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Germany and Italy bail out on bombing Syria with no evidence

Germany, who was quick to jump on board the "bomb Syria" train early on without any proof of Damascus involvement, has now been followed by Italy in backing out.

Proof: Intel Drop UPDATED Trump, Bolton behind Syria chemical attacks, confirmed

Today another chemical weapons stockpile was found in East Ghouta, produced in Germany, fully weaponized and commercially produced by Merck. 

The Debate – Battle For Ghouta

Another victory is on the horizon for the Syrian people and its army. This, as another terrorist group has agreed to be evacuated from Eastern Ghouta.

NEO – Teetering on the Edge of Nuclear War

Gordon Duff - As this is written, the US, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, is bringing carrier battle groups into both the Red Sea and Mediterranean to attack both Syrian and Russian Forces inside Syria.

ASSAD’s EXODUS – 68,000 from East Ghouta free from US-backed terrorists

On Friday, civilians fleeing through the Hush Nasri corridor inside Syria described in an interview with AFP news agency how militants were preventing them from leaving the area and using them as human shields.

The Debate – Can East Ghouta battle avoid a civilian slaughter?

The intense banging of the war drums has reached a new pitch.

Syrian Army about to split East Ghouta into two pockets

Jim W. Dean - The Syrians are doing with the Russians what they have done several times already, split a big pocket into two small ones to break up the jihadis' interior lines of control, plus overrun ammunition and supply dumps.

NEO: Rebuffing NWO’s Throwaway Troops

Jim W. Dean - We have a treat for you today with one of NEO's heavy-hitter writers, Andre Vltchek , sharing his investigative journalism trip to the Philippines to report on the Jihadi attempt to take over Marawi City on Mindanao.

Indonesian police arrest 17 nationals upon returning from Syria

Jim W. Dean - Indonesia seems to be doing what the European countries should have done, taking all returning from known jihadi operational and support areas and getting a timeline for all that they have done.

Evacuation of militants from east Aleppo suspended

Jim W. Dean - We are beginning to get video of the huge food hoards the jihadis had, but they starved the poor citizens just to create photo ops blaming Assad.

US played a bad hand in Aleppo to the end

Jim W. Dean - The US played its pro-jihadi hand out to the end, insisting during the Aleppo negotiations with Lavrov that a three to five day ceasefire was needed BEFORE the jihadis left the city.

Damascus offers Aleppo jihadis escape route to save civilians

Jim W. Dean - In this interview, Damascus was still trying to get the jihadis to accept leaving town, an attempt I suspect to take advantage of possible splits in their ranks. We have heard of no significant numbers accepting the offer.

Battle for Aleppo’s north flank: 09-30-16

Jim W. Dean - To my astonishment, Damascus is still offering all the fighters in Aleppo a chance to walk out, including the foreigners. This will come back to haunt them, as these will be the terrorists wreaking havoc after there is a peace deal.

Moscow Makes Public Full Text of Russia-US Deal on Syria

Jim W. Dean - Finally we have the release of the full ceasefire agreement, which generally tells us what we already knew, that the US fumbled the deal because its jihadis felt the Gulf States and Turks would keep supplying them to fight Assad.

Russia: Reviving truce requires inclusion of all

Jim W. Dean - Russia is now demanding what it knows the US cannot deliver, control over its own jihadi groups, which have been getting supplied by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who may be telling them what to do.

MI5 blocked arrest of ISIS-supporting radical preacher Choudary for years

Jim W. Dean - My first Press TV Debate show with a major jihdai was with Britain's Anjem Choudary back on October 21, 2013. I thought I had died and gone to heaven, but his recent conviction was even better.

Russian increased bombing due to Western aid to Syrian terrorists

Jim W. Dean - The forward Iran basing of the Russian TU-23 bombers is a response to the US-NATO-Turkey's and Gulf State's reinforcement of both the jihadis and rebels during the ceasefire to put more pressure on Syria's allies to agree to remove Assad.

Jihadis resort to Nerve Gas as Syrian Army pounds their way...

This report from the 15th of June by Al-Masdar News shows that the Jihadis holding the enclave of Eastern Ghouta, just outside the capital...

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