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Trump continues US trail of broken agreements – the new Chisler-in-Chief

Jim W. Dean - With the rest of the UN solidly against Trump's position, we have the best chance so far to ignite a public discussion on who the "Terrorist in Chief" country really is, and the network that has supported those activities.

Mogherini endorses VT’s editorial position that Trump’s breaking the JCPOA will...

Jim W. Dean - The EU has drawn its line in the sand on the JCPOA, and even stalwart allies like Britain, in the middle of the Brexit controversy, are standing firm with the EU in the Iran nuclear deal.

N. Korea unlikely to give up nukes if Iran deal fails...

Jim W. Dean - We are big believers in chaos theory here at VT, where overt geopolitical measures are replaced with the more subtle "creating the conditions" for what you want to happen, but where you don't have your fingerprints on it when it does.

Trump to ‘decertify’ Iran deal, but asks Congress not to reimpose...

Jim W. Dean - We have stage two of the JCPOA deal leaks rolling out, with this new story that Trump will decertify the agreement and kick it into Congress to decide on renewing sanctions.

EU will not renege on Iran deal commitments even if US...

Jim W. Dean - The showdown on the Iran nuclear deal is coming to a head, and hopefully corporate media might entertain questioning whose interests Trump is serving, when we have the unprecedented situation of both his Secretary of State and Defense chief publicly on board the US remaining in the deal.

Iran urges Europe to defy US if Trump abandons nuclear deal

Jim W. Dean - The last thing the EU wants, on top of the multi-year destabilization of Britain's Brexit, is to have the Iranian nuclear deal blow up in its face, where the US sanctions would try to kill all the much needed business that EU companies want to do in Iran.

JCPOA belongs to whole world, not just US – Mogherini

Jim W. Dean - Trump is American unexceptionalism at its best, or maybe I should say its worst, and that makes him what he claims others to be...a serious threat.

Iran Leader slams US policy on JCPOA

Jim W. Dean - This was a vague threat by Khamenei, but politically he is domestically required to stand up to bully America as the Iranian people are so tire of being treated like a colony. Iranians are nothing if not a proud people.

The Debate – Iran Nuclear Compliance

Jim W. Dean - Trump's credibility is sinking lower and lower, most recently with his request to the Intel community to find him something to give him cover for claiming Iran is not in compliance with the JCPOA.

Bolton’s JCPOA exit plan to lead to fiasco for US: Iran...

Jim W. Dean - As the saying goes, the good may die young, but the wicked surely do not. Deep Stater John Bolton raises his craggy head one more time, compliments of the National Review, a long time proponent of "special interests".

Iran files complaint: US violating nuclear deal

Iran is holding up its end. The US isn't. Instead, Uncle Sam is switching his rationale for sanctions from "nuclear issues" to "rockets."

The Debate with Jim W. Dean – US anti-Iran Sanctions

Jim W. Dean - The seeds for this assault on the Iran nuclear deal were planted in Saudi Arabia, and harvested when Trump came and got his big weapons deal, much of it pie in the sky which the Saudis can dial back when they choose.

PressTV: Frustrated at White House, Tillerson looks for an exit: Sources

Jim W. Dean -Tillerson understands that America cannot conduct a foreign policy where whatever it says or signs can never be trusted. But Trump views that as just another day at the office, a form of having "out negotiated" his opponents, and even allies.

US will honor Iran nuclear deal

Jim W. Dean - The catch phrase here is the weasel term that Christopher Ford used, "until otherwise decided". But this gives us time to challenge the strategy of the military build up to add to America's huge forward deployment.

IAEA again confirms Iran commitment to JCPOA

Jim W. Dean - Iran needs to up its game by forming a "coalition of the unwilling" that refuses to go along with Trump's new Iran threat hype. It should have natural allies in the other P5+1 members with the exception of Britain.

Trump and Bibi crank up the Iran nuke scare con

Jim W. Dean - Trump has been trained by the Israelis. Just keep making the charge, don't worry about providing any proof. Israel did it for two decades, but came up empty handed by not having anything solid to kill that first deal. Nobody cared.

Top 37 US scientists ask Trump to abide by Iran nuclear...

Jim W. Dean - Finally we see an important scientific trade group standing up and doing what they are supposed to do, take some leadership in complex controversial issues where the public has been neutralized

Israeli nukes threaten region stability, NPT credibility: Iran nuclear chief

Jim W. Dean - VT was in the thick of the hoax Iran nuclear weapons program for which the world public is owed financial compensation for all of the time wasted. Israel comes at the top of the list for its endless charade.

US losses outweigh gains in JCPOA breaches: Iran FM

Iran FM Zarif - “They [US officials] are making a mistake because what they have lost so far as a result of the escalation of the Iranian nation’s distrust due to the US lack of commitment...”

Rouhani warns against any violation of JCPOA

Jim W. Dean... Almost lost in the out-of-the-blue Turkish coup coverage yesterday is this important story with Rouhani mentioning once again that, if the West abrogates the nuclear agreement , Iran will crank up its program.

Islamic Iran: a guarantee for Middle-East stability

Last week Iran witnessed the first spectacular missile war-game after the historic nuclear deal, better known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).