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Israel’ new opportunities in the region

According to Zionist Almsadar, news agency in the occupied territories they are talking about the opportunities created for Israel and Saudi proximity.

Some 72% of Israelis feel their government is corrupt

A considerable number of occupied Palestinian territory inhabitants believe their official authorities are corrupt and criticize them. Some 92% believe connections are preferred to criteria.

Jews’ absolute freedom to practice religion in Azerbaijan

In an interview with Yediot Ahronot, Israeli experts in international relations, Aryeh Goth announced: Azerbaijan makes outstanding efforts for religious tolerance.

Why has Zionist regime invited Turkey to Gaza?

Turkey has requested free access to Gaza and claims it plans to get the absolute control of the region and rid it from Israel.

Jerusalem Umrah, another Turkish service to Israel

Turkey and Israel agreed to hold a pilgrimage to Jerusalem in order to strengthen relations between the two sides.

Does Israel Run ISIS, Some in the UK Think So and...

Will Worley at UK Independent (a newspaper that also publishes Patrick Cockburn...long suspected by VT as being Mossad, a friend of Franklin Lamb's for those...

Egypt asks Israel to keep Turkey away from Gaza

According to the Israeli "Haaretz" news website, Egypt urged Israel to explain about its recent improving relations with Turkey, particularly in ensuring Turkey's role in Gaza.

Jewish Identity Vs. Humanism

What kind of people invent a God that chooses them over all other people?

Tensions between Iran and Sunni Arabs, an unmatched opportunity for Israel

Israel Haaretz reports Israel carefully follows conflicts between Iran and Saudi. Israel must get closer to Sunni Arab states to prevent Iranian influence, not just to Saudi.

Disclosure of information about AK Party cooperating with Israel

In his personal page on Facebook, Dori Gold, Middle East Director General of Israel's ministry of Foreign Affairs spoke of close cooperation with the AK Party.

Debating Maxi-the-Zionist on Israel’s domination of USA

All major corridors of power in the United States are completely under the domination of a genocidal foreign entity called Israel.

Increasing criticisms of Netanyahu

Following a third intifada and continued failure of cabinet and Zionist regime's army to repress, confront and stop it; Isaac Hertzog (leader of the Zionist camp) highly criticized Netanyahu for launching a wave of terror.

A Comparison of Jewish Behavior – 2,000 Years Ago and Today

"The riots against the Jews started in early August that year..."

Israel Supporters Screech and Howl Over UN Special Rapporteur Appointment

Perhaps in days to come we’ll be seeing lots of bald Zionists walking about on the streets

Bombshell revelation! Original draft of Trump’s speech to AIPAC

"I didn't come here to pander. The word 'pander' doesn't even begin to describe it..."

Bernie Sanders’ Lackluster Speech on Middle East Issues

Sanders knows what he won’t say, maintaining the fiction of efforts for regional peace when none exist. Washington and Israel systematically undermine them.

GORDON DUFF: Evidence Mounts For U.S. Complicity In Terrorism

When nothing adds up, its time we starting looking at what we know. Our recent terrorist, now dubbed "the crotch bomber" is another dupe.

Brussels Terror Attacks: Israel Again Targets Europe

At least 37 people have been killed and several seriously injured in the coordinated terror attacks at Brussels international airport and a city metro station, which took place today.

Why Nick Cohen is A Jew, Always Been A Jew. And...

Every few years, pro Iraq war and enthusiastic Ziocon Nick Cohen, insists upon declaring that he is becoming a Jew as if he weren't a Jew to begin with. Back in 2009, Cohen used the Jewish Chronicle to announce: “Hatred Is Turning Me Into A Jew”. One would expect that the conversion would be compete by now but yesterday Cohen used the Guardian to repeat his lie. The Guardian headline read: “Why I’m becoming a Jew and why you should, too."

Countering Israel’s ‘Firewall’–A Call for the Formation of a New Political...

I would propose the establishment of the End Aid to Israel Party (EAIP)

Israeli leadership suffers from intellectual rigor

According to the Tel Aviv Times website, Naftali Bennett, accused Netanyahu and Ya'alonof having no creativity in dealing with security threats.

Israel worries that Russian withdrawal from Syria could embolden Hezbollah and...

Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin visited Moscow on Wednesday amid concerns in Israel that Russia’s partial withdrawal from Syria will embolden its adversaries, Hezbollah and...

Israeli foreign minister admits having secret relationship with Arab rulers

Dore Gold, Director-general of Israel's Foreign ministry said Israel is in contact with almost all Arab countries.

Israel has new ways for buying West Bank lands

Israel has launched new moves to buy Palestinian lands and undertakes to bubby those of the West Bank land whose Palestinian owner, or their heirs, don't live in this land or live mainly in Jordan and other countries.

