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OIC recognizes East Jerusalem al-Quds as Palestine’s capital

  Leaders and representatives of member states pose for a group photo during an extraordinary summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on the...

Vladimir Putin: Trump’s Jerusalem statement “defies common sense”

...by Jonas E. Alexis   Vladimir Putin has recently pronounced his verdict on Trump’s recent statement recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Once again, King Bibi must...

Middle East Is On Verge Of New War Following Trump’s Recognition...

...from SouthFront On November 28, SouthFront released a video analysis entitled “Would Anyone Profit From a New War in the Middle East?”. The video said...

Jerusalem Rising: Antichrist Cometh

Hold on to your seats you won’t find these truths on the Remnant, OnePeterfive or Church Militant! What is the significance behind the recent...

Riyadh advancing Israeli interests, Palestinian officials worry

Jim W. Dean - What we are seeing here is an Israeli intelligence coup being rolled out. As Gordon Duff does so love to say, welcome to how the world really works.

Mr. Trump, Jerusalem is NOT the capital of biblical Israel

Modern-day Jerusalem was never the capital city of David's kingdom

Righteous Jewish scholars condemn Trump Jerusalem ploy

Jim W. Dean - The uni-polar world is already in the wastebasket, thrown in there by the foolish acts of "The Man who would be King", an actor who got in over his head, and gave us a reality TV show instead

FFWN: Two-State Solution is Dead: Israel and Its Occupied American...

Trump just handed the USA over to Israel...and the world over to Palestine.

Why did Donald Trump recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel?

The decision of US President Donald Trump to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel dooms the Middle East to a new era of...

Palestine-Syria War Report – December 8, 2017: Jerusalem Standoff

...from SouthFront On December 7, the Palestinian al-Nasser Salah al-Deen Brigades fired several rockets at the Israeli settlements of Hof Ashkelon and Sha’ar HaNegev north...

Trump apes Balfour

Here's what an Early Day Motion, tabled by several prominent British MPs in the House of Commons, says about Trump's statement on Jerusalem. "That this...

Pearl Harbor Day false flag alert! War party about to stage...

Trump just handed over the Holy City to Antichrist on the Eve of Pearl Harbor Day. HUGE false flag on the way!

US Embassy not moving to Jerusalem

President Donald Trump signed an order to renew the six-month waiver that allows the U.S. embassy to remain in Tel Aviv rather than moving it to Jerusalem.

Radical? Zionist Book Burner More Likely

If Edinburgh is the Athens of the North, it deserves an Athenian bookshop rather than a Jerusalemite crematorium.

Jerusalem For All

“Jerusalem for All” would keep the city unified under international agreement, and preserve the unique quality of the city, and its special status as a holy city for Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Press TV debate: US politicians under control of Zionist lobby

The Zionist lobby exerts full control over all key sectors in the United States from the political process to Hollywood, media and the financial structure.

Israel pushing for more settler homes despite UN vote

An Israeli committee is on Wednesday to discuss issuing permits for more settler homes in annexed east Jerusalem, despite a landmark UN resolution demanding an end to such activity.

Moving US embassy to Jerusalem embarrasses Israel

Ofer Berkovitch, Sharon Gabai for Israelnationalnews.com Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem Ofer Berkovitch turned to Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Finance Minister Moshe Kachlon, saying...

UNESCO Resolution on Jerusalem: The Hidden Truth

The (crazy) idea of bringing world’s Jews to leave their homelands, settle in the occupied (Palestinian) land and ‘inventing a Jewish People’ out of them is the real ‘theatre of the absurd’

Jerusalem Post: Is Israel Behind America’s Police Killings

REUTERS Photo A delegation of police officers from all over the US visited Israel last month to learn how to fight terrorism. One of its stars...

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