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Jodi Rudoren of NY Times: Israel looks “a lot like apartheid”

. The Obama administration, to their credit, was so angry at the Israeli regime that they finally had to call Benjamin Netanyahu a “chickenshit.”

Research Question: Why do more conservatives support Israel?

Yet another recent opinion poll shows that left, center-left, and center (liberal, Democrat) individuals mostly have a negative view of Israel, whereas self-identifying conservative...

US is in Israel’s death grip

"These traitors in Congress, who are going after Iran on behalf of the genocidal, endlessly expanding state of Israel, really need to be arrested, tried for treason and lined up against the wall and shot.”

Press TV debate: US politicians under control of Zionist lobby

The Zionist lobby exerts full control over all key sectors in the United States from the political process to Hollywood, media and the financial structure.

Universities must repel virulent Israel lobby campaigns

When you are entrusted with the care of a sacred public institution and you fail to perform your duty, then you must resign. In the...

Canada’s illegal witch-hunt: Arthur Topham trial continues Monday

In a shameful display of state hubris, Canada is using illegal concocted provisions of its Criminal Code to prosecute a citizen for innocuous postings...

Ruled by the Insane

Some members of the Jewish Caucus claim he acted without consulting them properly in advance.

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: Barbara Bush Calls Vladimir Putin...

When you hear Barbara Bush make sweeping assertions about Putin without an iota of evidence, then it is an infallible sign that the former first lady has gone mad precisely because her family is carrying a huge burden.

Netanyahu Tells Obama: “Give Israel More US Tax Dollars”

Netanyahu told Obama that Israel needs more than the $3.1 BILLION for military aid US politicians take from Americans and give to the Jewish state. Netanyahu wants it increased to over $5 BILLION.

Netanyahu’s Moral Majority

Israel's brutal PM Netanyahu is working on establishing a "moral majority" of US politicians from both parties as well as a "moral majority" of Americans to kill the nuclear agreement with Iran.

Rahm Emanuel – Iran nuclear agreement superior to bombing, sanctions

Jim W. Dean - My, my...one would expect Rahm Emanuel to be in the AIPAC line up to kill the Iran nuclear agreement, but it appears he sees his political future aligned with backing the President on this one.

Revealed Religions Are Pushing US Into War

Another dangerous religious based war party is the Israel lobby. They work tirelessly to buy US politicians from both parties who will vote as the lobby dictates on US foreign policy for the Middle East.

Striking the Root of Israel’s Warmongering

...the warmongers are working overtime to torpedo the agreement and to bring about another US war for Israel's benefit, just as was done when the US launched the religious war for the benefit of the Jewish state of Israel against Iraq. This time the target is Iran.

Israel Lobby Pushing US To War With Iran

The most powerful part of the overly powerful Israel lobby, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, is increasing its warmongering efforts as it attempts to push the US into a war against Iran for Israel's benefit.

US Politicians Hurt America While Helping Israel

Most people with common sense know that nothing good will come to a nation and its people who fight the wars of another nation as the US has done, and for all practical purposes, still is, in Iraq. The Iraq war was started for the security of Israel.

Institutionalized Israeli espionage in US goes unchallenged

Jim W. Dean..."One of the biggest goals of Israeli espionage is to have its targets not only pay for their offensive operations, but also subsidize the Zionist military budget."

US Stops UN Effort to Create Middle East Nuclear Free Zone

On Friday the US stopped a United Nation's effort to make the volatile Middle East a safer place by making it a nuclear free zone. This destructive move was made for Israel's benefit.

Protect US Troops From Religious Wars

Currently the reason for the wars raging in the "holy" land and Middle East is religion. The biggest root of the problem which spreads out and spawns even more religious violence and war is the belief that God gave a gift of real estate to the Jews.

Judaism Is Pushing Us Towards a War With Iran

The Jewish state of Israel is not happy about the nuclear agreement between six major world powers and Iran.

Open Israel’s Nuclear Program to International Inspections

"Do as I say, not as I do." This should be Israel's national motto. This arrogant mentality makes itself painfully and dangerously evident in regards to the Jewish state's very real nuclear weapons program.

US lawmakers ‘bought and paid for’ by Israel lobby

Lindsey Graham admits he's taking orders from a hostile foreign power.

9/11 truth, Palestine TKO Zionist gatekeepers

9/11 truth and anti-Zionism are winning the slugfest.

The Intended Roles of the Israel-Lobby and of Israel in the...

Several misguided commentators have advanced that Canada's unconditional support for Israel is the result of Christian Zionist ideology.

Defending Israel is Elemental to Being an American

De Blasio said, "There is a philosophical grounding to my belief in Israel and it is my belief, it is our obligation, to defend Israel."

Israel Lobby 5th column gets backlash on killing Iran talks

- Now we have to see if the conservative groups who opposse Israeli/Zionist/AIPAC cooption of Congress have the leadership smarts to join in.

World Jewry Pushing World Towards War Against Iran

Israel's Diaspora Affairs Minister Naftali Bennett last night, November 8, 2013, sent a letter to the powerful Israel lobby group in the US, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, as well as to other branches of world Jewry around the globe, telling them to put pressure on the Gentile nations in which they reside to stop them from signing an agreement with Iran regarding its nuclear program.

Netanyahu’s Dictation to US ” A Disgrace”

Netanyahu "celebrated 9/11 just like the dancing Israelis who were caught at celebrating the success of the demolition of the Twin Towers in New York." Why is this guy dictating US policy?

Israel Asks For More US Tax Dollars

EVERY DAY the US politicians from both parties take $18.5 million from American tax payers and give it to the religious Jewish state of Israel to help Israel continue to build its military.

Netanyahu Upset That the Goyim Aren’t Getting It!

Netanyahu's temper tantrum must have been caused by the Europeans not rolling over for him like the American politicians regularly do.

Israel lobby tries (and fails) to intimidate another UK MP

On 8 July British MP 'Battling' Bob Russell was speaking during a House of Commons debate on the national curriculum in schools