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Jim W. Dean – Vimeo Weekend

Jim W. Dean - Welcome back to weekend movies, even with the new name that makes it easier to find them. I have not done these in some time, as there has been no time.

Jim W. Dean – Rolling Press TV coverage on Iran missile...

All the ISIS people who were celebrating the big dual terror attacks on Iran just got introduced to the new arithmetic, that Iran can reach out and touch them, and knows where they are.

The Debate, with Jim W. Dean – Rivalry in The Pacific

Jim W. Dean - Missed in all of this North Korea missile hype was the offer from the North Koreans to stop their missile testing if the US would stop its annual war games with the S. Koreans, but was ignored.

NEO – Jigsaw, Beyond the CIA and Soros

Jim W. Dean - VT has been shadowing the Google groups' black ops for some time, on a case-by-case basis. This is the first time we have published what we have been privately briefing those with a need to know.

Exclusive: Trump, Netanyahu Used Flynn to “Catfish” Putin

General Flynn had to be gone when Netanyahu came to Washington, that was predetermined. No National Security Advisor serving the American people could sit silently while Trump and Netanyahu announced to the world that the US now supported a fully apartheid police state in Israel, with 7 million Palestinians.

NEO – America’s Civil War has begun with Balkanization to follow

Jim W. Dean - This is another classic Gordon retrospective on our current administration's earthquake rumblings that signal someone wants to change the American landscape in a major way that the voters will regret.

NEO – Russia finally calls the West’s bluff over real elections

Jim W. Dean - The OSCE has been widely seen in the Ukraine conflict but strangely gets very little "background" press, which Seth is going to fix up today with one of his classic exposes'.

NEO – Rex Tillerson and the Myths, Lies and Oil Wars...

Jim W. Dean -VT has nibbled on this controversy over the years, our biggest contribution being that one of the reasons that Africa was kept in a permanent state of chaos was that it was sitting on an ocean oil.

NEO – America’s Media War Scam

Jim W. Dean - VT has been a harsh critic of American media, or what is left of it anyway, for its having abandoned what the Founding Fathers tasked it with doing, keeping the public informed on what government was really doing.

NEO: RT and Sputnik -The Double-Reverse Ploy

Jim W. Dean - Putin came out publicly today criticizing the treatment that Trump has gotten from Obama, hardly playing it safe by laying low until after the inauguration.

The Debate: Trump not going to be as free as he...

Jim W. Dean - It's going to be one hell of a ride with Trump, as it was with Obama, and Bush (43). Hopefully the real 9-11 perps walking around free will not feel the need to make another demonstration.

NEO – Netanyahu Scuttles Trump’s Russian Rapprochement

Gordon Duff - Will Putin allow Netanyahu to play his game, which includes betrayal of Russia? How far will Netanyahu get before Russia asserts herself militarily?

NEO – Why America Loses Wars

Gordon Duff - The real threat is and has been what the military represents, de facto martial law for nearly two decades, total surveillance, controlled press, plunging standards of living, hopeless and idiot political theatre and a culture of unreality, even fantasy, replacing coherent thought.

The Debate – Battle for Aleppo, with Jim W. Dean

Jim W. Dean - I am always surprised to have these professor types running interference for the jihadis, claiming they are all peace loving citizens wanting to overthrow a dictator.

Jim W. Dean – The Debate: South China Sea tensions

It's good to be back. Thanks to Gordon for my release from my North Korean renditioners. The VT team wins once again. The doctors have removed all the implants they could find, including places that were hard to reach.

Iraqi army repels Daesh counterattack

Jim W. Dean - ISIL fighters inside Fallujah are estimated in the 500 to 1000 range, with 20,000 Iraqi troops, local tribes and Shia militias attacking from three sides. Who will win is a given, but the trick will be to do so with reasonable casualties.

Thousands fled offensive by ISIL against 2 towns held by rivals...

Jim W. Dean - The US, EU and NATO have given Turkey such a free reign in support of its proxy terrorist groups to the point where it is getting more and more aggressive, endangering the complete collapse of the Syria peace talks.

NEO – NATO Nuclear War Hype goes Ballistic

Jim W. Dean - We have come a long way from the old Davy Crockett mini-nukes, but we still have idiots that say they are just a conspiracy theory when mini-nukes have been the triggers for big nukes, like almost forever. You can't make this stuff up.

NEO – Dutch Vote flipflops on Ukraine’s EU association

Jim W. Dean - The Dutch vote, you can be sure, will be undermined to the best of the EU elites' ability to do so. That said, the president had mentioned he would work to have "adjustments" made to what the association would entail.

VT Film Festival – Jim W. Dean Vimeo Picks

Jim W. Dean - Enjoy this bygone time of small town folks hanging out at the barber shop to shoot the breeze and in this case, enjoy some fabulous jam sessions.

Death of the SS Paul Hamilton – April 20, 1944

Jim W. Dean - This is the sixth VT publishing of the sinking of the SS Paul Hamilton in WWII, torpedoed with 504 seamen and troops aboard with 6000 tons of explosives, and the details were classified for 50 years to hide the shipping of troops on ammo ships.

NEO – US Coalition Fails to Strangle Syrian Elections

Jim W. Dean - The Syrian people want their homes back and the terrorists dead, so let’s get on with what needs to be done, or more will die who did not need to.

Russia: HNC boycott of Geneva talks a mistake

Jim W. Dean - The peace talks roll on with the Saudi backed opposition people leaving. Everybody get your prayer rugs out to hope they never return, or they go tight with their jihadis.

US failed to persuade moderate opposition to withdraw from Al-Nusra-controlled areas...

Jim W. Dean - The US coalition kept the opposition groups intermingled with al-Nusra, so that when some opposition people got bombed "they" could claim the ceasefire had been broken and start shipping advanced weaponry to the opposition as they threatened, a breach of the ceasefire themselves.

NEO – Poland: A New Route for ISIS Weapons Smuggling Operations?

Jim W. Dean - Konrad Stachnio lays out how Poland is becoming a terrorist weapons transit country for the growing marriage of ISIL and the Ukie Neo-Nazis and their boardroom buddies to destabilize the EU, like Turkey is doing.

Biden: Netanyahu moving Israel in wrong direction

Jim W. Dean - By attacking Bibi in front of a well known Jewish advocacy group in DC, Biden is waving the green flag for everyone else to begin attacking Bibi and the Likuds on the settlements.

Interview – Syria opposition calls for renewed attacks on army

Jim W. Dean - The Saudi HNC opposition geniuses have now let us know their response to the Syrian Parliamentary elections is to end the ceasefire by calling for attacks on the Syrian allied forces in Aleppo.

Merkel’s ratings down 11% after Erdogan satire probe

Jim W. Dean - The big shock in all this is not that two thirds of Germans regretted Merkel's kissing Erdogan's fanny in public like this... but that 22% of them support her.

US can’t keep pace with Russian submarine deployments – top Navy...

Jim W. Dean - This is a huge story. We have a top Naval admiral publicly admitting that Russia's military expansion, is really just the expected defensive response to NATO aggression toward Russian borders, confirming VT's editorial position on this from day one.

Germany grants Turkish request to allow for prosecution of comedian who...

Jim W. Dean - Merkel just stepped in some doo doo on this one, giving her political opposition a perfect foil to put a spotlight on her "accommodations" with Turkey at the expense of German citizens' free speech rights.