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Covid: More than 500 Complaints on alleged Italian State’s Massacre due...

In the cover image from the left the biologist Franco Trinca, the lawyer Alessandro Fusillo, the minister Roberto Speranza, and below two of the...

Covid, Italy’s Govt approved Mandatory Vaccines for Health Operators. Italians become...

In the cover pics Mario Draghi, former ECB president now PM in Italy, and Bill Gates, emperor of vaccines after creation of Big Pharma...

Italy Bans Travel Between Towns Over Christmas

The government is trying to avoid the mistakes made after the spring lockdown was lifted and returning holidaymakers were partly blamed for reviving infections.

A Little Pearl Harbor: The Bombing and the Cancer Treatment Breakthrough

How a chemical weapons disaster in World War II led to a U.S. cover-up—and a new cancer treatment

NEO – “The Russians are Coming”

Jim W. Dean - Italians were ecstatic over the Russian help, as the EU had left them twisting in the wind.

China and Russia help COVID West while under its sanctions

What an ultimate irony to have EU sanctioned Russia sharing its own Covid19 medical supplies with EU countries worst hit.

Battle For Italian Monastery: Sovereign Christian Bannon Gladiators against LGBT...

American Extremist and White Supremacist Steve Bannon Wages Holy War in Italy

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