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Total Gamma radiation 2017.4 Year to date USA

Total Gamma Radiation Year to Date for the USA

Total Gamma Radiation 2017.3 YEAR TO DATE USA

Most reporting American cities exceed Tokyo, Japan in Radiation levels. That was a surprise.

Total Gamma Radiation 2017.2 YEAR TO DATE USA

Everybody absorbs the Rads, the number a person gets varies. The more Rad people get, the quicker they sicken and die.

Trump says ‘all options on table’ after North Korea launches missile...

US President Donald Trump has warned that "all options are on the table" after North Korea launched a missile over Japan early Tuesday, CNN reports.

Total Gamma Radiation 2017 YEAR TO DATE USA

Colorado Springs, Colorado is number one in the US right now having endured 46,136,977 Gamma CPM since January 1, 2017.

The Rape of Japan After World War II Revisited

Many Japanese women and girls were so worried about attacks that they cut their hair short and tried to pass themselves off as men. Some females reportedly carried cyanide tablets, ready to commit suicide before enduring rape.

Total Gamma Radiation YRTW No 29 and 30

DESOLATION Nothing changes when nothing changes.

Total Gamma and Beta Rads in 2011 YRTW No 30XR

2011 TOTAL ANNUAL GAMMA CPM: ... 3,332,873,138 CPM.

Japan deploys missile defense over N. Korea threat

Japan deployed its Patriot missile defence system on Saturday after North Korea threatened to fire ballistic missiles over the country towards the U.S. Pacific territory of Guam, local officials and reports said.

Japan can intercept North Korean missile headed towards Guam — defense...

Earlier, North Korea revealed a plan to launch a missile towards Guam by mid-August

What Dollars Have to Do With Reason for US’ Japan Atomic...

Really hard to drain the swamp while fighting alligators if you can't get there because the roads have crumbled, the bridges collapsed and the electrical power grid has decided to blow out

Japan to Mull Procuring Offensive Arms for First Time Since WWII

Japan’s Defense Ministry will decide by next summer whether it needs to stock offensive weapons, in what may be the first such decision since the end of World War Two, local media said Saturday.

Total Gamma and Beta Rads in 2013 YRTW No 28XR

Nuke weapons are a good way to kill lots of people.

Total Gamma Radiation YRTW No 27 and 28

More Cities report Counts Per Minute over 10,000, that is more than 166 CPM a Second...

Total Gamma Radiation YRTW No 25 and 26

Kearney, Nebraska is 8.9 Times More Radioactive than Tokyo, Japan. Bummer, That is totally not Cool.

Amelia Earhart – The Truth (Part II)

We can now say with much greater confidence that the photo revealed in last week’s History Channel documentary is indeed that of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan on Jaluit Atoll after their capture by the Japanese in July 1937. The ship has been confirmed as the IJN Koshu, as I suggested it might be last week.

Total Gamma and Beta Rads in 2012 YRTW No 26X

As far as I know this information has never been published before to an Unclassified general circulation audience.

Total Gamma and Beta Rads in 2011 YRTW No 24X

See Detonation Firing Pad - Livermore California

Total Gamma Radiation YRTW No 23 and 24

34,872,358 CPM, that's the cumulative Rad for Detroit for the past 54 weeks . Sorry about that, Detroit, it's a Bummer.

Total Gamma and Beta Rads in 2010 YRTW No 22X

All I can say about the Rad of the past is that the Rad Lethality gets worse the longer the Rad has time to "cook". This Property of Rad cannot be changed. All of life on Earth is radioactive by now and it only took about 70 years.

Total Gamma Radiation YRTW No 21 and 22

Amarillo has endured 39,053,762 CPM in the past year plus two weeks or 54 weeks total. Yea. that's 39 Million CPM and change.

Total Gamma and Beta Rads in 2007 YRTW No 20X

The possible number of readings in 2007 was 8,760. [24X365 = 8,760 Hourly Readings possible.] Many of the EPA Rad monitoring stations at the time recorded a high fraction of the hourly readings during 2007.

Total Gamma Radiation YRTW No 19 and 20

In Fayetteville, Arkansas what is laughingly called a "university" has taken up dumping radioactive water used in a reactor down the city sewer system. Beyond stupid, this is just plain old fashioned criminal.

Total Gamma and Beta Radiation in 2006 YRTW 18XR

​”I actually Gasped when I saw the Rad Beta Count for Washington, D.C. for this issue on the epa website. It was 2.1 Billion, yea, with a Capital B.

Total Gamma Radiation YRTW No 17 and 18

YRTW ELE is published every two weeks on Saturday. ELE is an acronym for "Extinction Level Event." The amount of Rad in the air now Dooms Humanity to a relatively quick Extinction

Your Radiation this week ELE 2009 No 16X GAMMA and BETA...

High Beta Count in 2009: Chicago - 2,478,556 CPM. This is bad. Really Bad.

TOTAL GAMMA RADIATION In Your Radiation This Week No 15 and...

An atomic bomb 120 Kt develops energy 502.08 thousand billion Joules obtained by ...

South Korea to the US: No more wars for you

What we now desperately need at this juncture is good old practical reason in the political landscape.


High Gamma Count in 2008: 506,420CPM in New York City. High Beta Count: 4,610,876CPM in Nashville, Tennessee. Yea, that's 4 Million CPM,.