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New World Order agents seeks to start a war with Iran

New World Order agents "are championing a liberation doctrine that allows them to present bombing and invading other countries at will as an act of supreme moral virtue."

Trump-Israel struggling to save ISIS, divide Syria and Iraq

We add "Petraeus" to the list, one he may be head of, "blackmailed Americans working for foreign intelligence agencies. To this list which includes a president

Does Israel Have a Divine Right to Slavery?

US politicians from both parties never tire of praising Israel and taking BILLIONS of tax dollars from Americans to give to the Jewish state.

Blockbuster: Russiagate II, The Saga of Treason

Our own sources not only confirm Homeland Security's claims but take it a step further, naming a pattern of contacts between the President of the United States and the intelligence agencies of Pakistan, Israel and Russia, a president seeking blackmail "dossiers" on key Americans for reasons we outline below.

False Flag: Assad has used chemical weapons again

There is enough evidence which indicates that the so-called rebels, not the Assad government, had used chemical weapons and blamed it on Assad.

Elor Azaria and the Myth of Jewish Universal Values

The facade of the military trial was, in practice, an attempt to convey the image of ethical thinking.

Uri Avnery – The Great Rift between the two Jewish peoples

Jim W. Dean - We had run Uri's article after Elor Azaria had executed the unconscious wounded Palestinian attacker, so I knew we would be hearing from him after the sentencing, and his contempt for the 18-month sentence is plain to see.

Tactics in the fight over “Zionism”

There is a fight over "Zionism", over the meaning of the word "Zionism". Words are important because social opinion and attitude mobbing has a strong...

The Goy According to Hoenlein

In Hoenlein’s universe, the ‘chosen’ are always innocent, while the ‘unchosen’ are eternally sick.

CIA Head, Pompeo Leaked Fake “All Clear” to Media in Russiagate...

A report today in Axios outlines what has to become a call for a special prosecutor and should well bring about the resignation of CIA Director Pompeo as well.

Israel gets caught trying to create World War III—again

If you still don’t think that the Israeli regime will not violate international law and the political order so as to pursue their essentially Talmudic ideology, then think again.

Uri Avnery: How Did 1948 War Start?

Jim W. Dean - Steven Green blew the doors off the Zionist 1948 War spin story with his seminal "Taking Sides", published in 1984, based on new access to U.S. archives via the Freedom of Information Act. The material was devastating, but quickly ignored in the press.

PressTV: Israel backing unrest in Syria for Golan Heights: Jim W....

PressTv User The Tel Aviv regime does not want peace and tranquility in Syria in order to pursue its agenda, which is "balkanization" of the...

Lindsey Graham: America needs to “kick Russia in the ass”

Lindsey Graham: “My goal is to put it on Trump's desk and I hope he'll embrace the idea that as the leader of the free world he should be working with us to punish Russia.”

Israel Bashes Russia Through Stratfor/WikiLeaks/Infowar

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor Long ago, we managed to put groups together whose origins were much the same, CounterPunch, Global Research, Stratfor, Debka, the...

George W. Bush was ripping wounded veterans off in 2015, charging...

The Neocons were sucking the life out of Bush, and Richard Perle himself admitted that Bush was just a puppet.

Research Question: Why do more conservatives support Israel?

Yet another recent opinion poll shows that left, center-left, and center (liberal, Democrat) individuals mostly have a negative view of Israel, whereas self-identifying conservative...

Exclusive: Trump, Netanyahu Used Flynn to “Catfish” Putin

General Flynn had to be gone when Netanyahu came to Washington, that was predetermined. No National Security Advisor serving the American people could sit silently while Trump and Netanyahu announced to the world that the US now supported a fully apartheid police state in Israel, with 7 million Palestinians.

Israel quietly withdraws Ambassador from Egypt – no real reason given

Is Israel quietly withdrawing ambassadors in preparation for its next war of aggression?

NFL stars pull out of Israel visit, saying they feel ‘used’

Two top National Football League players pulled out of publicity trip to Israel, saying they felt “used” by the government.

