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Showdown time at the Iran Nuke Corral

Jim W. Dean..."All indications show that they are still at logger heads on several key issues but no one wants to walk away from the talks at this point."

US-Israel “alliance” imploding?

Bibi "won" the rigged election but he's losing American support…without which Israel will dry up and blow away.

White House officials say Israel spied on Iran talks to sink...

Jim W. Dean..."Bibi was a "handler" during his US nuclear espionage days, with admitted unrepentant Israeli Hollywood spy Arnon Milchan one of his agents."

The Netanyahu Win and What it Means

What does Bibi's win mean to the different stakeholders?

Going to Tehran: Why America Must Accept the Islamic Republic of...

Less than a decade after Washington endorsed a fraudulent case for invading Iraq, similarly misinformed and politically motivated claims are pushing America toward war with Iran.

Iranian “Terrorist” Commands Assault on ISIS

Iraqi security forces and Shi'ite militia fighters ...

Feinstein: Netanyahu Speech “Humiliating, Embarrassing, Very Arrogant.”

Senate Intelligence Vice Chair Dianne Feinstein discusses the impact of Israeli PM Netanyahu's address to Congress.

Uri Avnery – The Speech for the American Reichstag

Uri Avnery - Compared to this assembly (congress), the Knesset is the fulfillment of Plato's dream.

Zionism Is Still Bleeding Around the World

Jerusalem Post: “When Netanyahu said that Iran could sprint to a nuclear device in less than a year, [former head of the Mossad Meir] Dagan said that the assessment was ‘bullshit.’”

Netanyahu Pushing the US Congress for a US War Against Iran

One troubling and very dangerous statement made by Netanyahu in his speech and which has become a standard mantra for US politicians of both parties, including Barack Obama, is "The remarkable alliance between Israel and the United States has always been above politics."

NEO – Putin and Iran Do a Game Changer

Jim W. Dean..."William Engdahl gives us a good review of the boomerang effects of America’s failed aggressive foreign policy. Instead of making us more secure, it has triggered waves of insecurity."

Netanyahu Delivers Cloaked Threat to Drop Nuke on Iran and Murder...

The Prime Minister of Israel has issued a veiled Nuclear warning to Iran and the USA! Time to go to Defcon One?

Israeli Mossad: Netanyahu Is Really, Really Weird

"In April 2012, a former head of Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security agency, accused Netanyahu of ‘messianic’ political leadership for pressing for military action [against Iran]."

John Boehner: Dear White House, I Screwed Up

Boehner: There’s no secret here in Washington about the animosity that this White House has for Prime Minister Netanyahu."

I Was Born in Israel Many Years before I Realized Israel...

I then gathered that I was living on someone else’s land

Iran, Israel and 9/11

Anthony Hall in conversation with Press for Truth's Dan Dicks   The exchange highlights the significance of the Anti-Defamation League's smear of the New Horizon conference...

NEO — Descent into Darkness – Reagan and Iran

An actor was elected president -- he played president and in some ways did so better than anyone in the past

NEO – Opposition to Western Sanctions in Iran Banking Sector

Jim W. Dean..."Oleg Reschikov brings us a reminder of the Iran banking sanctions when our attention has been focused on the Russian ones for many months now."

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