or face...

Iranian military officials did not mince words when a US drone tried to enter their airspace today.

Indonesia Opens up New Horizons for Iran in Southeast Asia

Jim W. Dean - Iran pulls another major flanking move in the heart of the US/Asia Pivot, with its forging new major economic relations with the Muslim powerhouse of the region, Indonesia, while bridging the Shia-Sunni religious gap to do so.

US gave another $1.3 billion of Iran money

Jim W. Dean -I am still waiting to see why no one is interested in finding out who helped themselves to the Shah's looted billions kept in foreign banks.

Washington’s Conundrum in Syria: Russia, Iran and China Team Up

China’s recent announcement of an increase of its humanitarian support for the Syrian people and that it would provide additional training to the Syrian...

Russian increased bombing due to Western aid to Syrian terrorists

Jim W. Dean - The forward Iran basing of the Russian TU-23 bombers is a response to the US-NATO-Turkey's and Gulf State's reinforcement of both the jihadis and rebels during the ceasefire to put more pressure on Syria's allies to agree to remove Assad.

Accusation: Russia’s New Base in Iran to Beat US Satellite Intel...

Russia decided to use the Hamadan airfield in Iran to prevent terrorists from spying on its strategic aircraft taking part in the Moscow-led counterterrorism...

Why Iran Allowing Russia to Use Airbase Has ‘Great Tactical Importance’

Jim W. Dean - The tea leaves had indicated this move was coming, and it might be bigger yet. Things peaked today with articles about the Russian-Turkey-Iran "triangle" coalition against Daesh.

Saudi Arabia’s last chance to win its lost war on Yemen

According to Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict, Mr. Adel al-Jubeir infamous for his timid and feminine personality reached Dakar International Airport and was received by Senegal's Defense and Deputy Foreign Minister Monsieur Augustin Tine.

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