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Are the “Israelis” servants of the holy shrines?

G4S, ،The binational company which is under Israel's control is responsible for this year's hajj security for a second time.

I don’t like Wahhabism OR Zionism – does that make me...

The leadership in "Saudi" Arabia - like Israel - is out of control. But here in the US, we can only bash the Saudis.

California Lawmakers Kiss the Feet of King David

The California Legislature ‘kissed the feet of King David’ with passage of AB 2844. Will Governor Jerry Brown now follow suit by signing the bill into law?

NEO – By the Powers of the Almighty: Israel’s Role in...

Jim W. Dean - Israel, despite its occasional shelling and air attacks in Southern Syria, has remained low key during most of the Syrian conflict. Little mishaps, like losing a Dolphin sub when it was caught in shallow waters by a Syrian helicopter, were rare.

Lutherans rise against the Khazarian Mafia

Lutherans need to continue to challenge the Khazarian Mafia in Israel and weaken their effort to manipulate political parties in America

Muslim World’s remonstrant reactions to assigning Haj security task to Israelis

Sheikh Ekrima Sabri, Al-Aqsa's Mosque preacher has warned against Israel's penetration into Arab and Islamic society through this company and pointed out that providing security for Haj pilgrims by Israeli intelligence and security corporation is not permissible or advisable.

Israel major player in Syria destruction: Analyst

"Israel blew up the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001 to get the Americans into the Middle East to destroy their enemies and pursue this Oded Yinon plan for the destruction and balkanization of the Middle East."

Syrian air defense to Israeli regime: It’s time to make you...

The Israeli regime has always thought that they could do just about anything they want. No more.

Greater Israel and the Tale of Two Temples

Ayn Dara and the Syrian Connection

Green Party’s Jill Stein: U.S. Should Stop Funding Israel & Saudi...

U.S. Presidential Candidate Aims to Stop Funding Countries That Violate International Law and Human Rights

Vladimir Putin to George Soros: Thank God we kicked you out...

George Soros proves himself to be an agent of the New World Order by going after Russia, the very country that has been obliterating ISIS in Syria.

Riyadh’s Diplomatic Dance with Israel

The unofficial Saudi visit to Jerusalem is a significant advance but not quite a breakthrough in relations, raising questions about what's next.

Iranian opposition meetings with Israeli officials in Paris

European diplomatic source confirmed that the Saudi-French crew intelligence joint was in contact with Israel to link the strong relations between the so-called Iranian opposition and Tel Aviv, and in this context, held secret meetings between Maryam Rajavi, leader of the "opposition" and Israeli officials, in the presence of members of the crew of intelligence in the Saudi Wahhabi ambassador's house in Paris.

Israelification of American Domestic Police Departments

“O men…How long will you love vain words and seek after lies?”

Iran wins another legal battle against Israel

Switzerland’s highest court has rejected an appeal by an Israeli company against a verdict to pay Iran money owed over a joint venture set...

Understanding west’s double-standard stance vis-à-vis Islam

Finally, the Élysée Palace was persuaded by Adel al-Jubeir, the Saudi minister of foreign affairs , to buy low-priced crude oil that have tantalized Paris so much.

Obama warns Israel over destroying Palestinian village

The US has strongly warned Israel against destroying the Palestinian village of Sussiya in the occupied West Bank, calling such a prospect “very troubling.”

Israeli Mossad agents to infiltrate Turkey protecting Israel-Turkey gas pipeline; say...

Yuval Steinitz, the Israeli Minister of Energy in a 'top-secret letter' to Yossi Cohen, the infamous director of the Mossad, expressed his concerns over the security of Israel-Turkey pipeline —which exports Israeli natural gas through Turkey— , pleading for Mossad's urgent measures inside Turkish territories to protect the strategic pipeline which has great importance for Israel's energy future.

Zionist extremists launch murder coup against IDF

Jim W. Dean - Uri has a home run piece below, a hard-nosed exposé of Jews against Jews in a close range, take-no-prisoners knife fight, with the future control of the army at stake.

The Turkish foreign minister Cavusoglu laments Saudi financial aid to the...

