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Nobody plays the hate game like Jewish Supremacists

The Board of Deputies for British Jews has shown little concern over the Likud Party broad brush of tagging everyone in Gaza as a Hamas terrorists, and hence it is legal to kill anyone there.


Trump has huge investments with the very people who sponsor the kind of behavior depicted in this video.

Kevin Barrett vs. Frederick Peterson: Debate on Rising Racism and Islamophobia...

Is the USA free of racism and bigotry? I don't think so! But Frederick Peterson apparently does. Watch him get angry, sputter, and call me names.

After attacks, Spain’s Moroccans fear rising Islamophobia

Since last week's IS-claimed attacks, mosques have been desecrated, and Muslims attacked, with the Moroccan community targeted

Siurana, Charlottesville and Barcelona

Just think of all the recent terror incidents, from 9/11, Orlando, Charlie Hebdo to Nice, where all the accused are conveniently killed, leaving the official narrative unchallenged in a court of law.

“Muslim Rape Army of Murmansk”: Fake News, or Just Bullshit?

Racist urban legends - pure BS, lies, garbage peddled by sexually insecure white men - drove the lynch mobs of the American south. Today exactly the same lies are paving the way for anti-immigrant lynch mobs in Europe. Anyone spreading these lynch mob lies is a moral and intellectual cretin.

Zionist meltdown! Frederick Peterson collapses in ad hominem apoplexy (re: Press...

If you can't refute the message, attack the messenger.

Press TV: Trump’s travel ban aimed at spreading Islamophobia

You just can't say enough about Donald Trump. Serial liar, hypocrite, moron, child rapist, arch-bigot, organized crime frontman...words don't begin to describe him.

False flags exposed on USA’s biggest Muslim TV show

Why is Alex Jones (and the rest of the Zionist-dominated media) lying about Muslims?

The New American-Saudi-Muslims Alliance

Let us hope for a positive reset on the American-Saudi Arabian relationship.

Is Alex Jones attacking Islam and Muslims for the MONEY while...

Will Alex Jones ever dare to discuss Islam with a knowledgeable American Muslim? Don't hold your breath!

Is Steve Bannon plotting another 9/11?

'Darth Vader. Dick Cheney. Satan. That's Power' - Steve Bannon, as he prepares a much bigger 9112B

Will Trump expose 9/11 – or stage a new one?

Will Trump preside over a new 9/11 - such as a mini-nuke demolition of Trump Tower - during the next 90 days?

Kevin Barrett challenges Alex Jones: Debate Zionism and Islamophobia!

Does Alex, who spreads Islamophobia and grovels before Bibi Netanyahu, have the courage to debate Kevin?

Alex Jones Explodes in Blubbering Rage at Mere Mention of My...

Alex Jones kisses up to Zionism and spreads malignant lies about Islam, yet is afraid to even DEBATE an anti-Zionist Muslim on his show.

Jonathan Revusky: Anti-Religious Religious Fanatics (ARRFs) are the real fundamentalist...

Mainstream media, academia – the whole dominant discourse, really – tell us that secularists are the reasonable people, whereas religious folk tend to be fundamentalist, irrational, potentially extremist crazies. But is that really the case?

The Church Of Neoliberal Evangelicals – Trump’s Cabinet

A reminder to Donald Trump ~ "When a man is up to his neck in alligators, he has difficulty reminding himself that his initial objective was to drain the swamp.”

Trump’s election shed more light on 9/11 truth (Press TV)

Donald Trump’s presidential election victory despite running an Islamophobic campaign shows how the September 11, 2001 attacks set the stage for Washington's "War on Islam for Israel."

Trump, Flynn spread fear of Islam

“He (Flynn) says he is at war with Islam. Well, at some point Muslims are going to have to stand up and fight back and actually go to war,”

Political corruption rife in US, Trump’s idiocy is par for the...

This election is a disgusting, nauseating, repulsive spectacle

Press TV: American Muslims need to expose 9/11, false flags

“Muslims need to stop being reactive and start being proactive; that is rather than simply saying, ‘we don’t like ISIL,’… Muslims need to start saying, ‘the war on terror is a hoax’."

Press TV: Israel spreading Islamophobia in West through false flags

"The major beneficiary is the ‘state’ of Israel, which is apparently the major actor behind the series of false flag terror events beginning with 9/11."

Erdogan calls for swift removal of Trump name from Istanbul Towers...

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called for the immediate removal of the ‘Trump’ name from the Trump Towers Istanbul due to the likely Republican presidential nominee’s anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Trump fueling Islamophobia in US to get elected

Donald Trump -- a psychopath, narcissist, and megalomaniac -- is fueling genocidal Islamophobia in the United States to get elected president.

Hey Zionists: You can take my anti-Semitism and SHOVE IT

The Zionist mind-lock on the world is crumbling.

Calgary shooting: The Islam connection

The mainstream media are concealing the fact that virtually ALL of the high profile "radical Islamic terrorist attacks" on Western targets have been (allegedly) conducted by the most radically non-Muslim people you could ever imagine.

FFWN: “Boozing, pot-smoking Islamic fundamentalists wreak havoc”

America averages more than one mass shooting per day. But virtually the only ones we remember — due to Zionist media hype — are the ones blamed, however absurdly, on "extremely un-Islamic Islamic extremists."

Gordon Duff co-hosts False Flag Weekly News

The only weekly news show you need.

Islamophobia is creating a global police state

Neocons are building their global police state, everywhere, on the same foundation: Islamophobia.

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