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Israel’s chief stooge at Westminster shames us again

Thus spake Theresa May the other day as she welcomed members of the Jewish community to 10 Downing Street. But by focusing on creating...

Israel’s slow motion ethnic cleansing

Although you wouldn't know it from watching the MSM, it is clear that Israel is conducting a systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing against the indigenous population of Palestine.

‘The De Facto Coup D’état’: When Moshe Dayan Tried to Steal...

A recently published book in the United States sheds light on a mysterious and dramatic incident in the history of the Israeli nuclear project, detailing how Yitzhak (Yicha) Yaakov was sent to take control of a nuclear device south of Tel Aviv. The real target, though, was much larger and even more important: the prime minister

Israelis: ‘Trump Is Israel’s President’ – Except when Trump Talks ‘Peace’

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin (“Bibi”) Netanyahu and those controlling Bibi recognized who U.S. President Donald Trump is –long ago. So, they like him – a lot.

Israel’s Counterinsurgency Apologist: Colonel Richard Kemp

__________ Foreign Policy Journal Israel’s Counterinsurgency Apologist: Colonel Richard Kemp By Richard Falk Retired British colonel, Richard Kemp, has been an ardent supporter of Israel’s three...

Duff on Press TV: Iran Asks for Sequester of Israel’s Nuclear...

Gordon Duff, senior editor of Veterans Today, believes Israel’s refusal to join the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) has been a decades-long issue, adding that...

Israels Fake News Meltdown

Israel hopes, with the help of Russia and the United States, that enough pressure can be placed on Iranian-backed militias to the point where they can be removed.

Video of Israel’s Secret Nuclear Program by Arab Media Causes Panic

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor When this not so innocent video hit the Arab media, Alahednews Lebanon, it included locations of Israeli nuclear weapons sites...

PressTV: Israel’s Security Services: Doing what they please…Duff on Press TV


Trump Anti-Iran Coalition to Block Russia with Israel’s Help

   Editor's note:  The Sputnik/Moscow article below shows how some in Russia just don't get it.  Every move Trump is making is against Russia,...

Israel’s Shadowy Role in Guatemala’s Dirty War

Israel allegedly provided military advisers, as well as weapons, during Guatemala's dirty war against campesinos and workers.

Israel’s Terror Court Victor Against Reality

Chaya Zisel Braun, Courtesy of the family Editor's Note: As of this writing, Hamas terrorists, paid by Saudi Arabia and armed by Israel, are being...

Israel arms it’s Azerbaijani vassal in preparation for upcoming Trump war...

This huge 5 billion dollar arms deal between Israel and Azerbaijan is hugely significant and is clearly preparatory to a planned war with Iran, perhaps involving Russia too.

UN Adopts “Paper Tiger” Resolution on Israel’s Withdrawal from the Syrian...

Editor's note:  This article taken from NSNBC and republished in Pravda indicates a hard line attitude Russia is increasingly taking with Israel.  How Trump,...

Trump is Israel’s puppet – Netanyahu is the puppet master

As we have been saying for months now, Trump is a puppet of Israel, or rather of the Judeo-Zionist crime cabal that runs Israel via Netanyahu and the Likud party. Here is solid proof that what we hav been saying is correct, straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak.

Is Indo Pak war imminent under Israel’s man Modi?

Shabana Syed The Uri Attacks did not as Prime Minister Modi predicted “isolate Pakistan” rather it highlighted the atrocious sufferings of the Kashmiri people under...

In First, Israel’s Iron Dome Intercepts Mortar Shell Fired From Syria

This story is a tissue of lies, no part of it is true. Firstly, there are no armed groups within striking distance of Israel's borders that are not under Israeli control and that includes Hamas. Secondly, a mortar shell is a small, cheap item weighing a handful of pounds, not something you would waste a Patriot missile costing tens of thousands of dollars trying to intercept.

The Turkish roots of Israel’s politics: Inside the deep state

Both are brutal, oppressive police states ruled by autocratic leaders, both are guilty of murderous genocides against their own citizens, both have waged decades long inhumane military campaigns against the people who share their nation - in the case of Israel, the Arabs, in the case of the Turks, it is the Kurds.

Files linking Britain to Israel’s nuclear weapons go missing from National...

Official documents on Britain’s relationship with Israel, including papers on “military and nuclear collaboration” in the 1970s, have disappeared from the National Archives in the last four years.

FARS: Senior Syrian Army Commander Survives Israel’s Assassination Plot

Battlefield sources disclosed that a Syrian army's senior commander has escaped unharmed an Israeli assassination plot in the Golan Heights.

Iran: Vulnerability of Israel’s Iron Dome

TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) official said the vulnerability and weak points of Israel's air defense shield called 'Iron Dome'...

Unit 8200: Israel’s cyber spy agency

Unit 8200 of the IDF is Israel's version of the NSA; but more than that, it is home to many of the worst cyber...

Netanyahu names red lines of Israel’s security at meeting with Putin

"With an agreement or without, the Golan Heights will remain part of [Israel’s] sovereign territory," Netanyahu said.

What’s Israel’s Role in the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict?

With the decades-long Azeri-Armenian conflict over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region burning out of control for four intense, blood-soaked days at the beginning of this month.

Exclusive: Israel’s Backlash Against Brussels Whistleblower Confirms Mossad Role

Last week when VT published information gotten during the interrogation of a Turkish intelligence agent, Sawash Yeldiz, captured by Popular Party of Kurdistan (PPK) militia inside Syria, information tying Turkish President Erdogan to the Brussels terror attacks, we saw how real leaks are dealt with.

What if any was the point of Obama’s message to Israel’s...

... by Alan Hart As only readers of the Israeli newspaper Ha-aretz know, when Israel's President Reuven Rivlen was received at the White House on...

UK Daily Mail: Israel’s Public Side to Its Support of...

Saving their sworn enemy: Heartstopping footage shows Israeli commandos rescuing wounded men from Syrian warzone - but WHY are they risking their lives for Islamic militants?

Russian Jets Pummel FSA in Southern Syria, Under Israel’s Nose

Political observers believe the Russian fighter jets' attacks have an important message for Israel while Tel Aviv is trying to pretend that it has reached an agreement with Moscow on Syria's Southern skies

Revealed: Israel’s Air Bridge to Help Saudi War in Yemen

Israeli/Saudi war on Yemen shows Israel's fear of terminal weakness in failing KSA regime

Netanyahu’s real message was to Israel’s Jews: “Talk peace but prepare...

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu was right about one thing (and only one thing)