Western Leaders Can Stop the Khazarian Mafia in the Middle East

The Israeli regime has been pushing the United States to the edge of perpetual wars in the Middle East for quite a long time now.

Iran still the victim of unshakable Israeli influence over the UK’s...

Here in the UK the Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT) has initiated a judicial review in a bid to halt UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia on suspicion that they are being used against civilians in Yemen.

Hey veterans! Grab this FREE luxury vacation in Washington, DC –...

Veterans can get a free luxury trip to DC AND do something patriotic! Here's how.

Trump Silence on Ethnic Cleansing Law Cheered in Israel

The United States refused to comment on Israel’s passage of a bill that retroactively legalizes settler homes built on private Palestinian land, saying the Trump administration was suspending judgment.

The more Juif becomes Theresa, the more antisemitic becomes Britain

If the British government is concerned about antisemitism, It must immediately strip Jewish organisations of any special treatment and funds!

Israel: France bitterly condemns latest settlement construction plan

France on Wednesday said it “bitterly condemned” Tuesday’s announcement by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman of plans to build 3,000 homes in the West Bank, some of them outside settlement blocs Israel hopes to keep in a future peace deal with the Palestinians.

Jacob Zuma South African President: Don’t visit Israel

South Africa’s Jacob Zuma calls on South Africans not to visit Israel in order to show solidarity with “the people of Palestine”

Ban on Muslims makes Trump traitor to US Constitution

Israel did 9/11 to destroy "seven countries in five years." Trump's Muslim ban targets almost exactly the same seven countries!

Will Trump apply the “America First” principle to the Israeli regime?

Jonas Alexis - The CEOs of big companies would prefer to pay migrant workers minimum wage instead of paying decent Americans a living wage.

The deceitful words of Ambassador Regev

Revelations that a senior political officer at the Israeli embassy in London, Shai Masot, had been plotting with stooges among British MPs and other maggots in the political woodwork to "take down" senior government figures including Boris Johnson's deputy at the Foreign Office, Sir Alan Duncan, should have resulted in the ambassador himself also being out. But he was let off the hook.

Sucking up to Israel makes American president look ‘petty’

Jim W. Dean - Trump's fawning over Israel can be explained in two simple words, Sheldon Adelson. He owns Bibi, and for now the Likud party, and Trump, on his pet issue...Israel, not the country, but the huge international crime base.

Press TV debate: US politicians under control of Zionist lobby

The Zionist lobby exerts full control over all key sectors in the United States from the political process to Hollywood, media and the financial structure.

Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes: US indirectly worked with...

Jonas Alexis - Ben Rhodes has unintentionally dropped the political bomb by saying indirectly that the Syrian rebels indeed had contacts with Al-Qaeda and Al-Nusra.

Will Next Heavily Anticipated Lebanon-Israel War Begin Under Trump?

It is far too early to accurately predict what future holds for Lebanon but it appears we are headed to a 'second Hezbollah-Israel war' led by Trump

Palestine: the international community screws up, again

The Middle East peace conference in Paris was the usual farce with Israel and Palestine, the subjects under discussion, both staying away.

New Delhi Buys $3B Worth of Weapons, Ammo From Russia, Israel

  Israel furnished a few thousand missiles and advanced unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to India, while Moscow supplied New Delhi with tank parts, a few thousand anti-tank...

Netanytahu Faces Jail for Adelson Payoff Deal

US billionaire Sheldon Adelson is expected give testimony to Israeli police in the coming days regarding alleged underhanded dealings between Prime Minister Benajmin Netanyahu and Israeli media mogul Arnon "Noni" Mozes, as part of a corruption probe brought against the premier, according to a report by Israel's Channel 10 News on Monday.

‘Israel prefers to support Al Qaeda over Hezbollah’

Israel has repeatedly bombed Syrian military installations during the Syrian civil war, but never Al Qaeda groups, says independent journalist Rania Khalek, adding Israel...