The Turkish foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu slammed Saudi financial assistance to the Egyptian military junta during a phone call to his Saudi counterpart Adel al-Jubeir , lamenting Riyadh's fresh financial aid package to Cairo reportedly worth $ 1 billion.

Core Edicts of the Khazarian Mafia Top Command (Part II)

A core edict of the Top Chieftains of the Khazarian Mafia is to establish a Globalist NWO One-world Government run by them in Jerusalem and Palestine, and they may use the Vatican to negotiate this "solution" to Israeli Apartheid and genocide against Palestinians and Israel's continuing theft of Palestinian lands.

Saudi Twitter Activist “Mujtahid” reveals the secret relation of Saudi and...

Mujtahid is the fake name of saudi freethinker that has a good connections among Saudi officials, Mujtahid recently revealed new evidences of Saudi – Israeli secret relations.

German protesters: Merkel should be politically hanged and discarded

Angela Merkel has been cooperating with the Powers That Be since the beginning of time

US, Israel drones gather data for Syria militants: Iran official

Jim W. Dean - Iran lays out the obvious ploy, one ignored by Western media, to establish a rogue, but Western and Gulf State semi- caliphate permanent proxy terrorist entity in the rear of Damascus, Lebanon and Iraq.

Mossad false-flag terrorist Gutjahr “accidentally deleted” his Munich photos

One of the clumsiest cover-ups in history may take down the Israeli Mossad Department of False Flag Operations.

Former Saudi General Anwar Eshki and a delegation of Saudi academics...

Israeli Haaretz newspaper reported on Friday that the former Saudi intelligence officer, General Anwar Eshki, visited Israel this week and met with Israeli Foreign Ministry director-general, "Dore Gold," and Coordinator of Government activities in the territories.

Sony Corporation, Israel, aid ISIS building missiles

TEHRAN (FNA)- Resistance forces in Mosul revealed that the ISIL terrorist group is making surface-to-air missiles based on an Israeli model to target Iraqi,...

Cornel West to Netanyahu and Obama: put your orange suits on,...

Cornel West: "Benjamin Netanyahu is a war criminal, not because he’s Jewish, but because he has chosen to promote occupation and annihilation.”

Nice/Munich terror suspect Einat Wilf linked to false-flag-loving WINEP

These false flag terrorists, drunk on chutzpah, don't even bother to wipe their fingerprints off the murder weapons.

Trump Will Stay 100% True to Israel

A prominent Jewish New York attorney and member of the American Jews for Trump organization says the GOP candidate for president, Donald J. Trump, will stay true to the support he has expressed for the State of Israel.

End-Time Factory: Money, Money, and More Money

The Left Behind multi-volume mega-series, authored by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, is an industry in and of itself.

Arab Brains, Arab $$, Why Not?

We are committed to daring challenges and the promotion of scientific research, investments in Arab minds, commitment to education; and will be organizing the first Arab Education for the 21st Century conference later this fall.

ANOTHER French false flag in Nice – is Greece next?

More evidence rolls in concerning the false flag in Nice.

Debunking the 28 Pages, Top Secret 9/11 Document Revealed

Sadly the 28 pages don't provide answers, however we at VT can and have fulfilled that role in the 9-11 investigation - if only the right people in power actually cared enough to act.

Israel sends 3 missiles to intercept intruder drone from Syria… unsuccessfully

An unidentified unmanned aircraft violated Israeli airspace over the Golan Heights on Sunday. Neither two Patriot missiles, nor one air-to-air missile fired from an Israeli fighter reportedly managed to take down the mystery UAV that retreated into Syria.

Failed Turkish coup led by ex-military attaché to Israel – surprise,...

A short explanation of who's behind the Turkish coup attempt and why - plus a challenge to my VT colleague Ian Greenhalgh.

NEO – The hot war with Russia began a while ago

Gordon Duff - Using actual bullets is so “yesterday.” Our message is simple -- soft-war is war -- and always ends up with real dead people, real destruction, real chaos.

Direct Flights between Israel and Saudi Arabia kicks off as Saudis...

Up to this time, thousands of Arab businessmen had to travel through European or Turkish airports before transferring to flights destined for Tel Aviv but Saudi Arabian Airlines declared Riyadh- Tel Aviv commercial flights have been established since last Friday.