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Israel’s Rage and Impotence, the Final Days

With Russia and China where they are today, there is no potential for American response, not even if Trump is in the oval office.

US war on terror is war on Israel’s enemies

"Israel’s American assets murdered 3,000 Americans, blew up the twin towers, destroyed World Trade Center [Building] 7 and the entire World Trade Center, attacked the Pentagon, America’s military headquarters, and then deceptively blamed 'Muslim terrorists."

Uri Avnery – Who is Winning?

- "Kill 'em with satire”, is an ancient political commentary tactic, and Uri shows it is still going strong below.

Once Again, Israel is Defeated

- This is a unique significant tactical achievement that proves that the Palestinian leadership in Gaza is significantly more sophisticated than the Likuds.

US on Hook for Israeli Military Spending

- “The US is now on the hook for a lot of Israeli defense spending as far as 10 years out in advance,” Dean told Press TV on Tuesday

Americans are Sick of Funding Israel

- American people are sick of their government funding Israel when they do not require a missile system if they were not a threat to anybody

Iron Dome Success Rate: Zero

“It’s very hard to see how it could be more than 5 or 10 percent,” the report quotes Dr. Postol as saying.

Iron Dome System Failed Miserably

- Richard Sliverstein - After examining hundreds of videos...the anti-missile weapon may have shot down 5% of its targets