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EU Special Purpose Vehicle may not be Bigfoot (Sasquatch) after all

The European Union is going to ditch the US dollar and use its own currency in oil contracts worth 300 billion euros.

Caravan of Immigrants: New World Order Chickens Coming Home to Roost

When you hear a political mush-head talk about the caravan of immigrants without even addressing the fact that the US has been destabilizing Honduras for decades, then it is an infallible sign that you are in the presence of a useful idiot or ideologue.

EU Special Payments Vehicle may join Big Foot myth

... by Russia Today, Moscow - First published ... November 16, 2018 - Plans by Brussels to create a special payment channel to continue doing business...

Iraq tells US to shove its Iran sanctions

Iran says it is discussing a plan with Iraq to switch to the dinar in trade instead of the US dollar.

Saudi’s assassination plots—maniac Bin Salman dooms Saudi royals

Press TV interview with Veterans Today Editor Kevin Barrett Iran’s Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, says Tehran had credible information about Saudi Arabia’s plots to...

Who is Afraid of American Sanctions?

The American administration under Trump has become so addicted to waging economic sanctions; a new form of war, against other countries to a point where it does not hesitate to break international laws, to impose sanctions against its strategic allies, and to face the risk of international condemnation and isolation as a result. The sanctions against Iran falls in such categories. Keeping in mind the failure of the last 40 years old international sanctions against Iran one questions the logic behind imposing such fruitless sanctions? What do these sanctions have to do with Israel?

International Zionism and Satanism Are Indistinguishable

An “active allegiance to Satan” is the political ideology of the United States, Saudi Arabia, and indeed Israel, specifically when it comes to dealing with important issues in the Middle East. The Jamal Khashoggi debacle again makes this very clear. The recent war in Yemen is another example.

Iran, South Korea plan ‘comprehensive’ boost in ties

Iran is expanding bilateral ties with South Korea in the face of US actions.

Can Russia, Iran, Turkey, Iraq and Syria form a counter NATO...

Jim W. Dean - VT readers know how much time we have spent watching Turkey with its roller coaster policy of supporting Syria.

IAEA to Benjamin Netanyahu: Please, Go Away

The IAEA seems to have had enough of Netanyahu’s mumbo jumbo. IAEA chief Yukiya Amano responded to Netanyahu by saying that the IAEA's work "must always be impartial, factual, and professional.”

Why Western media silent on Ahvaz terrorist attack

“There have been close to 20,000 people killed in these kinds of terrorist attacks by extremist groups in Iran over the years to almost the complete silence of the western media..."

Russia, Iran, EU, China work to counter US: Ryabkov

We are closing in on the November showdown date for the US' 100% oil sanctions against Iran to go into effect, something not seen since Roosevelt and Churchill agreed to force Japan into war by cutting off its oil and scrap steel imports.

Iran Action Group providing smokescreen for people behind Trump’s Anti-Iran policy

Jim W. Dean - The new group is just for show, providing a smokescreen for the people behind Trump who are really running the Iran policy, such as Netanyahu and the US Israel Lobby.

UK minister discusses future of nuclear deal in Tehran

Jim W. Dean - The timing of the Brits making this public visit to Iran in support of the JCPOA is sending a clear message to Trump that they need all the Iran trade business they can get for their struggling economy.

The Creature from the Israeli Lagoon

When U.S. officials finally learned about Israel’s nuclear weapons back in the 1970s and 80s, they were completely shocked because they had underestimated Israel. The officials admitted when they first saw some of those warheads, “Our thought was ‘Holy shit!’ How could we have been so wrong? We always said, ‘So the Israelis got ten warheads? Okay. So what? Anybody can build those.’ All of a sudden we learned they’d become sophisticated. It blew everybody’s mind.’”

John Bolton: NWO can no longer produce regime change in Iran

There is no need for the United States to get involved in a “cold war” with Iran. Iran is not the country the United States needs to fear.

Iran says Europeans must bear expenses for long-term interests

Jim W. Dean - The big showdown is going to come when the oil sanctions kick in, the biggest act of economic war that we will have seen to date.

Lapis Lazuli Corridor, Afghanistan, China, Eurasia – NEO

A new international port opened as a stepping stone for the Lapis Lazuli corridor (LLC). Although there are benefits to Afghanistan's economy from the LLC, we find the ports of call on the route to be of no less interest.

Is the EU Firing Blanks at Trump Sanctions?

By the US unilaterally imposing sanctions on Iran, Europe's dream that European unity will make its states collectively stronger has proved to be an illusion.

Blockbuster! Why does Iran need atomic bomb? Not for war and...

To participate in fracking boom and prevent plundering of its reserves, Iran needs nuclear technology

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