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Jerusalem Umrah, another Turkish service to Israel

Turkey and Israel agreed to hold a pilgrimage to Jerusalem in order to strengthen relations between the two sides.

Saudi, Israeli regimes desecrate holy places

The deaths of 2000 people in Mecca, and Zionist provocations in Jerusalem, show that earth's holy places are being desecrated by "lords of misrule"

Putin nails West for using terrorism as regime change tool

Jim W. Dean - If the West can declare war on IS and put a coalition together to bomb who and when they like then certainly Syria has the right to do the same thing inside its own country.

Jerusalem: Nothing holy about the holy city

Find out why Jerusalem is not the holy city for the Jews nor the Muslims, and visit the real city of David in Yemen.

Arab League – 11,000 Israeli settler attacks on Palestinians in 2015

Jim W. Dean: We are only seeing this pretend-a-grief over the latest Israeli settler terror victims because it was a firebombing and a baby was roasted.

Judaism Is Pushing Us Towards a War With Iran

The Jewish state of Israel is not happy about the nuclear agreement between six major world powers and Iran.

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