Israel has the highest poverty rates and income inequality among OECD...

Israeli Yedioth Ahronoth reported Jewish settlers in Palestinian occupied territories also protest to high living costs in addition to insecurity

Bataclan security team – accused by Eagles of Death Metal –...

What's the real story behind Eagles of Death Metal singer Jesse Hughes' "conspiracy theories" about the Bataclan nightclub massacre?

Zionist Desperation and the Coming Societal Pivot

"Israel will pour $26 million this year into covert cyber operations aimed at combating BDS..."

The Intellectual Perversity of Caroline B. Glick of the Jerusalem Post

Caroline B. Glick is unhappy because there seems to be a shift among evangelical Christians, and more and more of them are embracing, in Glick’s words, replacement theology.

Bahraini King meets an Israeli rabbi, say reports

According to Jerusalem Post, the Bahraini despot Hamad bin Isa al Khalifa met with Rabbi Marc Schneier, the president of the Foundation of Ethnic Understanding, in the Bahraini capital of Manama.

Roger Waters on Why More Artists Don’t Speak Out Against Israel:...

Jim W. Dean - Roger Waters raises the bar on political activism by denouncing the Israelis and the Jewish Lobby for rolling over on the crimes against humanity against the Palestinian people when most entertainers fear the revenge of the Jewish Jihadi career choppers.

Is Sisi plotting with Israel to have Dahlan replace Abbas?

It's not too much of a secret that Egypt's President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, a Trump-like megalomaniac and a tyrant with few equals, is happy to do dirty work for Israel.

Trump’s kowtowing to Israel shows who REALLY runs USA

Is Trump a 9/11 truther...or just a half-truther?

Press TV: UK Anti BDS Bill is a Spectacle of Jewish...

Time is ripe for BDS to tackle Jewish power

Has a major nuclear confrontation between Russia and NATO been thwarted?

Preston James - Sophisticated efforts to use proxy mercenaries sheep-dipped as ISIS appear to be failing because they have been exposed. VT has played a key role in this exposure. Can we all sleep a little better tonight?

“We Need To Out Bernie Sanders as a Jew”

The Jewish Lobby knows that it is much easier to squeeze a Zionist global conflict out of a Goy president than to get a single M16 from a Jewish leader.

Boycott Israel? You Die!!!

"Named for the Jewish parliamentarian who introduced it in 2003, the law is among the world’s most potent legislative tools to fight the growing Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement"

Uri Avnery – When God Despairs

Uri Avnery - No country has ever profited from throwing out its minorities. Nazi Germany threw out its Jewish scientists, some of whom went to the US and built the atomic bomb for America.

Entire US political establishment serving Israel: Analyst

"When Cruz and the other traitors go down, and are charged with treason, prosecuted, and punished, many of us will be standing up and cheering."

Arguments Can Only Go So Far: Why I Have Permanently Given...

If objective morality is no longer needed, as Darwinists would argue, if it is just “flimflam,” then the modern man has his intellectual feet firmly planted in midair.

NEO – Erdogan’s Plan, Islamic Empire or Armageddon

Gordon Duff - Turkey was prepared to steal the NATO nuclear arsenal at Incirlik Air Base, 84 thermonuclear weapons. Israel, out of short sightedness, had upgraded Turkish F16s for service as nuclear bombers to use against Russia.

The UK Government, BDS and the Jews

BDS, originally intended to mount economic and political pressure on Israel and its supporters, achieved the opposite. It united the Jews, both Zionists and the so called ‘anti.'

Hezbollah Has Nuclear Bomb against Israel, Sayyad Nasrallah Says

Hezbollah leader Sayyad Nasrallah threatened to hit ammonia gas tanks in Haifa in a future confrontation with Israel, saying that the damage done in such a scenario would be equivalent to that done by an atomic bomb and could lead to the death of 800,000 people, Zionist Site Haaretz reports.

Misdirection: Iran will not tolerate Kurdish independence, ‘ISIS and Israel benefit...

Gordon Duff - Barzani, who exercises full dictatorial powers, has chosen to stand with Erdogan against the Kurdish people, who mostly reside in Turkey, Syria, Iran and many in Iraq.

Terror, Terror everywhere !

It's time to expose the real Terrorists and their methods.

Uri Avnery – Optimism of the Will

Jim W. Dean - Uri comes to the support of UN's Ban Ki-Moon, who turned the screws a bit tighter on the Likud party extremists in Israel, the current group keeping all peace progress in the icebox.

Controlled Opposition and Jewish Dissent

Connect the dots, this is how they do it...

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