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American Society isn’t a Zoo and White People Aren’t Monkeys

Looking down on others and calling them ‘neo Nazis’ and ‘supremacists’ while simultaneously engaging in a tribal self-love, supremacist exercise is a very dangerous game.

Israel & Jews have no legit claim to Temple Mount

There is absolute proof that the present site of the Jewish "Wailing Wall" in Jerusalem is NOT any part of the Temple that existed in the time of Herod and Jesus. In fact, that particular location that the Jewish authorities have accepted represents the Western Wall of an early Roman fortress.

“Converted Jew’s letter to Pope Francis”: Is this Fake News?

Here is a Fake News Intelligence Test. Below is a story I came across on the internet. Is it fake news? Why or why not? Your answers in the comments section will be graded.

J-TV Documentary on the ‘Antisemitic’ Goyim (must watch)

Why do they do it to themselves, why do they repeat the same mistakes time after time? The answer to this question may explain the true meaning of the Jewish tragedy once and for all!

Corbyn and the Jews

we are witnessing an emerging clash between the Brits and Judea.

Being in Time – USA Book Tour Announcement

In the next 2 weeks I will be touring talking about my forthcoming book Being in Time - A Post Political Manifesto...

Would Jews Bring Back Hitler to beat Islam?

They speak different languages and live in different countries. Some of them are strictly observant. Others don’t even keep kosher. Some are Sephardi, others are Ashkenazi.

Trump will do to Muslims ‘what Hitler did to Jews,’ letter...

  Protesters comparing Donald Trump to Hitler demonstrate outside the US embassy in London. (File photo) Muslims in the US state of Iowa have called for...

If they want to burn it, you want to read it!

Make sure you hear every voice these people want to suppress and read every text these people try to burn.

Does Israel Have a Divine Right to Slavery?

US politicians from both parties never tire of praising Israel and taking BILLIONS of tax dollars from Americans to give to the Jewish state.

Trump Orders All Protests of His Policies “Criminalized” and Press Silenced

...by  Gordon Duff, VT Senior Editor In a series of explosively bizarre abuses, Trump has "gone to the mattresses" not only against the press, but...

Jews and Bolshevism

The Zionist international organised crime cabal just took control of the USA by installing it's Trump puppet in the White House. Almost exactly a century earlier, they seized control of Russia under the guise of Bolshevism.

Russian spokeswoman says Jews behind Trump win

While the Israeli press is whistling in the dark, expressing their undying love for the veritable sea of Nazi Trumpsters waiting in glee to march America's Jews to Alex Jones' imaginary FEMA camps...

Meet the Jews in Donald Trump’s inner circle

Trump's selection of Stephen Bannon as his chief strategist is yet another sign of the Israeli control of Trump - Bannon has long been a stooge of Benjamin Netanyahu, and will serve as Trump's handler, relaying instructions from Netanyahu, in effect, Bannon is the strings that connect puppet Trump to puppetmaster Netanyahu.

On Trump and the Jews

The Jewish progressive fear of Donald Trump fits with the definition of Pre Traumatic Stress Syndrome. We are dealing with a mixture of guilt and aggression that are embedded in New Left culture.

Jews Must Die If They Have To

And Occupy the West Bank and Samaria

The Wandering Jew

Rabbi Neuberger feels she finally has made her peace with Germany.

Is Bibi A Lizard?

In the morning, who (or what) does he see in front of him in the mirror? Is it the head of the Likud party? Is it a progressive humanist? Or is it simply a lizard?

Gallup: Jews favor Clinton over Trump, 52-23 percent

Jewish voters favor Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump 52 to 23 percent, according to poll tracking by Gallup. Clinton also fares better than Trump among Catholics, 45-33, other non-Christian religions, 48-18 and atheist/agnostic, 44-19. Trump fares better than Clinton among only two religious groups listed by Gallup, Protestants and other Christians, 40 to 35, and Mormons, 33-16.

Donald Trump is the candidate of the ‘white undereducated’ and the...

Jay Michaelson: Donald Trump is the candidate of the 'white undereducated' and the 'losers.'

Uri Avnery – Jewish Olympians not supported by Israel

Jim W. Dean - Uri puts the whammy on Zionist Supremacy with his usual surgical blade talent, honed after decades of being a harsh critic of Jewish Jihadis.

Rabbi Lerner – Master of Compassion or Master of Deceit?

It takes some balls for a rabbi to stand in front of the American people and sing 4 bars of Kadish, the Hebrew prayer for the dead. But it takes more than balls for a rabbi to stand in front of the nation and fib for eight minutes. Rabbi Michael Lerner has accomplished both.

TRUTH JIHAD: “Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews”

When the Nation of Islam published this book, all hell broke loose.

The Forgotten Ones – World War II Holocaust

Persecution of the Righteous

Is the ‘Jewish Symptom’ Hereditary?

Jews frequently delight in associating themselves with Jewish brilliance: with the likes of Albert Einstein or Steven Spielberg. Naturally, Jews are much less enthusiastic about any association with people such as uber-criminal Bernie Madoff or serial paedophile Jeffrey Epstein...

“We Need To Out Bernie Sanders as a Jew”

The Jewish Lobby knows that it is much easier to squeeze a Zionist global conflict out of a Goy president than to get a single M16 from a Jewish leader.

JTA: Ted Cruz campaign defends pastor who said God will send...

(JTA) — Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign defended an endorsement from a controversial pastor who has said Jews will be hunted and put in death camps before Jesus...

American Jews and Israel: A divorce in the making?

By Alan Hart In a very interesting piece on his web site (Mondoweiss) Philip Weiss has speculated that the day is coming when American Jews...

Are the Russians Rounding Up Jews? Train Mishap Flabbergasts

An Israeli man was detained on a train while traveling to his Russian wife and daughter in the town of Cheboksary. A woman mistook him for an Islamic State militant, thinking the book he was reading was in Arabic, according to Israeli media.

The Donald: Israel, American Jews, Funding ISIS and World Terrorism

____________ - First published  ... Decemeber 15,  2015 - US Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has implied that Israel is supporting Daesh (ISIS) by “sending massive amounts...