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The Religious Motives behind JFK’s Assassination

Something about the potential of America died along with our president on November 22, 1963 that has never returned.

Growing Older but Wiser in the Mythologies of the American Empire

Russia and President Putin have been targeted because they stand in resistance against this evil Beast in history.

America’s most controversial pathologist dissects JFK’s assassination in explosive new book

“If you want Oswald as a shooter, fine. I want the second shooter because in the laws of the United States federal government, two or more people involved in a planning, execution, coverup of a crime makes it a conspiracy. The case has to be reinvestigated.”

COVID-19 Forces World to Re-Think Idea of ‘Monetary Value’

Do western powers have the ability to act according to a scientific (and moral) standard of value by aligning with this multipolar alliance or will they choose to remain in Orwell’s dystopic cage and succumb to a fate which Lincoln, FDR, and other great leaders gave their lives to prevent?

FFWN: Coronavirus Wars Escalating

Bob Dylan's new JFK song was worth waiting 56 years for.

VIDEO 23:23 Dr. James Fetzer On Thinking, Truth, JFK, False Flags,...

Robert David Steele, former spy who has managed both a CIA false flag operation and a global CIA media influence operation, interviews Dr. James Fetzer, former Marine Corps artillery officer and author of 23 academic books and 16 books on assassinations and other false flag events, to discuss truth, lies, and the implosion of America.

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