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Dissecting the 9/11 event from a rational point of view (Part...

If you are a thinker or a rational person, would you not say to yourself that Israel is not as innocent as the Zionist media and puppets of the current regime have perpetuated? Isn’t it perfectly rational to conclude that Israel has gotten America into endless wars in the Middle East—wars that have and will continue to cost America dearly?

Israel Hiding Its F-35 Warplane Hit By Syrian S-200 Missile?

...from SouthFront It looks that the Israeli “demonstration of power” during the recent visit of the Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has turned into a...

Netanyahu says Israel won’t allow Iran military presence in Syria

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has held talks with the Russian defense minister in East Jerusalem al-Quds, saying Tel Aviv will not allow Iran...

Trump rips up Iran deal – false flag on the way?

Is the USA crazy enough to follow Trump and his boss Bibi into a losing war with Iran and its allies Russia and China? There is only one way the public will ever swallow another big war for Israel: Another false flag, modeled on 9/11, designed to make the public think Israel's enemies are America's enemies.

Neocon Max Boot: Legal and illegal aliens need to enlist in...

If people like Max Boot aren’t dangerous to America and much of the world, then no one is. It was good that Tucker Carlson told Boot to pick up a decent job like changing tires.

Donald Trump: My master, Benjamin Netanyahu, tells me to decertify the...

“Trump is giving us this extremely kind of paranoid and hostile approach to world affairs, we’ve seen this repeatedly with his exaggerated talk, his threats to North Korea and now he’s threatening Iran.”

NEO – Israel’s Role in the Cataclysm to Come

The Art of the Big Whopper... or New Adventures in Propaganda

Iran’s IRGC to treat US troops like Daesh if blacklisted

Jim W. Dean - US support for proxy terrorism is the most open secret in the history of clandestine warfare, yet when corporate media report on the stories, we find a key component, the US-NATO use of proxy terrorism to promote desired regime change, is flagrantly absent.

Kurdish Secession US Plot to Create New ‘Israel’: Leader Tells Erdogan

_________ Al Manar Kurdish Secession US Plot to Create New ‘Israel’: Leader Tells Erdogan Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Imam Sayyed Ali Khameni...

Israel Giving the Kurds an Air Force to Fight Baghdad (updated)

By Gordon Duff and Nahed al Husaini Minutes ago, 30 Hezbollah fighters were killed inside Syria.  The US claims none of its planes were involved.   Up...

Israel tried to link Las Vegas shooting to Muslims

Israeli elements are spreading misleading information that Muslims were responsible for the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history that occurred on Sunday night in Las Vegas, Nevada, an American scholar says.

Southfront: Israel totally screwed as nations rally to Assad

...from SouthFront Syrian government forces have liberated the villages of Aksh, Jaberiyah, Wadhihi and Nashimi and divided the ISIS-held pocket in eastern Salamiyah into two...

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman: Israel is getting creamed by Russia,...

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has just announced that “Assad has emerged victorious in the battle,” which is another way of saying that the Israelis are getting their butts kicked in Syria by Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, and indeed the Assad government.

Israel is a World Zionist occupied nation

Just like America, Canada Australia, New Zealand and most European nations!

What the mass shooting in Las Vegas should teach American politicians...

Sudden death is indeed a frightening thing, and mass shootings, in particular, always bring pain and suffering.

Where is Alex Jones when you need him?

“Jared Kushner has used a personal email account to correspond with colleagues in the White House."

Donald Trump Is Following the New World Order Ideology

“What we have seen under Mr. Trump is not an 'America first' foreign policy, but an 'Israel first' foreign policy. The fact of the matter is that there are 600,000 Israelis living in 230 illegal settlements in the West Bank."

PressTV: Israel played role in Iraq’s Kurdish referendum: Turkish president

  Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan speaks at a meeting in Istanbul on September 25, 2017. (Photo by the Turkish Presidential Press Service) Turkish President Recep...

Intel Drop, Friday January 13, 2017

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor and Ian Greenhalgh, Managing Editor Today's talk is not in any way intended for the general public. They are being...

Jews do NOT control the media!

This image is just a conspiracy theory. It has now been totally debunked.

Marine General Joseph Dunford: Russia and China Are Threat to New...

The Syrian government, with the help of Russia and Iran, continues to obliterate ISIS in the region, and they intend to complete the job before the year is over.

Israeli Justice Minister threatens Putin’s life!

"If Putin wants to survive" he had better do what Israel tells him, says Ayalet Shaked.

Iran blocks all flights to and from Kurdistan

Jim W. Dean - Iraq will never allow an independent Kurdistan that would roll out the red carpet for the Israelis to possibly move in air power. I fear this is going to get worse before it gets better.

Google and YouTube Are in Bed with the ADL and Israel

Did you know that the ADL gave Lady Gaga—yes, Lady Gaga—an award for “championing positive social change”? Did you know that Abraham Foxman himself said that Gaga is “a positive role model for young people”?

Uri Avnery takes on an Uber-Jewish fascist

Uri Avnery - A Zionist poet once wrote that we will not become a normal nation until we have Jewish criminals and Jewish whores. Thank God we now have plenty of both. And now we also have at least one bonafide Jewish fascist.

Israel continues to seek World War III in Syria

Russia obviously needs to challenge the Israeli regime, otherwise the regime itself will undermine everything Russian forces have ever done in the region.

3,000 US troops headed to Afghanistan—to die for Israel

Trump is causing trouble in the Middle East because the Israeli regime tells him what to do. If fighting terrorism was his main goal, he would almost certainly go after terrorist states like Saudi Arabia, which destroyed Yemen and imposed a blockade on Qatar.

Jimmy Carter: US is more an “oligarchy than a democracy”

Jimmy Carter: “Israel's continued control and colonization of Palestinian land have been the primary obstacles to a comprehensive peace agreement in the Holy Land

Ann Coulter: Impeach Trump Now

Ann Coulter and Donald Trump are drawing their political weltanschauung from the same ideological well, and that well has poisoned much of the Middle East and America.