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When Will Muslims Demand 9/11 Truth?

The biggest, ugliest, most evil psy-op in history targeted Muslims on 9/11/2001. Quoting my article below: By failing to effectively refute the official lies about...

Facebook’s Use of Censorship Endangers Women

We should substitute censorship with the free exchange of ideas

Zionist terror pits Christians vs. Muslims

"Abravanel (Bibi's father's hero) envisioned a Jewish state in the Holy Land taking revenge on Christians and Muslims by tricking them into destroying each other in an apocalyptic war..."

Book Review: A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam

A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam By I.A. Ibrahim   Second Edition   www.islam-guide.com For hard copy of book: https://www.islam-guide.com/frm-order-the-book.htm   $2.50 Health Editor’s Note:  This is a deeply...

US war on terror orchestrated by Israel First neocons: Scholar

"9/11 was a neoconservative coup d’état to make the US keep fighting perpetual wars, whose only real geo-strategic beneficiary is Israel."

“On the Origins of the Muslim World’s Crisis” by Youssef Hindi

By Youssef Hindi, Transnotitia In this essay, we identify the primary, endogenous causes of the Muslim world’s crisis, and of its historical and geographical Arab-Muslim center...

Arbaeen: The world’s biggest event

How can war-ravaged Iraq host a pilgrimage five to ten times as big as the Hajj?

Lamb of a Bloodthirsty God (Video)

Are we worshiping the same God? And more importantly, is he a pagan God in disguise?

Why didn’t God have his son born in Rome?

Why did God have his son born in the wrong place?

Muslims around world march to pay tribute to grandson of Prophet...

Why did the world's most evil people choose Islam as the "civilizational enemy" following the collapse of communism? What is it about Islam that these evil people fear?

ISIS threatens Alex Jones: “Grow that beard longer or WE WILL...

First his ex-wife, then Lenny Posner, and now ISIS: Alex Jones is facing a perfect storm.

TCK RADIO: Dr. Bill Warner “Leftist-Islamic Alliance and Mass Exodus of...

TradCatKnight Radio, Dr. Bill Warner "Leftist-Islamic Alliance and Mass Exodus of Europe Coming? Talk given 3-19-18 (aprx 40 minutes) VISIT TRADCATKNIGHT.BLOGSPOT.COM...

Crimes Against Women: Islamic vs. feminist perspectives

Is Western feminism the product of a progressivist, secular materialist, humanist culture whose worship of the individual human and his or her "freedom" represents an anthropological and spiritual dead-end?

God to Billy Graham: “NOW how many of Me do you...

Though we know God doesn't literally have fingers, we can (figuratively) imagine God holding up one finger and saying "How many fingers do you see?" Billy says "three!"

Jerusalem belongs to us all!

2018: World must save Holy City from Israel, fearlessly confront false claims, challenge cruelty and expose the lies. Campaigners for justice, including civil society in all countries, need to re-frame Palestine-Israel narrative and demolish Zionist fantasy

We Muslims are shocked, SHOCKED by USA’s sex-harassment epidemic

An American Muslim mulls over the sexual harassment witch hunts.

Terrorism and Islam: Correlation is not causation

Since the time immemorial, it has been an article of faith of every Muslim that suicide is ‘Haram’ (prohibited) in Islam. There is a...

The Truth About Radical Islam

By Tony Carlucci and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow There are approximately 1.8 billion Muslims on Earth. That is approximately 24% of the world population. They...

ISIS claims responsibility for Las Vegas attack, says shooter converted to...

  __________ RT ISIS claims responsibility for Las Vegas attack, says shooter converted to Islam a few months prior The shooter, who killed 50 people and injured hundreds,...

Terrorists Rape and Disembowel Pregnant Women: A Chronicle of Unspeakable Crimes

As if the mass rapes committed by self-professed Islamists in Syria, Iraq, and Nigeria did not suffice, I am saddened to report a long string of attacks in another nation.

US-backed militants establish new encampment in southeastern Syria

Militants of Maghaweir Al-Thawra (Revolutionary guards), an islamist group supported by the U.S., have set up a new camp in Al-Zagiph area in southeastern Syria.

Radical Islam: King Salman as the Caliph of Sunni Muslims

 Nauman Sadiq for Veterans Today The phenomena of Islamic radicalism all over the world is directly linked to the Islamic madrassahs (religious seminaries) that are...

How is the War on Terror being used for Power Projection?

In order to understand the hype surrounding the phenomena of Islamic radicalism and terrorism, we need to understand the prevailing global economic order and its prognosis.

How Moderate are Moderate Muslims? The Facts Speak for Themselves

How moderate are moderate Muslims? Given the allegations made by Islamophobes, it would seem to be a fair question.

Islam, Armageddon, and the “Secret of Fatima”

It's Mother's Day: a good day to reveal the deepest "secret of Fatima."

Would Jews Bring Back Hitler to beat Islam?

They speak different languages and live in different countries. Some of them are strictly observant. Others don’t even keep kosher. Some are Sephardi, others are Ashkenazi.

“Radical Islamic terror” and “rising anti-Semitism”: A tale of two hoaxes

Watch the explosive controlled demolitions of these twin myths. See them explode into smoke and powder and collapse at free-fall speed.

Gen. McMaster is right! There is no “radical Islamic terrorism”

McMaster tells Trump some truth. But will Trump listen?

Our conception of God isn’t big enough

God has to be big enough to embrace an outrageous number of perspectives on reality.

MORE Islam (not less) can stop ISIS! -West Point study

A new West Point study has found that serious, pious Muslims don't join ISIS; secular people do.

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